A new beginning, as legends fade..

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A new beginning, as legends fade..

Post by Lust on Mon Jun 17, 2013 5:55 am

Atop stood a hooded figure, one with chains strapped around him. It had been nearly a full century since he had seen the world of the living. "Is it time?" asked Luke. "Yes master, it is." said a smaller figure that stood behind him, who then unsheathed his sword as he stabbed his own heart. "It is time for us to fade." the figure said as he disintegrated into spirit particles. 

Luke then opened the gates of hell as the miasma absorbed the world of the living, slowly but surely was being transported somewhere unknown. As the humans town ceased to exist in this dimension, a new one quickly reformed looking similar to the last. Luke smiled as the bridge between Hueco Mundo and the Soul Society was gone, both worlds clashed into each other, and both were also transported and replaced. Each hollow, shinigami and human all put into test tubes where they wouldn't die, but would be unconscious until it was that they decided to wake from their vivid dream. Each one with a device by their side that would return them to reality if they so chose to go back. 

Luke then smiled as he remembered the past. Setoku would live, but he would not. This was necessary for the progress of the world. He gripped his sword and imbued his last ounce of power into it, the memories of the past all contained within. Luke placed it under a bridge on the north-side of the town. Whoever learned of its location would have the past revealed unto them, so they could change the future. 

Luke then formed a cero in his right hand, closed the gates of hell and finally, blew his heart off. Memories of setoku flooding his mind in those final moments. He faded with a smile and a knowledge that a flicker of hope remained for those in the future. Moments later, Luke ceased to exist. 

Let this new RP begin!
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