Kiiro Cienfuegos, Adjuchas (Corrected)

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Kiiro Cienfuegos, Adjuchas (Corrected)

Post by Avathos on Wed Jul 10, 2013 5:15 am

Name: Kiiro Cienfuegos
Race: Hollow
Rank: Adjuchas
Fraccion: 3
Age: Monster look, 220 Spirit years

Description: His hollow hole is on the middle of his chest, this white hollow has a muscular body with flaming designs on his forearms and legs. He is not very tall, even for an Adjuchas, his eyes are ice blue and his hair long and blond, right behind his mask, that holds a design that only shows his eyes and pointy jagged lines of teeth. His hands are covered by white bone armor, resembling gauntlets that cover his arms up to his elbows, his legs covered in white bone armor leggings and his chest by a white bone rib cage that protects it. His eyes turn from blue to red while fighting.

Contacto: Each time Kiiro lands a hit, an extremely hot explosion follows, dealing extra damage and knocking back his opponent.
Defensa Osea: Passive ability. The bone armor he wears once released protects him from damage and even nullifies it if its too low.
Brutalidad: Passive ability. His physical damage increases once released.

Resureccion: Not discovered yet

Segunda: Not discovered yet

Background: Turned into a hollow long time ago, Kiiro just spent his time eating hollows on Hueco Mundo until he was recruited by the tercera Espada. His past is a mystery since he never talks about it because he finds it irrelevant to the present times. He is friends with Zak, his fraccion companion.

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