New Captain/Espada Power Feature

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New Captain/Espada Power Feature

Post by Erza on Tue Mar 25, 2014 8:45 am

Not the power you were thinking of >:/

The feature I thought of is, the Captain/Espada will have a panel where he/she can invite and sponsor a player from another squad. It will require the Captain to have the enough shards to transfer the player and a confirmation or an invitation will be sent to the person being sponsored.

Unohana wants to invite Lsmjudoka > Goes to the Invite Panel > Types Lsmjudoka on the search > It will now display Lsm's name, current squad, and how much shards his transfer will cost (Lsmjudoka      Squad 1       35 Shards)> then a confirmation if you wanna continue > Shards will be temporarily deducted until the person being sponsored accepts it, but if rejected the shards will return to the Captain/Espada.

P.S. It can also be Squad/Fraccion Officer ( Captain/Espada, FC/Lt.) to have this option.

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