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Summer 2015 Writing Submissions Empty Summer 2015 Writing Submissions

Post by Hitori on Sat Jun 13, 2015 4:36 am

You may submit your writing here! Use as many posts as necessary to fit your writing - multiple posting rule does not apply to this thread.

Summer 2015 Writing Submissions IpPiuOP

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Summer 2015 Writing Submissions Empty Mukade, The One-Eyed King

Post by Jackie-boy on Sat Jun 13, 2015 11:53 pm

Hello (o.o)/ This is a lil Author note, but um...the beginning of this story is a poem that actually ties into the plot, but I won't decipher anything. I leave it completely up to the readers to interpret the story how they want to. Be advised, the content is slightly...graphic, but suitable for the family depending on the occasion I suppose. Enjoy   . \(o.o)j

P.S. This Author note has nothing to do with the story itself, but everything from here on will be In-story.


The needle penetrates his weakness,

Leaves him vulnerable,

He screamed and screamed,

A bloody bucket, the contents all his,

It hurts so much, but they just keep growing back,


The bucket is full,

Skin pink from the struggling fury,


And another finger.

And another toe.

And another finger.

Clink! Clink!

A madman's misery

He screams and screams,


He screams no more.

He awoke in terror and conceded to reality, a warm glimmering filling his system as a sudden light propped itself faithfully into his vision. Shedding the surrounding darkness of his inner mind he followed the dying light in hopes of stumbling upon heaven in his hell. Reality however reminded the fool of his predicament and his perception was promptly greeted with a bloody bag and a cold breeze, something more to add to the toe-curling pain in his throat.

"You seemed to be having a bad dream, and I just couldn't bear to hear you screaming any longer. I thought this would help Kan-ne-ki." The madman breathed out his name in the faux cooing of a mother's love.

The clink of metal resounded in his ears, and synthetic light to flooded his retina as the shield between him and his hell was ripped away. A hockey mask adorning bleached hair marking the arrival of his personal demon, in his hands was a bloody mass...that was called the trach..trache...the mortal name escapes me.

He screamed in silence..


Closing his eyes, the broken young man could feel his life fading and he welcomed it in joy.

"Here...have it back." But the pale-haired devil would never let him go easy...

That night he sinned against his own flesh.

How much time has passed? Such things came to hold no meaning to the broken young man. He soon began to keep tabs on his drop in sanity, and that too like time....came to hold no meaning.

He could not see anything. He was sure the devil had taken his sight over and over, every time it regenerated, he came. It was apparently to inject the needle that made him vulnerable. He had been in the darkness since forever. However he still fought, yes he fought so very hard to hold onto something, anything to stop the thing in the darkness of his mind from gaining control. It was a insidious creature..heheheh



His broken mind sparked to life as a melody galvanized his senses, coming into focus he realized with a stark clarity that those sounds only sown a coming despair for him, and slowly that lovely melody bled into the manic bawling of his personal devil. Hearing the metallic clink of metal, a hazy pattern of geometric shapes assaulted his perception as he opened his one good eye. Taking in the view before him the familiar sight of yellow hair contrasting from a hockey-esque mask marked the arrival of the madman known as Yamori A.K.A. Jason of the Thirteenth Ward, and in his hands a blood-rusted bronze pair of what one could describe as the unholy spawn of Cigar Cutters and Pliers. Hm..what's a cigar cutter?

Blood leaked out from the empty orifice of his freshly gouged out eye as he weeped  in terror. Dry heaving in panic, his cut vocal chords let out a barely audible whimper in spite. His personal devil took this for encouragement and reached out eagerly with his meaty hands, gripping a handful of his subject's Salt & Pepper stained hair.


"Don't worry, Kaneki. I've got something much better in-store for you today. Let's see your lovely regenerative ability provide us with more entertainment."  Is Kaneki what they used to call me?

Kicking aside a bucket full of Kaneki's-...belongings caused him to dry heave again, and the broken one pushed aside the phantasmal pain as he ignored the contents of the bucket spill all over the floor, Jason then lent down his burly frame to take a knee beside Kaneki; directly within his blindside.

Feeling similar to human jumping into ice water,(Funny expression that is) Kaneki's lungs clenched in fear as the grave fear invaded his nerves. Suddenly the crazed manic's hand was in front of his face, and in it's cradle he heard something scuttle around. Opening up his palms, Yamori pinched the tail of a red  ball of something, soon revealed to be an unwinding...centipede. But it just kept unwinding and almost a 9 inches it stopped, and the blood red carapace of the menacing insect reflected a dull sheen of light into Kaneki's eyes.

' What are you going to do with that?' The inaudible thoughts of Kaneki screamed at Yamori. A horrid cackling shook the shoulders of Yamori as he savored his toy's fear and once again went into Kaneki's blindside.

"Kaneki meet, Mukade the Flesh-eating Centipede."


Back to what I was saying...

Pain. Pain could be the gist of what he knew at this particular moment, in the background the murderous cackle of Yamori's laughter was drowned out by his own as Kaneki's very self broke, and in a distant part of his mind he felt the horrid gnawing sound of something so very hungry clawing against his skull fade away. Feeling that his body was no longer his own, Kaneki felt his very essence detach itself from the pain. Feeling himself being carried away from the sounds of his hysterical laughter, darkness encircles his vision only for the background noise  to turn into a horrifying screech. The screams of something beyond his comprehension treating him with a scolding tone for some strange reason. What was this strange experience he was going through? The feeling of his entire body fading away he noticed long ago that he had stopped breathing, how long? He could not tell for a second was like an eternity in his current state. Time was boundless yet acute and had no meaning in this void like state he had found himself. Desperately he held onto his consciousness having lost control of his meta-bodily functions the instinctual habit of breathing came back and forth, on and off, as he felt himself lifted by some strange force. What was happening? This could not be, no it couldn't. Had the Shinigami finally come to take his soul from his physical confines? The feelings of rushed winds bombarded his sub-conscious was almost like a hazy dream. All pain absent from his being he felt overjoyed like a child in the care of it's mother. Such feelings he had. He noticed everything was black as well, and he seemed to float in a endless blackness, he looked around and his chest had a hole in it. When had that happened? His memories slipped him, he could simply not tell what was where and who was which. A sudden light glimmered slowly he resisted ,for something about the light...was just wrong. He resisted it's frantic pull, he could even feel something within his chest forcefully pulling him towards the light but he resisted. Somewhere far away he heard voices, but he couldn't understand them.

"This spirit won't transfer to the Soul God. It's soul..What in God's name is wrong with it's soul?! Kill it. Destroy it! Now!"

Hahah...I can't string together what happened next.

A primal fury overcame him. A white hot pain shot through his body. His vision was blinded by a colorless white void, brighter than any sun, the pain still in full force. A primal growl escaped his throat as he reached Nirvana, something wet and meaty sliding into his gullet. So hungry. He devoured more and more as he become entranced by this brutal need for euphoria sustenance. Shaking slightly as his spirit  forced  his body to morph and change. Trying to open his eyes he immediately regretted it as a intense burning  struck his normal eye, a feeling similar to when Yamori had gouged out his ghoul eye, but different. Falling over in pain he felt sick as the empty space in his chest closed, unable to cope with the unfathomable change he blacked out.

Wake up


Opening his eyes, or what felt like an eye his vision was blinded by a colorless expanse of sand dunes, stretching for miles and miles, dropping on one knee the pain in his normal eye was still in full force.  Trying to stand up he immediately regretted it as a sharp pain shot through his very soul. Bringing  his hand up to his chest to brace himself he was surprised to note the hole w as gone, but as he went to touch the side of his face in which he felt empty his hand actually went through the hole in which his normal eye used to reside. Pulling it out in shock and shaking slightly he took in his surroundings and looked around, nothing but white.

His senses sharp, he felt the vibrations reach up through the sands and into his very core as something massive made his way towards him. Turning to greet this behemoth he was stunned to see something as tall as a building staring down at him dressed in a black cloak and decked with a bony mask. Licking his lips, he felt...hungry.

This is the beginning of Mukade, The One-Eyed King.

P.S. My sincere apologies for a few of the brain dead moments. I'm still stringing together what happened to me in my past life after all. Death is a cruel mistress heheh.


The One of Many Faces

....Dropping his pen, the white hair of a ghastly, pale-skinned hollow danced slightly as the cold breeze of Hueco Mundo ruffled softly through his bleached locks. Squinting his left eye as unseen particles tickled his eyelashes, he set back in his chair allowing the twilight spears of moonlight shine down on his body, allowing for his bangs to fall back and reveal a bone eye patch over his right eye. Addressing the book to his flank, he closed it slightly before smirking ever so lightly and throwing it next a growing pile of his dream journals. Wrapping his long spindle-like fingers around a authentic coffee mug of human origin, he sipped the steaming brew with a contained glee. Sighing in content he stood up and walked towards his door to consort his Espada  about interrogating captured Shinigami. He would definitely have fun with teaching them the various ways to Half-Kill something. Flexing his fingers slightly he relished in the 'Crack' that followed.

