Settling in

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Settling in

Post by Antaeus on Sun Aug 11, 2013 3:16 am

When Daisuke Morimoto walked into the barracks in squad 10, it was a shocking moment for all involved. Daisuke was amazed that he had actually been assigned to a squad in the first place. Unlike most of his fellow soul reapers, Morimoto's spiritual power was not particularly strong, and much of the power he did have was from eating the delicious food he cooked. Since eating restored and enhanced spiritual power, he had been able to overcome his limitations, but just. His barracks members on the other hand were amazed with the sheer amount of stuff he had brought with him. Pots, pans, knives, forks, and even some whole china sets. This was because, unlike everyone else in soul society, Daisuke Morimoto had not joined the soul reapers to be simply to be one of the; he had joined to be their chef. The way he saw it, this was the ultimate in mutually beneficial agreements. By providing nourishment to his fellow soul reapers, Morimoto could literally make every one of his comrades just a little big stronger. By speaking to the scores of shinigami who came in and out of the living world each day, he could gain access to more ingredients than ever before, and make better and better food. All that remained was coming up with a way of getting the food to those who wanted it. Maybe a restaurant or kiosk, but that might be inconvenient; if only there was a way to make his food mobile...

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