Ress/Zan Re roll chances and costs.

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Ress/Zan Re roll chances and costs.

Post by Danteeva on Fri Jul 18, 2014 11:12 pm

Hi there, I've recently reached Arrancar level and received a C Rank Ress. Now i want to re roll for something a bit higher, now I would like an A rank at least but I don't like how rolling the Rank of it is randomised depending on how much you pay. I would prefer is if the ranks each had there own set price, say for example I decided I want an S rank. I dont want to but 60 shards just to get an A rank which i could have got by spending 20 shards less! I don't think its the best business method as most people that play this I doubt will have a spare £35ish/$60 to spend for the hope of getting an S rank. I know you want it to be rare, but rare for spending that amount on a text based game seems extremely steep.

Just my thoughts anyway. Smile

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