Oh for the tales of random!

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Oh for the tales of random!

Post by Azula on Wed Nov 28, 2012 3:35 am

Rin: Once upon a time, Rinny tripped and fell into Yaku, who grabbed Arc around the neck to stop himself from falling. Rinny barely regained her balance, but poor Arcy fell down, and unfortunately, he fell down a hole Yaku had dug the night before.

Yaku: Said hole was exactly 5250 feet deep. Sadly, Arc was never heard from again.

Rin: But from then on, the land was stalked by a strange night-creature that had powers over ice. It would creep about the forests and walk in shadow, always muttering under it's breath, "Yaku....I will take revenge...Rinny....set me on fire."

Yaku: On a late, cool, crisp evening the shadow finally found what he was looking for... The mass fire and particular smell had lead him to the city of Azaroth, where he:

Rin: thought long and hard about exactly how he would punish Yaku for causing his demise.

Rin: Finally, he decided. He walked towards the fire, for where fire, there was Rinny. And where Rinny was, Yaku was probably near. And where Yaku was, there was likely weapons.

Yaku: In his deep scheming, he didnt' notice the presence of the one he so seeked slip away. It was said that he was possibly seeking a weapon of ultimate power, nobody really knows.

Rin: For Arcy was after the power of this mysterious weapon, for it was rumored to have Power over an all-controlling chemical: Chloroform.

Yaku: With this substance he could obtain control of those he so sought to have participate in a sexy party. To have the power of said chemical would be to control the world, Yaku thought.

Rin: Upon arriving, Arcy quickly noticed that Yaku was gone. But instead there was Rinny, ever so carefully lighting a large building on fire with a flamethrower. She looked up when he approached, and her expression froze.It looks like... but she didn't complete the thought. In a split-second decision, Rinny turned the flamethrower upon Arcy, releasing a withering torrent of flames.

Yaku: Despite Rin's attempts Arc didn't not catch flame; he had carefully trained to be able to resist all flames, and in so doing reached his ultimate level of control over ice.

Rin: Rinny cursed her misfortune and, casting her gaze around, she saw the one thing that might help her. Trusting her gut, Rinny ran over and smashed the propane tank nearby; the flood of liquid hit Arcy full-force. Before he could shake it off, Rinny renewed her efforts. At the same time, she wondered where Yaku had gone.

Yaku: In the village, just a couple miles to the south Yaku was busy at work. He had found a control rod of sorts. It was made in the day of old and could manipulate the spiritual pressure of other beings. With it, he thought carefully, I could gain use it to weaken the shadow & collect that valuable Chloroform.

Rin: But Yaku and Arcy were not the only ones looking for the mysterious chemical; a hooded stranger was in the village, searching as well.

Yaku: In the village Yaku was getting very close. He had learned that the rod was kept in a small shrine just ont he outskirts of town. It was rumored that the sages of old had set many traps along the way, as to deter anybody from claiming it.

Rin: The stranger followed Yaku discreetly, using powers of his own to hide his presence.

Yaku: Once at the shrine Yaku carefully surveyed the building. Seeing many pressure plates on the floor and possible trip lines. This is going to be challenging, he though to himself. If only I had payed attention to Rin's pyro lessons...

Rin: The stranger smirked; using his powers, he increased his speed tenfold and whizzed past the traps, activating none of them. Once inside, he stood on thin air and stared in awe at the rod of power. At last!

Yaku: The stranger had made one foul mistake, he failed to cover up his presence. Yaku thought of a very easy scheme to end this all so quickly and stop the intruder from claiming his prize. In one fell swoop Yaku let out a surghe of pure energy and simultaneously set off all the traps.

Rin: The stranger looked around in shock; the shrine was crumbling apart before his very eyes. Before it was too late, he lunged for the rod even as the stones of the shrine fell down around him. With an almighty leap, he made it to the plinth where the rod rested. His hand clasped around it even as he and it were buried under the rubble.

Yaku: Watching his plans slowly come to an end, Yaku cried for help. I can't stand the thought of watching my plans come to an end! he cried.

Rin: As the debris settled, an eerie silence fell over the area. Then a hand thrust it's way out of the top of the fallen rubble.

Yaku: It cant be... I have been smiled upon! Yaku quickly lept and pried his prize from the cold dead fingers of the stranger.

Rin: But the cold fingers weren't so cold; it seemed the stranger was alive, and most unwilling to relinquish the rod. As he lept from the rubble and wrestled with Yaku for the rod, the stranger's hood fell back, revealing their identity.

Yaku: It was none other than Yakus sensei.

Rin: Jake.

Yaku: So we meet again.... This time I won't lose~! Yaku drew his sword.

Rin: Jake grinned maniacally. "So, my apprentice, it is as the prophets said. That we would face each other and one of us would meet our doom. The other would rise to glory. I wonder who shall be the victor?" He drew his own sword.

Yaku: "It is obvious who it will be. Only those of righteous mind and soul can ever properly wield the rod." Yaku took a defensive stance, waiting for the first move to happen.

Rin: Jake smiled. "Or so the legends say. Legends can be false. Power is neither here nor there, good or evil, it merely exists. To be twisted to the weilder's path." He suddenly made many slashes with his sword as well as the rod, one seeking to cut, the other inhibit Yaku's senses.

