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Post by mskod1 on Sat Apr 11, 2015 2:26 am

One thing that has annoyed me since day 1 is patrolling for Office points. This to me is one of the dullest and most tedious aspects of the game.

I Think there needs to be more ways to gain OP and keep seat, more interesting ways. Yes i realize you CAN get OP from pvps. PvP's are difficult to locate though and even if you catch someone and win there is no guarantee you will gain an office point. I have no idea what the odds are on gaining an Office point from winning a pvp but from my experience maybe 1 in 5? if that.

Back to my original point there needs to be other ways to gain these office points.
Some of my thoughts on ways to gain OP are:

Survival Battles - this has always been a time consuming task as well however it adds a bit more versatility in fighting some moving ai's and swatting them all aside to gain a currently dull reward. Why not add 1 OP for those with seats? (note there should probably be alot better rewards for completing survival too but one small step at a time i think)

Boss Fights - You gain FP but being an officer of a squad does this not entitle you to have some OP for assisting? Difficulty with this one however is how much entitles a person to OP? can they show up and attack once to get one, if they attack multiple times would they get more then one?
I would push for getting an OP per attack it gives players more reason to join boss fights and keep their seats intact.

My suggestions are more add ons to current features in game but if anyone has any thoughts on these or current more interesting ideas to gain OP i would love to hear it.

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