Idea for non-combat Zan/Res ability: Reiatsu supression

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Idea for non-combat Zan/Res ability: Reiatsu supression

Post by Shiouin_Kei on Mon Nov 18, 2013 8:39 pm

I would like to suggest an idea for toggled non-combat abilities for zanpaktou/res users (for those who may want a special custom ability ot for future zanpaktou/res designs that would be standard).

The idea I have in mind is for a Reiatsu suppression ability which would be simulated by allowing the player to choose at what level his character is displayed to others (Same level as player or lower). The reason for this would be to allow higher level players to "Entice" (but not initiate) attacks upon them. If a player attacked another with a Reiatsu suppressed level, the illusion would disappear and combat would flow normally.

The main reason for this is to allow low level players an opportunity to see higher level players in action, up close and personally. Of course, they probably wouldn't win the combat, but it would be a learning experience, and it would discourage trolling, since no one would really know who was powerful or not simply by their displayed level (which could be reiatsu suppressed if this suggestion is implemented).One would learn after a battle or two, who was powerful, and you could continue to attack and learn more about the nuances of defeat, or you could learn to be very cautious of trolling and attacking people without provocation.

If this suggestion is looked into, I think it could be done from the inner world/soul cavern page, as a toggle, with a continuous drain of stamina/spirit until either toggled off, or one of the pools is depleted, or a combat is initiated.

Anyways, just a suggestion. Smile


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