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Shikai/first Release Move One Name: kuroimaru Description:when sealed it takes form of a nondachi and a wakizashi with two corneas on each side. Shire wa kare(scatter and reap)is the call for kuromaru it has 2 distinct abilities kuroikiba(white fang)when the twin scimithars are swung an amplified mass of flame based reiatsu is released from the zanpaktou kuroitatsumaki(blacktornado)when twisting around like a tornado and releasing kuroikiba at the same time a black like tornado is formed and the flame tornadoes can be manipulated
Bankai name:matsu kuromaru(total son of black)Bankai Description: when in bankai the schimithars are to join into a double edged schimithar which on will can become a nagitana which allows versitily also two armor paulderons are one each side of his shoulder and an armor plating on his chest down to his abdomen Bankai ability: kuroikaaen arashi(black fire storm)by using kuroitatsumaki and shunpo he can create a massive hurricane storm
kuroioshiro(black castle) using the above tech. He can create a force feild to keep things in or out but it involves stabbing multiple points it takes time
kuroikishi(black knight)
by concentrating his reiatsu an armor appears on his body exempting a helmet but it resembles that of a samurai in naruto

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