Looking back at into the room, he turned just before  closing the door and his right eye pulsated with veins before hissing into a fiery blood red." The Story of Mukade has yet to close. Until Next time.~"  Shutting the door quietly his light steps slowly dissipated against the mute tones of the compound.


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Summer 2015 Writing Submissions Empty Re: Summer 2015 Writing Submissions

Post by Juuzou_Suzuya on Sun Jun 14, 2015 12:13 am

that tugged at my feels

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Summer 2015 Writing Submissions Empty Rise of the K.S.A

Post by Ichi Kuros on Sat Jun 20, 2015 4:19 pm

Rise of The K.S.A

The phone call came amidst the confusion. He stood there silently on the sandy shores in the scorching mid-day sun as the phone rang. He looked at the caller ID and wondered if he should ignore or answer the phone. He stared at the caller ID "Unknown Name - Blocked Number" and slowly pressed the answer icon. "Hello" he said, "how may I help you?" (American Accent)
"Is this Triken Hondus ?" The lady on the phone asked. (Russian Accent)
"Yes it is, who are you and what is the reason for this call?" Triken quickly responded.
"My name is Portia Drakes, I need to meet you in ten minutes at the old Town Hall. I'm sorry but that's all I can tell you right now." The lady stated politely.
Triken worked for a secret agency by the name K.S.A. The K.S.A worked cases faster than any other Agency.
Triken was a tall muscular young man, who had a light brown skin tone. He had brown short spiked hair, the freckles on his face slightly exaggerated his brown eyes and his long and narrow face. He had sharp bat ears and a narrow nose. Triken's muscular build was quite robust and it matched his strong outgoing personality. He was a fast thinker and could handle himself in combat.
[10 minutes later- Old Town Hall]
Triken stealthily entered the building and met Portia face to face. Portia told him who she was and then explained everything to him. Triken was given a mission to infiltrate Paris' Central Government Centre and find and recover stolen American files about a terrorist organization in France. Portia also gave him the assurance that he wouldn't have to do this mission alone, she would accompany him to help with security forces. Triken and Portia forged new identities and disguises, they would work undercover as a married couple under the names François and Saya Brançhaise.
[Arannear International Airport | French Departure]{Evening, 5:45pm}
"Saya, mission profile report, s'il vous plaît. " Triken asked. (French Accent)
"Oui, here you are François." Portia responded as they walked to the plane. (French Accent)
They boarded the aircraft swiftly and took their seats going over the mission plan. The Air hostess, who was also an agent, greeted them with a big smile and asked if the two were comfortable. After the aircraft got airborne, the agents relaxed and prepared for the upcoming task at hand.
[Paris][Late night]
The K.S.A supplied the two with a nice mansion with a butler and an automobile. As Triken drove on the paved roads, the darkness ahead seemed troubling. All he thought about at the time was why these American files would be stolen by the government. They made a stop outside the Government's building and used their technology to scan the building for schematics of its structure.
"Why would the government want this information?" Triken questioned, "and why should we care about a bunch of terrorists from France?"
Portia explained the situation.  
[Paris][Day time]
Portia distracted the guards as Triken snuck in and tried to hack into their systems. Even with all the K.S.A technology, Triken couldn't get past their level 5 firewall. After a few failed attempts the system shutdown and the alarm went off. Portia unable to keep calm accidentally yelled Triken in her natural Russian accent. This led to her capture. In the building was the captain of the Federation named Captain Forklift. Forklift caught Triken and took him to the detainment room where they met Portia.
"Who are you people and why are you trying to steal our information?" The captain asked
"I am Portia Drakes, Russian K.S.A agent." Portia stated. (Russian Accent)
"Triken Hondus, American K.S.A agent." Triken responded (American Accent)
"I am Captain Blake Forklift, Captain of the Federation. I never thought I'd run into a K.S.A agent like this. Hmmm, I will need to see your ID cards, just to be sure." The Captain replied.
The K.S.A agents gave him the identification cards and the captain then scanned them to find out if the cards were valid. Captain Forklift gave them back their cards, removed their handcuffs and led them to the data room. He put in the special code to reboot the system and inserted the commands to bypass the firewall. Forklift asked which files they were looking for. After the file name was called Forklift told them that the file was restricted and he could lose his job if he helped them out. After a while, he helped them out and the reason he gave was because he wanted the streets of Paris to be safe from the terrorist organization even if it costs him his job.
           After securing the files, they acquired directions to the location of the leader of the terrorist group. Forklift and Triken both exited the building together with Portia following. They drove to the K.S.A French base and started to load up gear from the weapon's vault in the armory.
"Load up weapons that will be effective. We'll need a ranged weapon, recommended weapon Hicate II sniper. We'll need tasers and some other sort of melee weapon. The other options are up to you." Triken instructed.
"Captain Forklift, any information on the Eiffel Tower that we should know, upload it to our technology." Said Portia.
"As you wish." Forklift quickly responded.
[Eiffel Tower| Terrorist Hideout]{sunset}
"K.S.A agents and that guy Captain Forklift are here boss." said a Terrorist.
"What? Alert the others, if we go down, all the others go too." The boss responded.
After the gang was called the grunts assembled at the entrance in hopes of stopping the K.S.A. A fire fight broke out, the grunts of the gang were all wiped out but the K.S.A agents were unharmed. The K.S.A rushed up to the room where the leader was situated.
"We can do this the easy way or the hard way, surrender you are outnumbered. We contacted the K.S.A and our agents already are mobilizing on the outside " Portia stated.
"Give it up Kayrelli, you and your gang are cornered!" Triken ordered.
"You got me." Kayrelli said as he surrendered.
The K.S.A capture team moved into to the building and arrested the gang leader and surviving gang members.
[K.S.A Base][France]
"Mission Accomplished agents and a job well done." Said the General of the K.S.A. "I want to introduce a new member and a new K.S.A S.W.A.T team. Blake Forklift is the new member. The K.S.A Delta Squad with its members  Triken, Portia and Blake are the new team." The general also stated.
"Thank you general." Said Portia. "Blake, how about a few words for the agents?"
"Sure, Hello all, you may know me as the Captain of the Federation. Well during the last mission given to Portia and Triken, I did something that could have jeopardized my job. I helped them retrieve a restricted file. After the mission, the General of the K.S.A came down to the Federation and offered me this job. These are the words he said 'Working for the K.S.A is a major promotion and it has it's ups and downs, after what you did for my team, you are recognized as qualified for working with us.' So, I took the job and here I am. Thank you." Forklift said.

After a few months, The K.S.A Delta solved many cases and others joined their crusade, Portia and Triken actually got married and Blake was placed in charge of training the recruits to be effective. The K.S.A now lead all the other agencies and take orders directly from Presidential officials.

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Summer 2015 Writing Submissions Empty Re: Summer 2015 Writing Submissions

Post by WarJack on Sat Jun 20, 2015 7:03 pm

Hi all, a few quick notes to add before I begin, I'll try to be brief.

I've had this written out for a while now, I couldn't decide whether or not to upload it, in the end I thought, "screw it".

My writing is heavily focused on World Building, rather than Character Development. I love the idea of creating my own world from scratch. (This little piece is actually a side-plot from the book I'm writing.)

That's all I can think of for now, either way;


Richardus's Lost Notebook

This is to be the official journal, which documents the journey of our expedition to the lands below Arcadia. I, Richardus, woke up today with Ahræ, as she rose over the edge of Arcadia.

Soon I will journey to the edge of our island, at the requested meet up site, before we descend. Athena, my Sentinel, appears as excited as I feel, or at least that’s what I can feel through our bond.

As I write, Aziræ, our second sun, is currently ascending. I can see her, following her sister, as they begin to rise over the edge of Arcadia, the light filtering through the green and blue tree-tops.

Currently I am sat, writing on a tree stump on the south-western edge of Arcadia, there are no children running around the outer edge, as they cannot fully control their powers, so they are forbidden from coming out here. We are currently entering the height of Ahræ & Aziræ’s powers, so there are many young adults lazing about, enjoying the heat.

We will begin our expedition soon.

Our expedition leader, Jefethros, a tall, well-built man, along with 4 others; Kandrius, Lanndri and Oranthian, all picked for their skills in combat and their physical prowess, as well as our respective Sentinels, will descend from Arcadia to the sprawling lands below our island home in an attempt to find anything valuable to our people.

Perhaps we will find others of our kind, somehow surviving on their own?

We made it.

We reached the land below our beautiful island. As I look up from my notebook I can see her now. We have landed in the shadow of Arcadia, in a small clearing, surrounded by trees on all sides. The land feels different down here, the ground is softer and the trees taller. There are no visible creatures around us, presumably scared off by our appearance.

