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Post by Jeantall on Sat Nov 01, 2014 4:54 am

I been looking at the skill and so far it only allows you to pass though barriers with a move correct? Correct me if I am wrong but in the time it takes to move a buff can run out and or a nerf can end. Even if you move past a barrier with it if their using it to hide until you come close(I do this a lot) you still lose first hit if they do it. The barrier is pretty effective when its capped as well to use even at close range. While interesting for escape or moving in before they heal its still just about as effective as going around the rock:/.

Now that you heard my complaints about it I wanted to at least give a idea to change it to be worth while to some degree. If a move has two teleport it should also allow you to use moving attacks past walls and barriers/AoE for as long as the teleport range is. For example if you are standing at the range of 3 and they use the armory barrier you could then use the teleport to hit them though it without losing damage. If you were four squares away it would allow you to move into the earth barriers first square. This would be cool to use on other AoE as well so you could still get full damage for the ones you passed though. I would still say if you started on a aoe or landed on would it should still hurt you. If you have anything to add bad or negative please post!

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