Youta Hideyoshi

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Youta Hideyoshi

Post by Azula on Tue Sep 03, 2013 6:46 am

Age: 252 (looks to be in his late teens)
Race: Shinigami
Rank:Squad Member
Squad: Squad 2
Gender: Male

Character Appearance: Youta is rather short, 5'5" with black shoulder-length hair with blue streaks and his eyes are very strange indeed. One, his right, is a grey that appears to be silver, the other, left, is a hazel that looks like gold. Other than his eyes, nothing about him looks unusual. Plain shinigami uniform, no scars, zanpakuto at his belt.

Youta has a guarded personality; being in the 2nd Division has taught him to trust few, and indeed the only people he truly trusts are his Captain and Lieutenant. He is careful around meeting new people and although he is polite enough he tries not to show his full strength when sparring, in case the opponent ever become his enemy.

Background: Youta grew up learning to fight for one of the noble houses, but was cast out for a crime he did not commit. Lost as to what to do next, he turned to the shinigami academy and quickly raced through it, graduating a full two years early and was immediately accepted into squad 2. A few years later he had learned his shikai and began mastering it. He is now at the point of being able to use two of his shikai abilities to a decent proficiency and is trying to unlock more of his zanpakuto's secrets.

Shikai: Kison Gushouteki

Description of Shikai: His sword disintegrates and re-forms into a set of elbow-length fingerless black and violet-trimmed metal gloves, accompanied with knee-high boots of the same material. These new equips increase his speed and strength, and can shoot out poisoned knives. The gloves can converge on his hands, becoming a lance-tip over his hands, perfect for spearing the enemy.

While in shikai, Youta's speed, strength, and agility are all enhanced.

Shikai Abilities

Dogu Higyou

When blocking the opponent's blows or attacking, this ability activates when it's name is called. A clear poison shoots out of minuscule holes in Youta's gloves and boots, splashing onto the opponent. This causes the opponent to weaken over time. Only works in close range, the opponent must be within 4 feet away. The more spiritual pressure the opponent has, the slower the poison works. Youta is immune to it. This ability can only be used 8 times, whether it hits the opponent or not, before the poison runs out. Then he must wait while his zanpakuto recovers. (15 or so posts)

Ikkyou Bure-do

Youta can cause blades to shoot out of the gloves and boots, whirling towards the opponent at high speeds. This attack is effective at all ranges, but he can only fire a maximum of 60 blades, 15 from each glove/boot. He can control how many blades to shoot at once.

Genwaku Shikaku Kasumi (not yet learned, just posting here so I don't forget)

The ability is activated by Youta saying it's name and smacking the palms of his gloves together. This nearly-invisible mist, (very hard to see, but can be scented/felt, when touched it is similar in consistency to car oil) when released, leaks out of Youta's boots and slowly fills the nearby area, filtering through the air. There is a slightly musty scent to the air, faint, hard to detect. Upon contact, it attacks the opponent's eyes painlessly, causing their vision to grow blurry. Eventually, it can cause blindness. However, that would take a long time being exposed to it. As it is, it takes a full 5 minutes to blur the eyes enough to make any difference, and a full 15 minutes to blur them enough to completely confuse the opponent (as in misjudge his movements/speed of movements) (although once it begins to effect them, one is likely to wonder why they can't see clearly, being a confusion). To fully blind them, it would take 40 minutes. Youta is immune to this mist, and it is only a temporary effect. Once exposure is removed, the eyes will clear, at about the same rate it took to blur them. The mist spreads over a 50-yard area, although the more diluted it is the slower it works.
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Re: Youta Hideyoshi

Post by Lust on Tue Jan 28, 2014 4:05 am

I'd like to say approved so we can revive this RP! But I can't so....

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