The expedition started off well. Stepping off the edge of Arcadia, Jefethros took the lead. Using our powers of flight, we slowed our fall to a controlled descent. Our descent through the thick cloud was smoother than expected. Just as Arainus foretold, there is land below Arcadia.

Currently, the other 4 explorers are setting up a camp for us to find our way back to at the end of our expedition. I have yet to see anything completely different from our island, although it seems the grass of this land is completely green, unlike our green/blue grass; the distinct lack of blue is slightly disconcerting.

In the distance, I can see large mountains, below the cloud cover which hides them from our sight on Arcadia. Upon further inspection, they appear to be volcanoes, as they seem to bellow out smoke, clearly more active than our own volcano, Colæus, on Arcadia.

We had been walking for quite some time before deciding to take another break. Jefethros, leader of our little group, decided we should follow a river, which ran alongside the clearing at our previous camp. This also took us closer to the active volcanoes.

I had a chance to look into the river while we were walking. Just below the surface of the water, I received a large surprise. An animal I had never seen before! Upon closer inspection I saw a large green creature with; 4 legs, a long tail, a large, extended mouth (almost beak like) which, when opened, contained several rows of teeth. This creature also had small, but sharp, black spikes, protruding from its spine.

I had a chance to watch this creature hunt its food, simply marvellous! It sat completely still, laying just under the water, with just it’s nostrils above the surface of the water, as its prey; small, multi-coloured fish, swam, oblivious to the danger that lay just beneath the surface. The creature suddenly strikes, with the speed of a winged snake, it struck one of the fish, leaping out of the water and onto the bank (on the opposite side of the river).

Such an incredible display of speed and power seemed to shock the others too. We quickly moved on, lest the creature turn its attention to us. I prey to Kamæ I never end up on the wrong side of one of those.

Currently, Jefethros is with Kandrius & Lanndri, securing the edges of our makeshift camp, while Oranthian is scouting the route ahead…

…It seems we may have to cross the river, as the grass length changes suddenly. Where before it was below knee length, now it grows to above our waists! This seems to happen at the same time as the forest gets thicker up ahead, curious.

Crossing the river could be hazardous, there could be more of the green skinned creature around, plus any other unknown beasts. We shall have to be cautious.

Incredible! It seems there are other people like us on this land. Well, perhaps not people like us. These people differ to ourselves in many ways. Where we have the Element of Air on our side, thanks to Kamæ, it seems these people can manipulate Fire! Such incredible things they can do.

It was Lanndri’s partner, Drithen, one of the explorers’ Sentinels that alerted us to the existence of these people after he stumbled across a camp that wasn’t our own. However, it seemed to have recently been abandoned, as there had been a campfire which had burned out.

Following the trail left behind, we ventured through the abandoned camp and in the direction of the volcanoes. After walking for some time, through thick forest and knee high grass, we finally made it to the rocky ground of the volcanoes.

The trees and grass had ended and only a grey/black, rocky, un-even land lay ahead of us. Hiking up one side of the volcano, Kandrius alerted us to two figures in the distance.

After shouting at the figures, they came running towards us. They turned out to be a boy and his Sentinel. The boy introduced himself as Dante; and his companion, Kurgia, who was curiously black and appeared to be made out of charred rock. He had seen 13 freezes (in his own words) and was planning on playing in the woods. The boy seemed surprised at seeing outsiders and after being questioned, he agreed to lead us to his home.

Dante turned back towards the volcano and began hiking up its side. Walking higher and higher, we passed through a caved-in section of the volcano, named Itheria, as we had been informed by Dante. Walking through the small cavern, it was then that we got a large surprise!

As it got darker, Dante slowed to a stop and brought his right hand up from his side, till it was out-stretched in front of him, at chest height. Then he breathed in deeply and exhaled. Suddenly, his hand ignited, illuminating the passageway. Shocked as we were, nobody said anything, and the boy didn’t seem to be in pain, so we ignored it in favour of reaching the other end of the tunnel.

Finally, we reached the other side. It was then we received another shock. The volcano we passed through appeared to be part of a ring of volcanoes, around a stretch of land that appeared to be almost as large as Arcadia herself, but I couldn’t be sure.

As we descended down the side of Itheria, I looked at the plains below. Whoever first settled here had the perfect place to do so. The clearing was very large and surrounded on all sides by volcanoes. There was a large lake, off to the right hand side, with a river appearing to run through a tunnel, between two volcanoes, Alteria & Demoria, Dante had told us. The tunnel seemed un-natural, as did the lake, clearly created by the people of this land.

Below us, I could see many buildings, made from wood and grey/black stone. I saw black, stone paths/roads, winding their way through the land, connecting buildings of various shapes and sizes. Smoke was drifting into the sky, coming from the many fires dotted around the area.

Eventually, the pathway down the side of Itheria ended and we reached the green grass of the land. Dante turned to us and said, “Welcome to Prytania”.

I shall not forget the grin on his face, nor his arms, which he spread out wide, before engulfing them in flames.

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Summer 2015 Writing Submissions Empty Re: Summer 2015 Writing Submissions

Post by Life on Mon Jun 22, 2015 7:28 am

Alright first of all a little author's note.To me short stories always had that little incompleteness in them.If readers want to know what happened afterwards then it's a successful short story in my opinion.Which is why I made my story that way.Hopefully there will be quiet a few 'HOW?WHAT?WHEN?' moments in your mind when you read this.
Only thing I'll say is not every question can be answered ;D
With that done, hope you enjoy the story I've written ^_^

Two East


The clock showed it was 8.30 PM.

I never thought that a single piece of paper could cause this much chaos.Now as I lay slumped against the wall of my apartment I had to think again.

I looked at the guy lying near me.He was dead, broken neck.I looked at the other guy near the entrance to the bedroom.Dead as well, blood pouring from his mouth.

The rain was falling even more harshly now.

I took a deep breath and took out the piece of paper from my pocket and looked at it again.A piece of paper which had ruined my day with every passing minute.

22.34 TWo east

I put it in my pocket again and closed my eyes, hoping that I would finally wake up from this nightmare.

Chapter 1

-2 Hours Ago-

I opened my eyes, hoping my shift would be over soon.I glanced at the clock.It showed 6.30 PM.I glanced at my desk.It was messy.There were a few files, solved cases, an empty coffee cup, and my phone.There was also a plaque standing proudly on the desk.

Tao West, Special Agent

DIS stood for Division of Internal Security.Not that there were any need for that anymore.Machines were pretty much taking over all the business.Manpower was slowly becoming an useless burden.Some fields were already starting to focus solely on machines which made finding a job difficult.

I glanced at the clock again.It said 6.32 PM.It was raining for almost and hour and it showed no signs of stopping.

"Tao." A male voice called out.

I looked at the direction of the voice.It was Eliot Swan.A new addition to DIS.

"Chief wants us both in his office in 2 minutes."

"Any idea why?"

"Nope.But I think it's urgent."

I nodded and got up from my desk.We both headed towards the chief's office.This should be good.

Chapter 2

Chief Morrison was the best the DIS had.At fifty eight he was one of the few veterans still alive and well.Spending ten years as chief of DIS and another ten as a special agent he was here for about twenty years.With another ten years at the infamous humanoid recon force before that, also known as REC-4.There was an old joke that if you managed to stay in REC-4 for five years without losing a limb, you could survive hell itself.Which was probably true.

I was at REC-4 eight years myself, without losing a limb.

I knocked at the door and heard the chief shout out from inside,"You think I'm showering here? Come in already."

I figured something was wrong as soon as I looked at him.It showed panic and he didn't try to hide it.Eliot probably drew the same conclusion.

"We got a body."

"And?" DIS got bodies all the time so there must have been something else involved.

"He had a piece of paper in his pocket." He handed an evidence bag out to me.Inside was a piece of paper with writings on it.Also tiny smears of blood.  

22.34 TWo east

I breathed out slowly.Looked at the chief.He nodded and said,"Written by the victim."

I looked at the clock, it said 6.40 PM.

"Well crap." I said.

Chapter 3

"I don't get it." Eliot said.He took a look at the paper after me.

The chief explained,"It's a REC-4 code so I doubt you could.In fact I'd be amazed if you did get it."

Eliot grumbled, like he was offended.I said nothing.

Then he asked,"So what does it mean?"

The chief shook his head."Let's see what you can figure out first."

Eliot thought for a moment.Then he shrugged and gave up.

"Best thing I can figure out is that our victim was gonna meet someone at ten thirty-four, roughly four hours from now.I don't get the crossed out two east crap.Was the meeting somewhere two block east or something but then got canceled?"

I shook my head."OK what do you make of the second sentence?"

He took another look,"Maybe he wanted to know about this Ana person."

"Wrong on both points." The chief said out flatly."Ana isn't a person.It's a code for a weapon."


I nodded."ANA stands for Atomic Neutron Amplifier."

Eliot's face went pale.I wasn't surprised.It was a well known weapon.

"The victim probably wanted to warn us about ANA and the meeting place."

Eliot said nothing.

