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Ragnarok, the Visored Empty Ragnarok, the Visored

Post by Ragnarok on Sun Dec 29, 2013 4:35 am

Name: Ragnarok
Race: Visored
Rank: (i'll let you guys give me a good starting area XD. please?)
Squad/Fraccion: 5th squad
Age: Character's age - 162

Description: He is around five-nine, but severely underweight. This gives him a skeletal frame. He has striking blue eyes that change in shade depending on how he feels. He has angular features, but they are firm. His hair is shoulder-length, dark brown, straight, and always in his face. His bangs go down to his nose. He wears an average uniform in the soul society, and wears a long sleeve black shirt with jeans in the world of the living. He always has on headphones, which he only takes down in conversation and fights.
Zan/Res: ( i don't know if i should fill these out before doing the zan template thing.)
Bankai/RSE: Your sword's second release.
Background (optional): Ragnarok has no recollection of his first life. All he remembers is being hungry his first hundred years of this life, and the other presence in his mind. He was a thief, and the only time he was caught was by a lord. When asked why he was stealing, Ragnarok replied that he was hungry. Upon hearing this, the lord took him in and raised him as his own son, showing him the way to be an upstanding citizen and how to be a good shinigami.
The first time Ragnarok talked back to the other presence, who called himself Finrir, he realized that no one else could know about what was going on. That prompted Ragnarok to go into solitude, never talking to anyone until it was absolutely necessary. He has been opening up more, but he still has his doubts about people...


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Ragnarok, the Visored Empty Re: Ragnarok, the Visored

Post by Setoku on Sun Dec 29, 2013 5:53 am

Hmmm... This is hard to work with... You'll be insanely low powered for now, and you'll be enclosed to Kurome and Bount, but if you can work with that ... Accepted
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