Blades of Soul

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Blades of Soul

Post by Avathos on Wed Sep 11, 2013 12:54 am

Shiori's historic archive: The age of blood.

When an empire has no more resources for it's people, only expansion is left for it's survival...
Our kingdom of Shiori shared this belief though with other several nations, and thus, war was only a natural course of action to acquire what was necessary for it's sustain.
For hundreds of years, swords clashed around the world and soldiers fell for their own causes, yet, a sense of honor and measure was always on the mind of the kings, as strategy was necessary to minimize the damages. They were hard, yet good time for Shiori, that resisted every single blow from it's opponents and grew stronger from each encounter, our nation was brave and stood still for a long time, until that fatidic battle with the barbarians from Poteklo... when the Maderite was discovered... and the world knew the real meaning of fear (...)
On that battle, we saw this barbarian wield and swing that rare sword, i saw how dozens of my comrades flew away, and how eventually we were forced to retire... but most importantly, i will never forget the glow of that weapon and the blue fire that covered the battlefield that day.
Rumors spread, and each kingdom, including ours, invested all of it's material and human resources to investigate about that weapon, until we could finally be blessed with results, the mineral was called Maderite, and it was mostly used for decoration for temples in Potuklo or for the forging of ritualic tools, not only that, but we found sources of this mineral inside our own territory, and with this, we thought we could end this war once and for all... but we were naive.
We called these soldiers Soul Wielders, and their mission was to finish the battles as soon as possible with the might of these blades. Only the elite would be chosen to wield the Maderite weapons, and once we felt ready, we sent ourselves to war... but this time, the surprise would be different...
When we encountered our opponent, an invader troupe from Kaladia, we saw something that made our men tremble, three soldiers that weild Maderite weapons lead those troops and were determined to exterminate us.
Shiori used all of it's might to defend itself and succeed. Our scouts gave us news from around different parts of the world, Maderite users were everywhere, and impending doom was awaiting for all the small kingdoms and threat even the dominant ones, such as ours, threatening the world with bloodshed that had no records... we can just defend ourselves, win our battles... and pray for humanity's sake.


The war is over! Soldiers celebrate around the world that the battle has finally end, we wont forget though, the sacrifices of all of those that fell, millions whose blood spread on the grounds and the sinful Maderite blades.
From all the nations that were from the beginning of this war, only three empires remain, our beloved Shiori, the barbaric Poteklo and the honorable empire of Fremtil. The three emperors reunited and made a pact, to preserve peace and to collaborate with each other, but behind the pact, there was a promise, a promise beyond any selfish desire... witnessed what they witnessed, they swore to never use these blades ever again, destroying them and sealing them from the rest of the world... for men's sake, and from what ive seen... i hope the same.

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Re: Blades of Soul

Post by jetxtreme on Wed Sep 11, 2013 4:34 am

Wow interesting story you've got there ava. Nice introduction. can't wait to read the actual story.
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