"Also." The chief continued,"He was an ex REC-4 that's for sure.Not many know these codes."

"So we got ourselves a terrorist to find." Eliot sighed.

"Two." I slowly whispered.

"Two what?"

"Two terrorists.East was the code word for terrorists in REC-4."

Chapter 4

Terrorist.Terror-east.A joke that had become one of the most used code in REC-4.

ANA.Atomic Neutron Amplifier.A weapon that could fry any and all electronic circuits as well as data that came within it's range.I faced a few them when I was in REC-4.The warbots that came in it's range were beyond repair.Another reason the top depended on REC-4 I guess.We were pure manpower.

Now seeing these two words again made me uneasy.If ANA was used in the city it would mean total chaos.Everything was digital here.I looked at the clock again.It said 6.43 PM.

"Any ID on the victim?" I asked.

The chief shook his head."None so far."

"Cause of death?"

"Gunshot wound square in the forehead.I took a look at the body, Entry wound was smooth but the exit wasn't.A sniper rifle probably."

"Any idea which one?" Eliot asked.

"Well guys at the lab ran tests and say that it hasn't been long.Time of death is probably five thirty pm give or take fifteen minutes.It gets pretty dark by then so whoever did this probably used one that uses infrared or heat sensor scope.My gut is saying it's a TORI-H/I."

I nodded.The TORI-H/I sniper rifle was the best friend for any sniper.It had a built-in silencer, a heat sensor scope and a infrared scope.Each round held ten shots.An ideal weapon at dark.

It was also a popular weapon in REC-4.

"Ask HQ to give us data on all the retired REC-4 guys." I said."Maybe we can ID our victim."

The chief shook his head."Not yet."

"Why the hell not?"

"Think about it Tao." Eliot stepped in."It'll be our asses in a sling if we contact DIS HQ now and later it turns out to be nothing."

I said nothing.He had a point.

"So what's the plan then?"

Eliot said,"Well first we gotta know where they're meeting."

I thought a bit, I remembered something."Maybe they're preparing the stuff somewhere east.REC-4 always used double meaning in every sentence."

The chief nodded,"Gear up and get to work."

Chapter 5

So we geared up and got to work.Chief gave us each a copy of the paper.If we ever forgot what was written there, not that we would.Eliot brought up a holographic map and marked the usual locations a suspect would stay in.Focusing on the east block.

We came up with two hundred forty one possiblities.

I glanced at my phone.It said 7.02 PM.Not good.

I thought a moment and said,"Alright see how many locations we get near street twenty two."

The result- fifteen locations.

"Our targets are in one of those."

"How do you know?"

"Recall the writing on that paper.It had '22.34' on it.I think the first number is the street number."

"And the second?"

"Possibly a room number.Maybe in a hotel or something."

Eliot nodded, agreeing it was possible.He checked the locations.

"We got four hotels in our locations."

"Well let's go."

Chapter 6

The standard transport for DIS is always an unmarked four seated car.In our case it was an unmarked Type-3.With an addition to detailed maps of every street in the city, instant holographic communication with the guys back at DIS and a coffee maker.

I liked the Type-3.

The standard weapon for all DIS personel is the Omega Hunter, now known as O-hunter.A fairly large handgun that takes a bit of practice to hold.Although once you get used to it you feel fairly confident that you can take anything down.It has three kinds of firing mode.Each round carries three paralyzer shots, eight neuron bursts and five eliminators.Most of the times we get the job done with the first two.But it's firing those shots that takes your breath out.The recoil on the latter two can dislocate muscles if fired carelessly.But they are also that much effective if they hit.

We got to the first hotel at around 7.45 PM.We did the usual recon then went straight for the person in charge.

We showed our IDs and Eliot made the first move,"How many rooms does this hotel have?"

"Sixteen.four on each floor."

Then I took the lead,"Anyone staying at room thirty four?"

"Yes,one guy."

"Is he out?"

The manager shook his head.

"OK.Get the keys of that room and stay down here."

It took us twenty seconds to get to the door of room thirty foor.Third floor.The room was very far from the stairs.Hopefully this was gonna be easy.

We took up positions besides the door, took out our weapons.I breathed in and out.One, two, three, trying to relax the muscles.I switched to paralyzer shots.

I nodded to Eliot.He nodded back and stood in front of the door.

Then he kicked it down, I went straight in and shouted,"DIS! Stay down."

But by then I already knew it was a waste.

Chapter 7

The person I was looking at was probably somewhere in his fifties.He had a razor in his left hand, probably to shave which I thought was an odd thing to do at this time.He had nothing in his right hand.

Because he didn't have one.I wondered if he was in REC-4 when he lost it.

He had a puzzled expression on his face, not that I would blame him.It's not everyday someone kicked down the door on your face while shaving then tells you to stay down.

"Help you?" He finally said.

Eliot glanced at me.Not the first thing we were expecting to hear.I said nothing.Instead I glanced over the room.Not much there to see.I glanced back at the guy.He would be the perfect candidate for our sniper suspect.

If he had both hands that is.

"No sir.It seems we had a false alarm.Sorry if we intruded." I said back.

The guy nodded, like he knew what we were talking about.

"Well good luck catching whoever you're catching officer....West."

I glanced at my jacket.It had my name printed on it.Suddenly everything was clear.

My name is Tao West.

"Eliot, back to the car.Now."

Eliot glanced at me.But I had already started running towards the car.

Chapter 8

"Get to the fourth location ASAP." I said to him as soon as he got inside the car.

He took off and asked, "I figure you finally figured out the message."

I nodded.


So I started explaining."It's an address."

Eliot said nothing, just gave me a face that said Go on.

"The numbers and the second part of the first sentence specifies an adress and a name."

"What you mean the 'Two east' crap?"

"Remember it carefully." I brought out the copy I was given earlier."It's 'TWo east' with the 'w' capitalized."

"Isn't that a mistake?"

I shook my head."The first two letters are initials.It's an anagram."

"You serious?"

I nodded.

"TWo east is an anagram for Tao West."

Chapter 9

"The crossed out section meant they were planning to kill me.That guy was gonna warn me so they silenced him."


I said nothing.

"We should call backup."

"Not yet."

"Don't tell me you're not sure about this?"

"Hey, it'll be our asses in a sling if it turns out to be nothing."

Eliot gave a short laugh.

We were quiet all the way till we reached my apartment.No one was in the streets.My phone showed it was 8.18 PM.

"So we go in with guns blazing?" Eliot gave a mischievous look.

I smiled,"I'd prefer a more discreet approach."

He gave a shrug and got out of the car.I sat still for a moment and got out myself.

Something was wrong.

We got to the apartment door unharmed.Eliot took out his O-hunter and took his position.I did the same.He looked at me.

"So what's the plan?"

"You go in first and take the left, towards the kitchen.I'll go right, towards the bedroom."

"Sounds good."

I took up position behind him and relaxed my muscles.I breathed in and out.One.Two.Three.Switched the O-hunter's firing mode to paralyzer shots, put it's power down to low.I wanted the guy to be limp but awake.

Then Eliot kicked the door down and went inside, immidiately to the left.

Chapter 10

The human brain is still the fastest processor in the universe so far.I saw Eliot moving towards the left, expecting to find the kitchen.Instead he found a wall staring back at him.His brain processed all the info in a split second and understood what it meant.He turned around towards me, his weapon raised.No doubt in eliminator mode, the trigger would be pulled as soon as the weapon was aimed at any part of my body.

Too slow.

I pulled the trigger as he started turning.I heard the O-hunter's silent screech as it fired the paralyzer shot.I saw it hitting Eliot.Then he went down.

I immidiately went to him and kicked his weapon away.Then I broke his fingers so he wouldn't be able to hold anything.

"When did you figure it out?" He asked me as I was working on his fingers.

"When you got out of the car.Usually DIS does a five minute recon first.We did it at the hotel.You knew there wouldn't be anyone inside."

He kept quiet.

"Did you kill the victim?"

No reply.

"Where's the sniper rifle?"

"Destroyed and disposed of."


No reply.

"What about ANA?"

"A decoy."

I kept quiet for a while."Just to kill me?"

No reply.


No reply.

It was then that I sensed someone was behind me.Probably with a weapon.

Chapter 11

I leapt to the left, towards the bedroom.I heard six spits behind me, the weapon had a silencer.I also managed to get a glance at the weapon and the guy before I rolled in the bedroom.

It was the guy I saw back at the hotel.Only exception was he had a mechanical arm implanted where his right hand should be.Suddenly he looked like the best candidate for the sniper.

The weapon was a Judoka-15.Automatic rifle with a built in silencer and a LSM scope.Laser Sighted Movement.The laser would be automatically painted on any moving object and the bullets would soon follow.The bullets would also produce a slight curve to hit the object if necessary.

I switched my weapon to eliminator mode.

I heard footsteps, he was coming for me.I grabbed a desk lamp.I threw it towards the hallway where he was and immidiately dived there afterwards.

