To Flux or not To Flux

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To Flux or not To Flux

Post by mskod1 on Sun Mar 30, 2014 4:17 am

Okay this idea came to me from a game I use to play called ninjamanager. Basically in this game you can chose to either rise or lower your seal and this will effect the flux on your damage (some pro players may correct me, as i was never fully understanding it). Basically a player chose for their ninjas whether to decrease their seal therby increasing damage via crit chance increasing, or increasing it to decrease level of flux and hitting a more consistent number.

At the moment i see moves similair to the latter, as a passing notion I thought why not make the other way possible as well. So players can level a move so as to increase its over chance of "criticaling" or just fluxing abnormally high but overall consistantly hitting lower.

I have not really thought of a way to add this feature in choice, some quick ideas off the top of my head would be being able to level moves the opposite direction ie. upto -100, or having a simple button pressed to allow the option of changing it to higher critical.

This was just a passing thought altogether not to fussed if it is or isn't implemented, but I thought it might be an interesting addition. Thinkin\' 

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