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Lyco the Adjuchas Empty Lyco the Adjuchas

Post by thedragonheart on Mon Mar 09, 2015 4:41 pm

Name: Lyco
Race: Hollow
Rank:  Adjuchas
Squad/Fraccion: Fraccion 7
Age: 200

Description: 3 meters tall. His white mask is featureless but does have one hole for his right eye, His body isnt that musculare and his skin is black. He has a hole where his heart would be located.
Zan/Res: When in this form the user can create life-like illusions, if a illusion where to attack the opponent would feel the pain but no real damages is dealt
Bankai/RSE: In this form the user's body would become a shadow but there mask would still be visable, the illusions are now able to cause real damages
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