I got there intact and knew I was gonna live.I pulled the trigger while the guy's scope and bullets were still busy busting up the lamp.


I lay there panting for a minute or two.

"Nice moves." Eliot said.He was still lying where he was.

"Thanks." I replied.

Then we were both quiet for a while.

I moved and sat down beside him."Was it worth it?" I asked.

"You had to die."

"No I meant was it worth it killing the victim.As far as I understand he didn't have anything to do with this."

"He was gonna warn you."

I was quiet for a moment.Then I looked at him and said,"I see." and broke his neck.

The clock showed it was 8.30 PM.

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Summer 2015 Writing Submissions Empty Are you listening, Anna?

Post by KumiawaseHatsuyo on Mon Jun 22, 2015 12:46 pm

The sound of thunder that almost immediately follows a blinding flash of lightning tells me that the lighting is probably a short jog to the East of my little hut in this large, open plain that I've claimed for myself. Well, I've not really claimed it so much as nobody and nothing's taken it from me. Not yet, at least.

Then again, most people have moved out of here by now. They all thought they'd try their luck with the guards at the quarantine. Fools. As if they'd be any more merciful than the beings they themselves fear.

That's the whole reason we're quarantined in the first place, isn't it? Too many people being afraid, fearing for their own lives when it's quite clear that we're all living on borrowed time. Even little old me, who's living out in the open with no cover or escape routes, has managed to get a loan on life that I'll probably regret soon enough.

I say "little old me," but in all honesty, I've forgotten how old I am. With the sky a constant dull grey, never any change in light or cloud coverage, there's been no way to keep track of time, not since the EMP hit. It took out everything electrical: my watch, the microwave, the oven, the fridge. I didn't have any analog clocks in the house I used to live in, so I've been without any knowledge of day or night. I honestly don't even know if there is a day and night anymore.

"You've got to remember how old you are, or you'll never be able to find a nice girl your age!" That's what she'd always say. Her internal clock was always so dead accurate that we didn't need a time piece to keep track of the days. It was almost creepy, to be honest. But I was thankful.

It was actually her weird qualities that I'd liked the best, like her inability to use any form of vulgarity in her jokes, even though she had no problems with flirting in the dirtiest and craziest ways, or the way she'd stare into the dull, colorless sky and swear that she could see her reflection in the moon.

Probably the weirdest of them all, though was the fact that she, a deputy sheriff who had been rained in the military as a stone cold sniper with the strongest sense of morals I'd ever seen and the most nerve-racking glare that I swear was deadlier than her bullets could love a weak, spine-less criminal like me. At first, I had no doubt that she was going to kill me on the spot. I had seen the slight glint of the sunlight reflect off of her rifle and did the idiotic thing of looking straight at her. I froze on the spot and couldn't move a muscle, just standing there out in the open in my orange prison jumpsuit.

The first thing she ever gave me was a rubber bullet to the leg. It was in my thigh, inches away from Mr. Pokey, and it made my whole leg go limp. Still, I couldn't move, I was so deathly afraid of that glint in the distance and the obvious pin point accuracy.


Damn, it's getting closer. Maybe today's the day my luck runs out. Whether it's been good luck or bad luck that's kept me alive this long, I've no idea, but we'll cross that bridge when we get to it.

Let's see, as I'm sitting here thinking about all the the things that happened in the past, I may as well speculate some more as to how everything went to hell. Nobody on the inside really knows for sure how all this started or what those things are that hunt us all down like rabbits in a large cage. Not even the genius professors from good ol' Missouri S&T have been able to figure it out. All that anybody knows is that they like to hunt us down, toy with us, and then kill us. Nobody knows what they use the bodies for, but the government seems the least interested in finding out. They figured that if they give up a portion of land, say, the size of a few counties, along with everybody on it, they would leave them alone.

The funny thing is, even though they've pushed the "quarantine" all the way back to the state lines, they still think an approach of appeasement will work, as though World War II never happened and this was some sort of alien/demon/monster Nazi Germany we're facing.

So, what could they be? Whatever they are, they either have control over lightning, or they're incredibly conductive and cause a disturbance in electrons where ever they go. If I had to guess, I'd say it's about seven minutes between every lightning strike that hits them, as if it were a handicap to make finding us more rewarding.

Some say they're aliens, strange beings from outer space with superior technology and a craving to probe our planet. The only problem with this theory is that, so far, they've only taken humans, and never live ones. Plus, they've all but killed the environment. With the absence of the sun and moon, plants and animals have been thrown into chaos and some have died off completely, so they wouldn't be able to study how Earth lives effectively. Then again, they may have taken animals a few at a time, so who knows.

The more religious folk say that God has forsaken us all and that Satan's minions have been turned loose on us to punish our sins. The flaw here is that they take innocent children too, even babies born of a loving, married mother and father. Of course, that doesn't mean other religions aren't real and this is their version of the apocalypse, but I don't know of any myself, so I couldn't say either way.

I personally don't care what they are or where they came from. Eventually, if we manage to break the quarantine and get people to work together, we might be able to end it all if we know what we're fighting against. As of now, all I know is that a bullet will put them down, and that they're the ugliest creatures, I ever laid eyes upon.

They've got four thick, muscular looking legs the size of two people with two arms of equal size. Their torso is the size of grotesque bull and their head is as big as a boulder. I've witnessed their immense strength up close and personal before; it was that night.

The night the love of my life was ripped from my arms.

I don't know why they didn't take me too. Sometimes, I wish they had. I've even thought about suicide before, or running out into the areas that I knew they'd find me the easiest in, but I've never had the balls to do it. Just like that night, and the day I first stared at that woman's rifle, I was just too scared to do a thing!


So, as I sit here in bone chilling fear, waiting for those beasts to come ever closer, I pray that whatever god is out there, whatever all-powerful being that may be listening right now just send me wherever my love went, though I know we aren't bound for the same place. I just want one more chance to see her face again, one more chance to hear her tell me that I'm not what I really am, that I'm a good man and that she'll always love me. Then, after I've heard her voice and seen her face, I'll be content to go to whatever eternal torture cowardly thieve's like me receive.


Are you listening, Anna? I'll be going now. I hope to see you again someday.


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Summer 2015 Writing Submissions Empty One Past A Question

Post by Kanra on Tue Jun 23, 2015 1:50 pm


The sight of people as they embark on a new chapter in wasting their lives. People deceiving their own by laughing with people and enjoying the youth they have come to know. This is truly the time when people who wants to enjoy their own lives while they are still young gather. Yes, the time when their first year of High School starts.

Scene 1

As many upcoming High School students gather around the school they have chosen, trying to find the fateful destiny they have ended up with, and with a slice of anxiety by thinking if they have passed the entrance exam, is without a doubt truly a sight to behold. To think they go outside to want to learn something new, to interact with people new to their lives, or if they just simply want to achieve something in their lives is something I salute them for. But, In this day and age you could simply acquire these knowledge by simply facing your computer. Furthermore, you do not actually need to trouble yourself in interacting with strangers to gain these things. So all-in-all these way is much more sufficient. However, I have faced obstacles that has obstructed me on staying in my house, cooped up with necessities need for living such as food, water and air. Of course in my case I also have my computer. Obstacles that have stopped me are what you'd call "parents" / "guardian", but even If I really really really want to stay at my room I simply can't do that for they are my parents and the people that gave life to me so I might as well follow them.

This has led me to consider many things, like, why do we actually need to go to school if we have already all the information we need contained in a single window? Or why you need to talk with people you don't know or don't like? Though, I guess, these questions are something that we will obtain the answer just by living.

As the time passed by, I noticed that it was my turn for the introduction.

"My name is Keion", after I had said my name, I quickly sat down and waited for my cold sweat to dry up (quite disgusting). Although, I guess I should've said more about, but I guess saying too much might lead me to a troublesome situation like for example, get kidnapped or be bullied or something like that.

Scene 2

After class has ended, I went out of the room and went to the library. Why? Simply ,because I like William Shakespeare's works and admire him for it. During class I simply took out my notebook and sketch some anime characters, while pretending to listen. After the class has been dismissed, I quickly headed home to resume my wondering about humanity, well in other words, I'll just use the computer all day long.

As soon as I arrived at home I turned on the CPU and the monitor of my PC and waited at the balcony of the hotel that I am staying in.

Since we live on the top floor of the hotel I can always feel relaxed as the sight of many lights of the city shines near the horizon. Suddenly, a cold breeze appeared I closed my eyes for a second and faced, right, at the direction where the wind came. And to my astonishment, I saw a beautiful blonde hair, as the sun starts to set the combination of the wind and the sunset are in perfect harmony. As the wind starts to calm down, I begun to see her face, yet, I feel like it's as though I have seen her from somewhere but as soon as that thought came to mind, I had quickly returned to my room.

