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thea new frontier

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A bleach oc fanon
Kusaka was just returning from patrol in Kyoto city and was fagged out he opened the door to his shared quarters. He was the co third seat of squad 5 alongside Chasu their performance in field always earned them praise from their captain Gin.
As soon as he opened the door chasu jumped at him with a round house kick sending kusaka flying”barka whats your problem chasu ” ,you’re late kusaka we wer….. Before he could finish kusaka had rushed him with a devastating uppercut sending him flying across the room . Chasu got up and prepared to unsheathe his zanpaktou when Ayame stepped in and separated them
Where’d she come from remarked kusaka as he stared at the sexy figure she had blonde waist length hair and crimson red eyes, she had a full chest and they pushed against her shihaksho she also wore a chain necklach that disappears into her ”valley” she kept her zanpaktou horizontally at her waist level it had a pink dressing and a tsuba with flower petal shape.
Now stop Fighting she declared while she held them both at the collar before throwing them at the wall “she scares me’’ chasu said while shivering and looking at kusaka, dude don’t you think she scares me too kusaka said seriously while looking at chasu
Both chasu and kusaka dressed in similar ways on a few features differentiated them. They both wore sleeveless shihaksho only a slight difference in their shihaksho’s kusaka wore two belts both of them yellow which he kept both his wakizashi and katana on his back, while chasu wore his zanpaktou on his waist,chasu had a tattoo of a dagger on his shoulder while kusakas had a tattoo of the Japanese kanji of 55. A distinguished feature of them is that kusaka had white spikey hair while chasu had blonde spikey hair
While they were arguing Tsubame lion heart and ryoske stepped in and said the captain commander lsmjudoka was calling them so they all hastened to the captains meeting room. They had all stepped in and they met karai captain of the 9th squad she had short white hair and like majority of the ninth squad she wore sleeveless haori and shihaksho she wore an eternal plain face, behind her knelt Portia her lieutenant she had red hair and a scarf that reached the floor and like her captain she wore a sleeveless shihakusho
Beside karai stood one more captain,captain shikuro naara of 8th squad he sported silver spikey hair similar to kakashi from naruto he wore a plain head protector and coverd his mouth with a white cloth he wore a standard shihakusho but a sleeveless haori Rangiku was missing. Ohaio sotaicho dono they all greeted the captain commander who held a role of benevolence. He answered them before going straight to the point”a lot of high ranking shinigami defections have gone down lately so im putting out a warrant of death on the heads of Mavis Zancrow and Luna harmaki the remaining defectorswould be given later they would divuldge our secrets now go tho the real world and use the portal created by jellal to penetrate into hueco mundo and bring these defectors to the cenral 46 tribuna. Now go he ordered the group before they answered”hai taicho sama”before the 5 of them left for the sekai gate.

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