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Post by Azula on Sun Oct 28, 2012 6:29 pm

I am part of an Academic Decathlon team on my school (I'm not going to explain it, just look it up if ya wanna know) and each member has to write a 3 1/2-4 minute speech. Preferably memorized, but notecards are allowed. (We can't just read the whole thing off a piece of paper)

I needed a good topic for mine this year, seeing as it's my last year (I'm a Senior in High School) and I decided to write mine on grammar nazis, seeing as I am one. So...I've decided to share it with you guys...maybe you can give me some advice, criticism, whatnot...just tell me what you think and how good it is.

Key: The all-caps words are to be emphasized (remember, I'll be giving this aloud with different tones of voice). The words that have each letter spelled out with a - inbetween, I'll be spelling those out as I give the speech.

“Hey, how be you todays?” “You mean how ARE you TODAY.” “What? I said that.” “No, you used improper grammar. I fixed it for you, you're welcome.” “Alright, fine. Whatever, you grammar nazi.”

The conversation I just enacted is just one example of many people who use bad grammar in everyday life...and also of those who strive to correct it. To these people, use of bad grammar is a terribly annoying thing, like an itch you can't scratch, a thorn in the side that must be removed. These people have received the nickname “grammar nazis.” The term is so often used that it has even earned a specific meaning on sites such as the Urban Dictionary.

A grammar nazi is a person who uses proper grammar at all times, especially online in emails, chatrooms, instant messaging, and web posts. A person who believes proper grammar...and even spelling, should be used by everyone whenever possible. Often, they even try to persuade or force others to use proper grammar and spelling as well, subtly mocking those who do not. They are also known as the spelling police.

But how did this all start? Why did grammar nazis suddenly appear and begin attacking those with less-than-perfect grammar? It probably all began when text messaging became a big deal with people. In 1920, RCE Communications, New York introduced the first “telex” service. Today, this service is known as “texting.” When it first became available to the public, texting cost so much money per message sent and each message had a limited number of characters allowed. Therefore, it wasn't long before a Short Message Service, or SMS, began. Shorthanded versions of words and phrases, such as using the letter 'u' instead of spelling out the whole word, y-o-u, or “Be right back” as “B-R-B.” SMS is also a way to get your message typed and sent faster.

There is even a system in place for this. Omission of vowels is the most common form of Short Messaging. Many people have gotten so used to removing the vowels in their words that, when typing in a word document instead of texting, they type short hand and let spell-check help them get things right. Shorthand can also cause confusion between meanings. L-O-L can mean 'laugh out loud' or 'lots of love,' the former being the most common usage.

Another thing often overlooked or left out in short hand messaging is punctuation. Even those who don't shorthand often have trouble trying to figure out exactly where to place that comma or apostrophe, so how is it for those who text when trying to write a paper for school?

So, what is to be done about this? What HAS been done about this? Well, the answer seems to be persuading those who are addicted to short hand writing and texting to spell out the entire word or phrase, and that is what grammar nazis are trying to do. They take every opportunity to point out mistakes to people and they themselves use exemplary grammar and spelling. While often scorned and laughed at, these individuals resolutely plow on, determined to bring the spelling and grammar of those around them into tip-top shape.

How is it, then, that I know so much about grammar nazis? How is it I know of the burning passion they feel for excellent grammar, spelling, and punctuation? Well, it's because I, am a grammar nazi myself! I wear this title proudly and do my best to help those around me properly write out words, to not abbreviate every phrase and inform them of the correct spelling of that difficult word. Many would...and have, ridiculed me for taking this upon myself...and indeed, grammar nazis are often internet killjoys...but I say, is it not worth it to help this generation, the internet slash texting addicts be able to spell their way out of a paper bag?

I say yes, yes it it is worth it. Now, I shall leave you with this question: Do YOU think grammar is important?

As an update, I got 1st place in my category for Speech. Hazahh!

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