Yaku: Yaku thought of the legend carefully and critically... the rod controlled the spiritual pressure of the one the wielder seeks. That's it! He lowered his pressure to a minmum only concentrating on blocking the slashes. Without much pressure to control, it won't have the same effect. All I have to do is wait for Jake to exhaust himself.

Rin: Jake was at a loss for why his strikes weren't effective. He cursed; dumb thing's malfunctioning

Yaku: There it is, the opening I've been waiting for. Yaku quickly blocked the slash, and cut the hand holding the rod off.

Rin: Jake dissolved into a mist as the blow struck. The rod fell to the ground even as the mist gathered. You have not seen the last of me! He said menacingly as he vanished.

Yaku: "That was strange, ah well... the rod is mine." Yaku picked it up and hurried quickly to Azaroth.

Rin: Meanwhile, the fight between Arcy and Rinny continued.

Yaku: Yaku showed up at the gates of the city, stunned by the brilliance of the pryomaniacy.

Rin: Rinny was slowly adding her fire powers to the flamethrower's ability, increasing the volume and heat of the flames

Yaku: I could reduce the spiritual energy of Arc, thus causing more pain. Yaku looked at rin with a sinister smile, then pointed the rod at Arc.

Rin: Arcy howled as the rod's effect took hold. His ice powers dropped, leaving him susceptible to the fire's deadly embrace. It was both exhilarating and terrifying at the same time...heaven and hell mixed as one.

Yaku: If this thing can maniuplate spiritual energy... I wonder. Yaku then points at the rod at Rinny, "I wish thee to have ten fold the power."

Rin: Rinny just gave Yaku a look as nothing happened. But he had given her an idea, and this one Arcy would not be able to respond to, not in his current state. "Bankai!" Rinny yelled.

Yaku: Just then an eerily familiar presence appeared. It was the presence of:

Rin: Orosan, the mighty cookie warrior of ages past.

Yaku: Yaku was terrified, unable to move. If I can't even move, what was the point of all that training?

Rin: Rinny grimaced, feeling the pressure Orosan was exuding. Of all people...she's the most unpredictable. Will she help us or harm us?

Yaku: Oro similed manically. "Well, well, what do we have here? A small skirmish it seems," she continued menacingly, "I think I will just kill all three of you right now."

Rin: Rinny stared at her, dumbfounded. Well, that was unexpected. Then for focused her spiritual pressure, raising it to it's utmost in this form. "You can try!"

Yaku: Yaku finally snapped out of his dazed state. "Come Arc! We most focus on defending ourselves, we can finish this later." Hopefully I can use this here. "Ban... Kai!."

Rin: Arcy snarled, but conceded. With Orosan on the attack, he stood no chance of victory unless he joined Yaku and Rinny. "Ressureccion Segunda Etapa."

Yaku: Just then, from in the sky a couple of teenaged dimwitts hit the ground. "Wonder twin powers activate!" - Yaku snarled, "You're in the wrong damn place you fools!"

wolf: "Oh no fun Yaku!" replied one of the twins, holding the other's hand as it replied. "Yah! Where would be the fun if we were in place all the time!" Each held a short saber.

Yaku: Yaku looked at Arc "Think we could use the twin powers? one last time?"

Rin: As Orosan prepared her attack, Arcy began to form a cero whilst Rinny formed an enormous sphere of white-hot flames. "We must attack as one."

Yaku: Arc moved closer to Rin "We'll be one soon," he said hugging her.

Rin: Rinny gave Arc a strange look, wondering why her was hugging her while she was on fire.

Yaku: Yaku pushed Arc away. "Ready? On three... One... two... THREE!" Arc and Yaku formed a massive rainbow colored ball in front of their hands. Just a bit more and it will be ready.

Rin: Rinny grinned and suddenly her flames turned from orange to black as she mixed them with a cero of her own...but how could Rinny form a cero? She waited for just the right moment to attack. Orosan was nearly ready as well.

Yaku: The three knew that the time had come, it was now or never. Rin, Arc and Yaku all released their attacks at Oro.

Rin: Oro's attack was still premature, an enormous sphere of cookie-energy, but she fired it anyways. As the three attacks hit the one, there was a colossal explosion, but the combined attack was too powerful, and punched right through.

Yaku: The power was so enormous that Orosan exploded. That day, everyone will remember as the happiest day ever, for Oreos rained all over the land for the people to eat... but there was no milk.

Rin: But there was suddenly a sharp rise in the cow population, and thus milk was not in shortage.
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Re: Oh for the tales of random!

Post by Hitori on Wed Nov 28, 2012 3:43 am

All's well that ends well~ May Oreos forever rain down on you and create happiness.


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Re: Oh for the tales of random!

Post by orosan on Wed Nov 28, 2012 8:23 pm

i feel used~
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Re: Oh for the tales of random!

Post by straywolf174 on Fri Apr 05, 2013 6:37 pm

...Oh my gods, i love this! Horray for randomness!
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Re: Oh for the tales of random!

Post by Arctic on Wed Aug 07, 2013 1:09 pm

o-o why have I only just now seen this? <_<

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Re: Oh for the tales of random!

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