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Event Ideas

Post by Grimmjow on Tue Jul 22, 2014 1:57 am

It's a fairly simple idea. It would be a competition between each squad in SS and each fraccion in HM. Who ever could raise their SP/FP the most during the course of the event would receive 1500 SP/FP. The squad who raised their SP the highest out of SS would be compared to the fraccion who raised their FP the highest. If the hollow fraccion raised their FP higher than the shinigami squads SP then the hollow race would receive 5000 Race Points.

With this idea both races would be able to receive a reward for participating and the dominant race will get Race Points so it is kind of like the war of the race event. Of course the number of SP, FP and Race Points reward numbers would be adjusted I just picked random numbers.

Please give me any thought you have on the idea and if you have an idea feel free to post it so that others can comment on it.  Waving 

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