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Motivation tweaks

Post by Rangiku on Sat May 24, 2014 8:24 pm

Few ideas crossed my mind, regarding the gameplay, and after talking to other users, reactions were mostly positive and approving. It wouldn't affect the gameplay itself, just few tricks and options to motivate people, and to give the game more diversity. I don't know much about coding, but I assume it could get time consuming and tricky, especially with the new site developing, and perpetual orders of custom zan/ress. However, I hope you will consider these suggestions. Smile
Purpose of these small additions would be to entice people to be more active in other aspects of the game, and get out of the "training trap".  Another purpose is to make the game a bit more rewarding when it comes to the effort, for example, the top lists.

Daily Quests
Rewards that can be collected after completing the quest, and the result reseted after midnight gametime.
1. 100 AI battles completed - reward: 5000 yen/souls
2. 300 AI battles completed - reward 10000 yen/souls
3. 10 PvP wins completed - reward 25000 yen/souls
(I know this is already on the accepted list, thought I'd give a more detailed version.)

Long Term Quests
Rewards available after reaching a certain milestone in game.
-100 PvP battles won - yen/soul reward
-500 PvP battles won - slightly larger yen/soul reward
-1000 PvP battles won - larger yen/soul reward
-Entering the Top 10 PvP List - a certain title, depending on the position on the list.
-Entering the Top 10 Players List - (same as Top 10 Player List)
-Capping the experience at the final rank (rank eight)- One shard or a one month of aura.

The rewards are random here, main thing I wanted to point out are the significant stages in character developement.

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