WarJack's 'Creations'

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WarJack's 'Creations'

Post by WarJack on Thu Apr 02, 2015 9:20 pm

Hi guys,

I'm off work this weekend (4 day weekend, woohoo!) so I decided I'd try to add some content to those lifeless Desert AI pictures. This topic will be periodically updated, as I create more images to be put up. All my work here can be used by whomever, whenever, unless I state otherwise. Meaning if LSM finds my work good enough (highly unlikely), he may add it to the game! ^_^

Now, I'm certainly not an expert. Odds are i'll just be taking renders and heavily editing them, not creating images from scratch.

Now then, to kick us off; Hitsugaya was always known as the 'Prodigy Captain' and the Hollow Rank 7 Hard AI is the Prodigy Captain. So, after a little bit of searching, editing and changing, this first image was produced;


If I remember correctly, the AI sizes are 200 Width x 140 Height. So the image size might need to be corrected :3 If I'm wrong, please say so!

[Space Reserved for future images]

To end, comments and ratings are welcome, so is constructive criticism. I encourage you all to put your creative heads on and create as many images as possible for LSM to truly fill out the game!

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Re: WarJack's 'Creations'

Post by Aless on Thu Apr 02, 2015 11:00 pm

Toshiro? Reallydat noop ? XD

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