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Zak Tyden, Adjuchas Empty Zak Tyden, Adjuchas

Post by Lust on Sun Jul 07, 2013 8:03 am

Name: Zak Tyden
Race: Hollow
Rank: Adjuchas
Fraccion: 3
Age: 27 Human years, 270 Spirit years

Description: Zak is a athletic-build hollow in his late 20's. Eyes the color of the sea, black hair. His back fully exposed, on it a tattoo of a wave.

Ressurection: (水鉄砲) - Mizudeppō
In this state, Zak's sword disappears and is replaced with a single handgun. A gun similar to a Python in design, though made of water and capable of shooting Cero and Bala.  

  • (破壊的な水) - Hakai-tekina mizu
    Zak condenses Cero into the handgun and as the cero is shot, the small barrel reduces the cero in size, thus increasing it's speed and destructive power. As the cero is leaving the barrel of the handgun, it looks as if it was a bullet made entirely of water.

  • No physical changes occur during his first release

Ressurection Segunda Etapa: (アトランティスモナーク) - Atorantisumonāku
While in this stage, Zak's body is clad in a coat of armor moderately stronger than his normal hierro. Gaining a crown with a darkened gem in it's center and a pitch black necklace around his neck, gills around his throat and fins at the side of both his arms. His gun, reforming into a bright gold Bident.

  • (ゼロMaremotto) - Zero Maremotto
    Zak pierces the ground with his bident and channels a cero into the around him. As the cero's explode, the ground cracks in an area all around Zak and explodes, sending shock-waves and debris flying into the air.

  • Pelea a mano (Fist fighting) = When Zak uses this technique, small scales protrude from his hands. His fins on his right and left hand are also strengthened. While using this technique, Zak is a pure close ranged fighter.

  • Oracion =

Background (optional): Zak was a loving older brother during his human years. Smart too, Zak out-shined his 2 other siblings, forcing them to live in his shadow, though he was ignorant of that he still loved them dearly. One of the many dark secrets this boy hid was the fact that he never learned how to swim, thus his sibling found out and capitalized on it. They invited him boating, and threw him overboard. As he drowned he was consumed with rage and sadness. Thus he became a hollow. Today he is known for his kindness. Though people mistake him as naive, beware, he does not like surprises.

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Zak Tyden, Adjuchas Empty Re: Zak Tyden, Adjuchas

Post by Azula on Wed Jul 10, 2013 4:51 am

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