Chronicles Of Dante

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Chronicles Of Dante

Post by Dankex5 on Mon Aug 19, 2013 8:03 am

The Lower division of the Royal Army seemed to looking for a certain person and they treated this as top priority. An order had been given by one of the Royalty  to capture Dante and his little crew no matter what.

Civilian : Dante again? Why does he always cause trouble. He and his rebellious counterparts.

Civilian 2: Dante is a good boy. He must still be angry about what happened when he was little.

Somewhere along a deserted alley were a group of people  who awaited Dante.

Keith: Why does he always have to brew trouble for us as well? That guy.

Lucas: Oi!! He's what keeps us going. If not this town would be as dead as hell.

Keith was a tall handsome man, who should be around twenty years of age, he had a fit muscular stature that made others feel protected around him. He seemed calm and lazy most times.

Lucas, on the other hand, looked a bit younger than Keith. Though he wasn't muscular, he is a swordsman with skills higher than that of any average swordsman in the Royal Guards.

There was another person in their mist who seemed to have a somewhat gloomy but strong aura around himself. He was also in their age group but he didn't seem to be a swordsman or a fighter at all. He name was stefan.
He was rumored among the navy as a bigger threat than Dante himself.

Keith: I hear most of the reasons he behaves like this was because he lost someo---

Keith was stopped in his speech by lucas, who had a stern look on his face.  "Don't say anymore." He whispered "That's only a rumor"

Someone could be seen walking towards their direction. His presence alone was ominous, it sent chills towards everyone. He had a white cloak on with a hood to hide his face. He kept walking, with twin blades that could be seen  at both sides of his shoulder. He soon got to where the others were and un-hooded himself.
His hair was silvery grey and was spiky.
He was light skinned and he appeared younger than the other three.

Keith: Where have you been? We've been waiting for like ever.

Dante : Oh. I'm sorry.

Keith : You keep saying that all the time.

Keith began to raise his voice while Dante kept his cool.

Dante: That's because I'm truly sorry.

Lucas: Come on keith let it slide. So Dante what do we do today.

Dante suddenly had something that resembled a grin on his face. Like he was cooking up some evil in his mind.

Dante: Today... strikes the beginning of a new dawn. I've planned for this day since we...I was little.

Lucas: Really?

Keith: Hope it's something we can handle.

Dante : Of course it is. But this might be our last adventure together.

Lucas/ Keith: What?
Stefan looked up with an expression that was supposed to  show shock.

Dante: Yeah... After this I would have one third of the world looking for me.

Lucas : So what exactly could this be?

Dante : hehehe... We invade the King's lair.

Keith: What? We are going to have to infiltrate the city first which is what we have been trying to do years.

Dante: Keith, are you still scared of death?

Keith: Hell no! That doesn't mean I want to throw my life away .

Dante had a stern look and looked closely at Keith's face. Then he smiled and looked at the others.

Dante: Stefan I need you to check this out.
He said as he threw a scroll towards Stefan's direction.

Lucas: what is that?

Stefan: Hmmm... A stereotype. A map to the king's lair I guess.

Dante: Correct!

Lucas: woah! How did you get that?

Dante: I got it from a Royal Guard.

Keith / Lucas: What? How?

Keith: I heard the rank RGs are  given to the strongest of men in the City.

Dante: I didn't fight with him if that's what you think. I outsmarted him. That's all.

Lucas: That's our Dante for you.

Dante: Stefan can you check how tight the security is at the selected areas?

Stefan : Sure.

Lucas: So Dante, what takes you to the King's lair? Are you going for the Princess? I hear she's as beautiful as the Queen and that she's always guarded by the Captain of the Royal Guards.

Dante: hehehe... If we don't move, this world won't. Besides I'd like to match my strength with the strongest of the strongest.

Lucas: Well that's true... I want to know what I can do against them also.

Dante: So till tonight let's just keep low and set everything in place.

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