Purpose of Story Board Section

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Purpose of Story Board Section

Post by Setoku on Sun Jan 08, 2012 6:55 pm

The whole reason this thread has been added is for those of you who perhaps... Would rather write your own fan-fics about the current RP or on the Bleach Story itself. There is no limits here, of course, except rules stated on the Rules List of the Forum need to be observed. So for those of us who love writing stories and chapters.... Well, this is for you! Go Nuts! And doesn't even need to be a fan-fic about Bleach! Maybe you want some input on a story you're writing? Or maybe you want to see if your work is well received or not - Well, post it here and at the start be sure to ask people for input! And thank them - Don't be one them people who get annoyed at criticism, please. Well... Have fun!
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