The next day I did my daily routine waking up in the morning around 2:00 AM opening my PC, playing, watching, downloading, eat breakfast, then go to school. After many hours wasted on my life I've survived 'till dismissal and immediately went home. After I arrived at home, I started the PC, went to the balcony and then enjoyed the scenery, after a while I thought of the girl who had blonde hair as I thought of this I heard the noise of a door, as I turned right I saw her......

Enter  [Sapphire]

In a world that we live in, we get hurt often, thus, we've always felt that this world is wrong and we want to rebel from it. Though, that way of living for me is wrong. Once we've been given life, falling down on despair wastes it completely. Though I know that this world is unfair, Once we've fallen in the pits of despair that's when we have truly lost to that kind of world. The only to beat it is to.........

Scene 3

Curiosity at it's peek, I slowly opened my mouth and said,


She turned to my direction. My eyes widened, at the border of breaking down and cry. "Why do I feel like this?" I asked to myself. As the wind blew, the glistening of her tears seemed so beautiful." Yet, why does someone like her, whom I don't even know about, make me feel like this?", I thought. She looked at me ran away to her room.....

"What was that all about?", I thought.

Scene 4

The next day I went to my father and asked,

"Hey dad, Do you know the girl who lives beside us?"

As my words reached him he replied with a frown of disappointment,

"Son that is-"

As he was about to tell me, a knock at the door cut his sentence. After that, my dad left for some business. With the suspense killing me, I've been thinking about it all day during school hours. As soon as I returned home, I went to the balcony and waited for the girl to appear. Many hours passed and I didn't see her today, thinking that she won't go to the balcony today, I went to bed.

While sleeping I woke up, because of a knocking at the door. I opened the door and saw my mom. She was in tears and so I asked what was wrong.She said,

"Keion, my dear son, I'm sorry."

"What are you apologizing for?", I asked

She replied, "We couldn't protect her."

Confused I asked who is she talking about, but then she replied something so ominous enough for me to faint.......

..........I couldn't remember what those words were.

Enter [Keion's Past]

As a kid, I was always sensitive about many things. I grew up by trying to overcome this weakness. However, every now and then, I feel strange and blurry images in my mind I can't interpret. I soon gave up on them and simply avoided thinking about it.

Scene 5

The sound of lightning crashing. The random tapping of the wind at the windows. The rapid pouring of the rain that seemed like it won't stop anytime soon.

I woke up under the familiar ceiling of my room and wondered what that was. Was it a dream or was it real. I went to my mother's room to ask, but she wasn't there. I presumed she went to work and so I prepared to go to school.

Before I went to school, I heard a knocking at the door. I peeped through the door's small hole and saw an unfamiliar face of a girl. I opened the door and asked,

"May I know who you are, Madam?"

She replied, "Please come with me."

Not knowing why, I came with her because of a feeling that I can trust her and that I've seen her somewhere before, though, that is just a speculation , so I didn't said a word about it.

As soon as we left the building, we went inside a car and rode to the destination which I know nothing about. We reached the place she wants to take me and she said,

"We're here."

I gazed upon the site as many people walk with depressed looks as if someone had been lost or something. After a few seconds, I saw my parents walking with the crowd. My mom weeps at my father's shoulder. Wondering what the event could be, I worried.

Scene 6

As the storm continued to pick up, I asked the girl,

"H-hey, what event is this that I am supposed to partake?"

"A celebration of a person whom you had loved." She answered.

"Wait! what are you saying!? Someone I loved?"

"Yes. This is her funeral." She said.

As she said that, A piece of image flashed before my eyes. Everything fell out of joint. I understood nothing. Why did she say the past tense "loved"?  I fell in love with someone? However I understood one thing. And that is simply all..............
...........true to the last word she said.

I remembered that I fell on a cliff trying to recover someone. I figured that, that person must be the person  I fell in love with. I ran up to my parents and asked if this was the case, my father told me,

"I'm sorry, Keion. We hid this from you didn't we?"

It seemed that I guessed correctly, just by judging my father's reply.

"But, Keion, your wrong in one aspect. The one who you were trying to save was another girl. The one loved was different from her."

I stuttered, the sound of the roaring thunder rouse to it's peek.

"I was wrong."

"But then,


is the one I fell in love with?"

"What a cruel death has been laid upon me." I thought

I passed out.

"Who is Sapphire?"

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Summer 2015 Writing Submissions Empty The Lake

Post by Alemae on Tue Jun 23, 2015 9:40 pm

I know this place. I have been here before, yet I can’t remember when. I cannot remember who I was with, or how often I have been here. But it all looks too familiar to me; this lake, this shore that I’m on, the trees behind me, and the large rocks that mark the outer edges of the lake. Everything looks so familiar. There is absolutely no way that this is the first time I am here. No doubt in my mind; I have been here before.

Slowly I walk along the shore of the lake, the wind blowing gently through my long, dark hair as my feet touch the soft sand beneath them with each step I take. Even the path that I’m walking feels familiar to me. So familiar, that I wouldn’t be surprised to find my own footprints in the sand ahead of me. But looking ahead, the shore’s beautiful golden sand is untouched.

As I slowly keep striding along the shore, I notice how beautifully the moon illuminates the sky, and how the moonlight reflects on the perfectly smooth surface of the water. For a moment I stop to admire the beautiful scene in front of me. But while I’m peacefully taking in my surroundings, I suddenly notice something strange. If the wind is playing with my hair, how can the surface of the lake be completely smooth? How is that possible?

This is a mystery I feel myself wanting to solve. I can’t stop myself from wanting to know what is going on, because everything about this place seems off. The wind, the water, and especially how everything feels so familiar.

Maybe I should just sit down and watch the lake. Because for some unknown reason, it feels like the lake can answer all my questions.

So instead of continuing my journey along the lake front like I had planned, I sit down in the sand. My light blue gown falls gracefully around my body as I pull my legs up to my chest. Only now I notice how milky white my skin looks in the light of the moon. If anyone could see me, they could have easily mistaken me for a ghost.

Minutes go by, and every single one of them feels like an hour. Still, the wind plays with my hair, a little wilder than before, but still no movement is visible on the eternal smooth surface of the water. But I continue to stare, not allowing myself to blink even once. I can’t miss even a split second of watching this eerie, never-moving lake.

Only when I am about to turn my head away and stand up, something suddenly moves. It seems to come from the depths of the lake, and leaves wrinkles to spread out across the entire surface. Quickly I shoot to my feet and walk towards the edge of the lake, my toes barely touching the water. I stand there, watching as the wrinkles slowly die out.

The water quiets down again. I can clearly see my own reflection in the water now, and how the reflected moonlight makes my bright blue eyes seem to shine. Once again, the lake is quiet and frozen, and it leaves me wondering if what I just saw was actually real.

My doubts are quickly taken away when once again I see something move beneath the surface in the middle of the lake. It is something I can’t see, something I can’t explain. But for some reason, I find myself wanting to know exactly what is moving beneath the surface of the water. Even though something in the back of my mind is whispering to me to run as far away as possible. Despite that, I carefully take a step forward, the water soaking my feet and the bottom of my gown.

It’s cold.

The water is so cold. Yet, I feel something pulling at my heart and soul, telling me to continue. For a second I stare at the place where the wrinkles previously started. What was down there? What is wrong with this lake? What makes me so enthralled by it? Why does it captivate me so, almost as if it is calling out to me?

Slowly I move further into the water, as it gets harder to move with every step. Another step, and another. With each step I take the water rises another few inches, until it is up to just below my chest. Another step, and the water reaches my chest. Something in the back of my mind is telling me to turn around. Yet, no matter how hard I try, I find myself moving towards the deepest parts of the lake.

Something is keeping me in its grasp, making my body move on its own. Like a puppet I move forward, my body listening to its master’s commands. It is like a hypnotizing song that only my body can hear, and it’s drawing me closer and closer.

It only takes one more step for my head to disappear from the face of the earth.

Keeping my eyes open, I try to look around in the water. But no matter how badly I try to look around, there is only black. I look up to the surface, and I can see the moon shining down on me. How is it possible to see nothing underwater with a moon that shines so bright? Again I try to make out my surrounds, and again there is nothing but black.

Fear slowly gets a hold of me as the darkness seems to close in on me. And this fear only grows when I realize that no matter how hard I try, I can’t move up to the surface. Instead, I only keep moving forward. I am no longer walking, but neither am I swimming. My body seems to float on its own, as if someone really is moving me like a puppet.

The further I get pulled from the shore, the colder the water becomes. It entraps me in an icy blanket, making my gown cling to my body. And still, there is nothing but black.

Nothing but black.

And then I see them; those red, blood red eyes, right in front of me about fifty feet away. They possess an anger that no human eye could ever hold, and shine with an edge of danger that sends chills through my already freezing body.

The closer I get to them, the more dangerous they look. And with each feet of distance being closed between us, panic starts taking over my body. This thing... This monster... It must be what is controlling my every move, and drawing me closer to it with each passing second.

