Deep in the Under Valley of Menos Forest....

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Deep in the Under Valley of Menos Forest....

Post by Setoku on Tue Aug 13, 2013 8:10 pm

A Young Shinigami female angled her way between two crevices of Quartz Rock, gazing absent minded at the distinct Quincy Markings of Ages long, long past. A purple saya'd sword rested on her right hip, exposing her left-hand style of fighting. Hanging from her shoulders, a tattered and faded Second Squad Captain's Haori. Unknown as to where it would of come from. The girl smiled lightly as she slid down lower, and lower in between the crevice. Already she had news for dear Grandmother Youkai, news young Shinamori Sara could not wait to share with her! After nearly two hours of sliding between Quartz Rock, on a downward spiraled slope, the girl dropped to a wide open Cavern, alit by several glowing Quincy Markings.

"Grandma Youkai...?"

The girl asked, slowly stepping into the lit room. As she spoke, several different colored eyes came into view - Five set's of two in all. Each of a different color. The eyes suddenly grew wide in unison, before they all dropped, and light fell over their forms. Five of the Strongest Vasto Lorde known to Hueco Mundo.

"Sara-sama. Forgive us."

One spoke, his voice twisted, mangled. To be honest, Sara enjoyed the treatment. While serving the Shinigami, she never so much as got any title affixed to her name. She took a step forward, and she was gone, using her Shunpo to appear before the one who spoke.


Her voice went from sweet, and caring, to lifeless, and heartless. She slapped the Vasto Lorde in the side of the mask, causing a crack to apear across his mask, and sending him flying five yards away into a Quartz Rock. The other Vasto Lorde's cringed, ready to step back, as a soft, wispy voice arose from the darkness.

"Sara-chan.... you bring news?"

The Other Vasto Lorde's were quick to bow even lower, as Sara, who was glaring at the heaped mess of the Vasto Lorde, suddenly turned, and her face lit up. Her voice suddenly became childish, like it was before. It was a startling transformation, but that was what happened to one who was killed by her own Nanny.

"Yes, Grandma! Pappa-Setoku has begun his move! Shall I do the same in the Rukon?"

A Dire Wolf suddenly emerged from the shadows, her blood red fur and black mask a stark contrast to each other, and slowly came to a rest on her haunches.

"So... my son has begun to move. What of Stray?"

"Momma-Stray's movements are unknown, Grandma!"

The Wolf tilted it's head to the side - She never understood why Sara called Stray momma. She would... have to correct that soon.

"Sara-chan.... Isabella was your mother, not Stray."

Sara frowned, and again, the Vasto Lorde cringed, expecting a rebuttal that came in the form of them being slapped - But after a moment, nothing came. Just Sara's voice, dark and filled with hatred.

"My mother was not some weak mortal. Do you understand, Youkai?"

The wolf leaned back, as if taken aback by the sudden outburst, but after a moment, she begun to laugh. Her laugh reverberating through the domed underground cavern.

"Very well, my dear. Very well. Think what you will. Go, and tell me how Rukon is doing. The rest of you, with me. We must collect our five other Brother and Sisters before we attack.... The Castle that is rightfully ours!"

The wolf sat up tall, as the other Vasto Lorde cheered in agreement - and all Sara could do was smile. These hollow... so weak minded.
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