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Updated Newbie guide~  Empty Updated Newbie guide~

Post by Mavis on Wed Aug 13, 2014 1:58 pm

Rank 1 ~ 2: Human to Devouring Beast/Student

Karate Dojo:
Training - Sets 10 minute trains for Strength, Endurance, Speed or Melee skill
Sparring - Fight AI for stat gains
Challenges -Earn special moves:
Earn 5000 yen - Knee Strike
Win 30 AI battles - Flying Head Kick

Central Park:
Shop - Buying items
Challenge Gangsters - Fight AI for yen

Human Ranking Guide:

Buy and equip the baseball bat from central park and spar in the dojo while training. Heal up at the novelty shop if your health gets low. You'll get to choose your race at level 6. While there aren't any major differences in the races, the moves and zanpakutou/ressureccions available vary slightly.


Rank 2: Student/Devouring Beast


You will now have more training options:
10 minute and 3 hour trains
Active (AP trains)
About AP:

You gain AP by skipping around in Kyoto(2 per minute), for posting in social, and for being active while having a Strong Aura and up. You can also choose to buy/sell your AP

Burst training:
You gain 20 Burst Training Points (BTP) per train completed, and it decays at a rate of 1/min. At 50, you can choose to set a burst train, which gives double the gains of an AP train in half the time.

Move training:
Moves can be levelled up via repeated usage in the arena or in PvP battles, however, you can also choose to spend yen to train them here.

There are 3 levels of AI you can fight, each give incremental gains. Try to do the one you can 2-3 hit and slowly move onto the next.

Medical squad/Regen:
For all your after-battle patching up needs (at a price, of cost.)

Here you can challenge players of the same race of any rank to a friendly match. Do note that they do not count towards your PvP, however.

Here you can pick up a variety of moves and items to help you in your battles.
The list of moves can be found here: http://worldofbleach-forum.forumotion.net/t1140-list-of-wob-s-moves-pre-balanced-update

Ranking up from Student/DB:

You'll be able to pick your specialization upon reaching level 16. You'll also be randomly assigned to a squad or fraccion. (Don't be disheartened if you don't get the division you want, the first transfer is free.)

Rank 3: Squad Member/Huge Hollow

You will now be able to travel around on the map, as well as to Kyoto City from a certain point in the map (0.15 for hollows, 15.15 for shinigami).
By using the Search Area and Travel functions, you can move to the spot that another player (of the same rank of your own race, or up to a rank above/below in Kyoto) and attack them. These will count towards your battles required for ranking, as well as give FP/SP, AP, stats and money for winning.
KC Battle tiers:

Huge Hollow/Squad members - Gillian / Senior Squad Members
Ranked Officers/Arrancars - Elite Fraccion/Elite Officer
Veteran Shinigami/Privaron Espada - Legendary Shinigami/Legendary Espada

Kyoto City:
Font of Regeneration: The green square on the map that doubles your regen, and moves to a random spot once every 5 minutes.
Novelty shop: Heals at 3/4 the price
Race bases: A 3.3 area around the entrance to KC for each race, in the event of it being broken down, the opposite race can invade your realm.
Survival battle: A 10-round AI battle on a grid with increasing difficulty.

Squad/Fraccion HQ:
Your squad/fraccion will have a barracks in which you're safe from attacks, and gain a bonus 10% regen. There are also different boosts available, depending on what your leaders set.

Instead of doing arenas, you can use your pools to gain stats via patrols and feeds.
There are 2 kinds of feeds, however, humans costs pools and give health and souls, while feeding on hollows costs pools and health, giving souls and stats.

Rank 4: Senior Squad Member/Gillian

Fraccion/Squad Seats:
You might notice that you will be able to take Head Fraccion / 3rd seat in your division.
By doing so, you'll gain an extra scan range per seat level, as well as a small boost to your current squad boost.
The 1st and 2nd seats also have items that give boosts for battles. You do, however, need to maintain a certain amount of OP to keep the seats. (-3 per day for 2nd and 3rd seats, -4 for Captain and Espada)
Office Patrols:

Red Cross = Medical Squad / Negacion
Blue Flame = Kido Corps / Gillan Cero Mob
Green Crossed Swords = Omnikitsudo / Exequias
Even if you send the wrong/right team, there are chances that you'll still fail or succeed.


Rank 5: Ranked Officer/Arrancar

Inner World/Soul Chamber: This is what most people would be looking forward to. You finally get your zanpakutou/ressurreccion. You can choose to re-roll it for a better one via the premium page, or simply reroll your boosts. You could also choose to get a custom for 200 shards. Your zan/ress can give boosts in battles, and their cost varies depending on their rank, and your amount of zan/ress skill. There will also be a new option for zanpakutou/ressureccion moves on the training page
Zan/Ress Boost effects:

Melee/Spirit boost - Offense boosts for that skill
Melee/Spirit resist - Defense boosts for that skill
Dual Resist - Defense boost for both skills
Spirit/Stamina regen - Regenerates a portion of your SP/SE in battle
Heal - Heals a portion of your heal in battles
Area Resist - Resists the effects of AoEs (fire, poison, ice)
Berserk - Increases an offense but decreases defense
Movement boost - Increases your move squares
Teleport - Allows movement out of barriers
Movement Cost Reduction - Reduces the costs of moving in the grid
Range boost - Boosts your move ranges
Width boost - Boost your move widths

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Updated Newbie guide~  PiSG9vR
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Updated Newbie guide~  Empty Re: Updated Newbie guide~

Post by MikaruKoshigaki on Wed Aug 13, 2014 3:09 pm

Minette puts too much work into things OTL


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Updated Newbie guide~  Empty Re: Updated Newbie guide~

Post by Dead_pool on Wed Aug 13, 2014 3:33 pm

Good work, Mavii, it is clear and people can understand it...I salute thee o7!
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Updated Newbie guide~  Empty Re: Updated Newbie guide~

Post by Asharana on Sat Aug 16, 2014 7:28 am

Thank you for this guide i learn the hard way on the OP though Laughing

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Updated Newbie guide~  Empty Re: Updated Newbie guide~

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