I open my mouth and try to scream, but no sound is coming out of my throat. It is only a few feet away from me now, and it’s close enough for me to see the mocking smile in its eyes. As if it expected me to scream, and knew I would fail.

I need to get out of here right now. I need to fight, kick, thrash! Anything! Completely overruled with fear, I try to scream once more. Again, to no avail, and this time I am close enough to actually see a smirk on its face.

And then, finally, I stop moving. Only a few inches away from that thing in front of me, I stopped. Those red eyes, burning with fire, look me up and down with a hunger I have never seen before. The creature licks its lips before placing a frozen hand on my cheek, and running it ever so slowly down the curves of my body. No part of it remains untouched.

I try my best not to squeal, though I doubt any sound would come from my throat if I did. Instead, I squeeze my eyes shut as tightly as I can while it keeps touching me, and I hear an evil laugh coming from its throat. A laugh that freezes my blood and makes my eyes shoot open.

And there it is; its face less than an inch away from mine. I can clearly make out every line on its evil face. Somehow, somewhere in the back of my mind I notice what a handsome man he must have once been. Once; a long, long time ago.

But now, as its hideous hands retract themselves from my body, there is nothing handsome about him. My eyes widen as it speaks to me, and tells me what is about to come. All air leaves my lungs as suddenly I am able to move, and I try to scream and thrash about with my eyes wide open in panic. My long hair flows wildly around me and wraps my face in a blanket of hair, making the rest of the world invisible to me. This is not how I want to end! This is not how I am supposed to end! I don’t want to die here!

My freedom of moving as I wish is only short, as once again the creature’s invisible grasp tightens around me and controls me, holding my entire body firmly in place.

I feel that resisting the binds is futile now with how tightly they’re wrapped around me, and I keep perfectly still. Trapped in my own little world of hair, I am alone. No murderous eyes are starting back at me, and for a second I feel as close to safe as possible.

But once more, my heart sinks in my chest as my hair starts to move away from my line of sight, and I see them; those eyes. This time they are filled with nothing but pure rage, and I know this is the end. Keeping me tightly constricted with its invisible binds, the last thing I see are those eyes coming closer to me at the speed of light until they’re right in front of me, and the flash of razor sharp teeth illuminated by the moonlight.

And then, there is nothing but red and black.

When I open my eyes again, I find myself in a familiar place. I know this place. I have been here before, yet I can’t remember when. I cannot remember who I was with, or how often I have been here. But it all looks too familiar to me; this lake, this shore, the trees behind me, and the large rocks that mark the outer edges of the lake.

No doubt in my mind; I have been here before...

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Summer 2015 Writing Submissions Empty Re: Summer 2015 Writing Submissions

Post by miteydrill on Wed Jun 24, 2015 3:22 am

~ Mitey's Note --- These Dashes "---" indicated pauses. ~

The clouds blended across the open blue sky.
The day was beautiful, the trees where dancing and the butterfly's joined them alongside the wind.
The lillypads where collected in small groups, huddling together to have company, along the lake which contained water, clear as crystals.

The green field, was dotted with small boulders, and bushes laced the landscape.

It would be on this field which the rest of the story begins.

On the right side of the field, a man.

He flattened himself on the field, thinking only simple thoughts.
"Why won't you do anything?" --- The voice which had stated this sounded like it was coming from the forest.

He played no reply, nor did he react.


The voices appeared to be just figments of his imagination. For a long time he had heard these voices, but they seemed to just be recollections, nothing important.
He continued to lay upon the breezy field, mixing along with the waving grass.

"Come. You are being summoned... come help us" --- no response.

The man, now covered with dirt and roots, lifted himself up adjusted his pouch with care. He brushed off his robe, and began walking toward the lowly village.


As he began to walk toward the low mill, he was suddenly driven by intense emotion, the man was forced onto his knees and tears whelled up inside his eyes. The blood inside his veins coursed, and he felt as though the world was shrinking.
He gave one final leer at the forest to his left.

The forest was quiet, and filled with peace.

The young man fell onto his left side, the plump 'thud' on the earth made no connection to the world around him. He felt alone.


Darkness fell around, he came to his senses. Opening one eye as silent as possible, he breathed long and natural, but his heart felt like the beating of waterfalls alongside the lake's entrance.

Although he could not see much, he a silhouette of a long tree, this tree seemed to have the strength of a thousand seasons. It was wider than any building he had seen, and taller than the mill at home.

The light was still dim, but he began to hear the sound of the forest awakening amongst the vines and leafs which covered the trees.

"Help us" --- the voice was in a whisper, but the man made sure to make no reaction.

As time passed the sun began to rise, the ground was lit.
The area was a long pit, which had been surrounded by trees, and fenced by long dead logs. Even though the sun was now high in the sky, the area still seemed dim, and empty.
In the middle sat a tree, larger than anything imagined, but low enough in the pit, that it didn't break the sky.

The man looked at the tree.

Although the husk appeared young and strong, he could see the smooth sides of the bark.
The man rustled, and after scanning the area and seeing no danger, he arose. Although he felt dazed and weak, he stumbled toward the tree, and balanced himself on its side looking for some energy.

After a short while he gave a few taps on the side, hollow and dead.

The man was surprised by its state. The tree, although it seemed strong and tall, was just hollow and supported no life.

He felt tired, and inside his mind, he began to remember.
"Come help us..." --- His memory, it was now vivid.

He saw what seemed like his sister, from a past time. "Brother, why don't you come and help us..." --- The young man remembered the day, he finally understood.


"Brother, father is summoning us. How about you get up for once in your life" --- He remembered, that day in which --- "Brother hurry, father will be dissapointed if his favorite students don't make it to graduation"
--- "Brother come, we're almost there" ---- "Father, i'm sorry, if it wasn't for --- we wouldn't be late" ---

He saw the grand stature of his father, large and noble. "Son, I can't believe how far you've come in your training. Come I have something to show you" --- The memory seemed more vivid now. He felt the wind which had blown that day, he felt the air in his lungs, the air which flew through the academy.
"Here it is my son. This is yours, may you grace our family, just as I and your forefathers before us"


He shuddered, and tears began to pour out of his eyes. He faced the ground and let go of the tree.


The memories returned, and with is his family --- "Father, Brother! We need your help, they have come. The empty ones. They are here, hurry!"
Battle, and death. Everything which had associated itself with the destruction of dreams. This all filled the mind of the young man.

"Father we can't do anything, what do we do!" --- "Don't lose hope"

- Gone -

"He's gone, father please. He's gone, they have him...Brother...what are you doing"

"stop it... why won't you help us..."

"brother please, for once in your life, stop it. Get up, come help us. All you do is lay in the corner crying, you never help, they have father come help us why won't you help father"

--- The men dressed in the coldest white appeared, they had no expression, except when they looked at the young man and his sister. It's at that point in which they would only smile, a creepy smile.

Only a smile which held the full expression of... hope, yet fear.


"brother stop crying, please get a hold of yourself" --- "Brother... don't forget today..."

The men dressed in white grabbed the young girl, and took her away --- out of the academy --- through the village --- and as far as the young child could see --- he saw them dragging his family, and his sister away into the forest.


He cried into the night, hugging the old and dead tree, he sunk to the ground --- the visions which pierced his memory where visions of dreaded nightmare, he knew that this occurred at one point, but he could not remember when.
He cried, and felt there was no hope for his meaningless life.


He awoke.

When he opened his eyes he felt an intense headache. He was on a bed, comfortable, but wet with dread.

He looked around, the inside appeared to be of a small cottage.

He felt the rays of the sun, it glazed over his forehead, and alongside his arms.


"Hey you"

--- Startled, the man jumped up on the bed and grasped the chair which sat to his side.

The old lady stood at the doorway, with long white stands of hair she had a smile on her face. A good smile.

"Hehe, I found you, alongside the stream. I thought you where dead, HaHa!" --- the man kept peering at the old lady.

"whatever, I just thought you where dead"

The young man gave no response, he only gave a dead expression, filled with hopelessness and terror.


"You look like someone who just lost all hope... that's not good, nobody should feel like that..."

"Hey, i'll tell you's a little secret"

"You know that forest over there... people all around say --- It's filled with the greatest treasures, and dreams... I know people who have given up their own dreams in order to peer into the forest and see what awaits them"

They say the forest also helps find the one you love, but i'm pretty sure that just a myth. Heck, I have been going through that forest almost every day for the last 60 years and it still hasn't done anything for my love life"


"But that's all just speculation... hey... since you still haven't left --- i'll tell you the true purpose of the forest.

"You see the forest has been there for hundreds of years, but it used to be an important resource for the towns around here"

"Not a resource for wood.."


"No, no... the forest was actually used as a barrier from the enemies which lay far away"

"No, no you may be thinking this forest protects us"


"Wrong! Wrong.. all of it just wrong!"

'In reality, the forest is what separates our enemies from us. We are the problem"

"You see kid.. we are the problem, us! They fear us, they wanna know how we work.. You and I... we are special~!"


