April Fools - Riddles, them riddles!

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April Fools - Riddles, them riddles!

Post by Haruchi on Mon Apr 02, 2012 8:40 am

Can't drown it.
Can't burn it.
Can't hide it.
Can't deny it.

Name / Truth.

Mute, yet when asked, always show a convenient truth - which, from time to time, can be rather unpleasant. What are these two?

A scale and a mirror.

It can't say who and lacks a tongue too. Doesn't have an ear - means it cannot hear. It knows all the languages in the world - made up or not. Quickly it replies, but you can't see it - can you not?

ECHO Echo echo echo echo.

A life faring above, a life faring below, lifeless in between. What are these three?

A rider, a saddle, and a horse / A sailor, sea/ship, a fish.

1. Can make even an emotionless man cry.

2. Reaches far, remains immobile.

1. Onions/smoke/eyedrops. 2. Path/road/sight/gaze/telescope/binoculars.

Here is a riddle to guess if you can; Who is the monster, who is the man...?
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