--FORUM RULES-- Read before posting.

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--FORUM RULES-- Read before posting.

Post by Lsmjudoka on Tue Apr 13, 2010 1:16 am

1) Do not double post. Only creators of threads can double post (A.K.A "bumping" the thread)

2) No spamming. Spam includes posting something completely offtopic in a thread and one word posts (e.x "lmao", "I agree", "good point")

3) Do not flame other users. If you have something to say to a user do it through PM's. If you feel it is getting out of hand please contact an Admin or Moderator.

4) Do not revive old threads. Threads are considered old when no one has posted in it for about 1 month.

5) Do not ask for the release date of the game and/or updates.

6) Don't post anything inappropiate (e.x pornography, hentai, roms)

7) Do not advertise.

Cool Do not ask to become an Admin or Moderator.

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