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Topic-making guide

Post by Azula on Tue Jan 15, 2013 4:33 am

Right, so most likely you RPers will end up making your own topics to RP in. We RP mods will likely also create areas for you to RP ing, but since we can't think of everything, and don't have the same ideas you guys do, you may also create threads. Here's a brief explanation of how to go about doing that:

Create a new thread in the desired area, whether it be Las Noches or Rukongai Northern District. The title should be the area's a tavern in the rukon or a lodging for a fraccion in Las Noches.

Describe this area. Is this tavern small, large? What furniture decorates these lodgings? Tell us about it! Since you'll likely start RPing when you create it, make sure the post with your character comes AFTER you create the thread with the description. Captains and Espada may create their Office/barracks/rooms/towers (for the top 3, +0). Same goes for training areas unless you wish an RP mod to do it for you. Each Squad/Espada may have a separate training grounds.
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