"Now... you look young and brave --- get up"

--- The young man did so, and when he did he felt better inside. ---

"We are the ones which the outside world fears"


"Now --- the forest is the barrier the outside world put on us, we are special

--- you are a summoner ---

"I can see the symbol on your left arm, that means your a summoner, so go ahead and summon your sword"

The young man summoned the sword, out of sheer nothingness.


The blade appeared, like a ghost, yet its presence made itself clear amongst the world. It split, it scratched.


"Now, I can't help you anymore... go out... get going to the forest! ~ Cut through the bushes, split the vines that toil along the path, crush the rocks which stand before you --- along the way --- don't forget what you are~  

You're a tree.. Hollow and empty... but strong and an image of hope...

Go forth, escape the forest's dread.

The young man stepped out of the cottage, and into the world. It felt smaller now. He peered along the small valley --- it was then that he realized how the forest was like a wall. It surrounded everything. The village, the lake, even the mountain, the forest had surrounded everything...

"You are being summoned..." --- He felt awoken.


He looked at the forest, it was now menacing, it creeped along the sky and made the young man shudder.

But he remembered one thing --- his father's heirloom... the gift left to him... it was really nothing. He did not know the meaning. He reached in his pocket, pulled it out, and held it.

- It was a seed -

The outside world which now held his family.

The young man, with his summoned weapon, he took his first steps toward the forest.

At its edge, he looked back, out to his known world, the village, the lake, the valley which he grew up in.

He turned and looked at the forest, dreadful, mysterious... filled with hope.

"Here I come"


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Summer 2015 Writing Submissions Empty Re: Summer 2015 Writing Submissions

Post by kazen on Wed Jun 24, 2015 3:44 am

December 24th, 1993. 10:45 pm

Thick mist falls across New York as Christmas approaches. The streets are restless as many scuffle about making last minute arrangements for the most jolly time of the year. Laughter and joy can be heard all around. especially at the residence of The Money-banks. Here is where our tale begins.

Young Voice 1: Hey! i wanna put the star on the tree!

Young Voice 2: Nu-uh! You got to put it up last year! its my turn!

Young Voice 1: No! Gimme the star!

Older Male Voice: That's enough boys! boys make this more of a chore than a fun activity......

Older Female Voice: Well they are your sons aren't they Nyo?

Nyo: Hey they get that from your side of the family Barbara.

*Barbara Giggles*

Barbara: That they are. Now Kazen, be nice and let Kyete put the star on the tree.

Kazen: But moooooom!

Barbara: No buts. Now come help me and Ashe in the kitchen while Nyo, Kyre and Agito finish with the decorations.

The night continues as Christmas Carols can be heard all over the city. Snow falls gracefully from the sky and wind howls under the full moon.

December 25th, 1993. 4:25 am

Kazen slowly awakes as faint footsteps can be heard. Unusual footsteps as the Christmas presents are not to be opened. Kazen peers down to the bottom bunk to see that Kyete is missing. Across the room lies and empty pink bed and blue sleeping bag. Agito and Ashe are also missing. "Did everyone sneak off to the presents without me?" Kazen thinks. Annoyed, Kazen silently dismounts the bunk bed and strides across the living room. "why would they not wake me? Is this Kyete's way of rubbing the star in my face?" Thoughts race through his mind as he makes it towards the stairs. With each step Kazen winces as the creaks get louder and louder. Fortunately no one is alarmed. At the bottom of the steps at last, Kazen makes his final steps towards the living room, leaning to the edge of the wall,waiting to catch the traitors in the act. Closing is eyes as he sighs, he counts to three before leaping out in surprise. "Gotcha! how dare you al-"........his voice trails off........for what he see's next is utter horror. The walls are painted red with blood that drips of the walls. Bodies lie sprawled and diced up over the entire living room. Kazen's stomach begins to curl as he fights down the vomit rushing up his throat. "Oh God......what the hell is this?! What the hell happened here?!" he thinks as tears run down his cheek. A headache out of this world begins to form that forces him to his knees. Sheer fear is the only thing that keeps him conscious. The silence accompanied with the gruesome sight feels is then broken by a familiar voice. "Hey Kazen. You don't look so well."
Kazen slowly lifts his head to see his twin brother Kyre soaked in blood. "K-k-kyte?...........KYETE!" he begins to yell, rushing to him and embracing him. "Kyete! What happened?! Where's mom and dad?!" A maniacal grin appears on Kyre's face as he begins to laugh. "Are you blind or just that stupid brother?!" A puzzled expression lands on Kazen's face. "w-what do you mea-...." Kazen begins to say as Kyete grips Kazen and throws him into the corpse pile. "Kyete! What are you...........oh my god........" The breath completely vanishes out of Kazen's body as his eyes fixes on the butchered bodies before him. " Dad?........Agito"........Kazen lets out a scream of agony as his eyes turn blood shot red. His heart begins to race at double rate and sweat begins to protrude uncontrollably. Kyete lets out a wicked laugh at the pain seen on Kazen's face. "Merry Christmas brother. now to give you my own personal gift. The reunion of you and mom and dad. Tell them hi in hell for me!" Kazen begins to blank out from reality as the truth continues to hit him. His twin brother slaughtered his entire family.....and for what reason? what could he have done this for........then it hits him.........his sister Ashe is not upon the pile.....did she escape? is she still asleep? It became clear that he had to find her and get away. run as fast as he can and keep hi sister alive. Kazen begins to turn around and run but stops suddenly as he notices Ashe standing behind him. He's speechless for a moment but begins to shake out of it and places his hands on Ashe's shoulders. "Ashe! WE need to get out of here now! I need to get you somewhere safe! Ashe stands there silent, unmoved by her brothers words. "Ashe!" Kazen screams. "Did you hear me? WE need to get out of here before he decides to kill us T-" His speech was halted by a sharp pain in his chest. He slowly looks down to see blood pouring from his chest and a knife plunged deeply into his chest. It is pulled out and and plunged back in repeatedly for another 6 times by his sister. He falls to his knees, numb to the reality of what has just happened. Looking up to his sister who wears a wicked smile on her face, he reaches out his hand. Trying to utter a word but they fall short. Kazen loses consciousness. and falls face first. Kyete walks over his brother's corpse, spiting at it in disgust. "You were always weak brother. Lets go Ashe." The two begin two walk off towards the door when Kyete stops. He pulls out a set of matches, striking one and dropping it to the floor. It lands on the floor that's covered in Gasoline. in minutes the house is engulfed in flames and the pair watches the house burn down and a new future build up.

December 25th, 2003. 11:30 am

Ten years later since the death of 4/6 members of the money-banks. after their deaths, Kyete was the last sole heir of Nyo's fortune and business. There were many disapproving comments towards the company belonging to a ten year old but none could fight Nyo's will. Kyete had complete control over the business and for the ten years he had rule, the successfulness of the business had grown ten fold. He had become one of the wealthiest men of the 21st century and the youngest at that. Ashe had become his second in command and controller of all of his finances. Kyete stood on the 50th floor of his company's HQ, peering down at the world before him. "I've conquered so much in such a short time....yet i feel the need for more..." he says to himself. "I want the world under my feet and there is not a damn person who can stop me. Isn't that right baby sis? Ashe looks up and simply nods. Kyete begins to laugh. "Loyal as ever. Let's go. we have a meeting with a Japanese representative in an hour. this could mark the beginning of my rule." They both enter the elevator and begin to descend. The floor timer ticks down. 49.....48......47...46. It kept dropping until 30 where the elevator suddenly stops and loses power. "what the hell is going on?!" Kyete shouts. Their is silence in the elevator. Not a sound is heard from the other side. "What kind of joke is this?!".......still no response. Kyete calms himself as he looks for a way out of the elevator. It was then he noticed a hatch at the roof. He signaled to Ashe and began to ascend to the roof. He opens the hatch and pops his head out beginning to survey his surroundings. Wires and reels can be seen all around. The structure is nothing but metal and seems enclosed with no way out.......until he notices a hole leading into the 30th floor offices. "Ashe! I see a way in. Lets go." Kyete begins to crawl towards the hole. The air begins to begin to feel heated in the congested area. As he pulls himself through the hole, Ashe begins to crawl towards it. Kyete lands safely in the offices awaiting his sister to come through as well. Just as she was about to reach the hole, the elevator starts back up and drops rapidly. The pressure pins her against the roof of the elevator and her screams can not be heard over the grinding of the walls and the the elevator. The elevator levels drop each second, not letting up one second and then it comes to a final halt as it crashes into the 1st floor. The impact crushes every bone in Ashe's body and blood rushes out f every part of her body. Kyete's eyes fill with terror as to what just happened. He steps backwards slowly, heart threatening to burst out his chest. "Oh my god...." are the only words that can leave his mouth. "Is this for real? How? Why?" His thoughts race from one to another with no answers at hand........Then an unfamiliar voice sounds out. "Merry Christmas bastard." Kyete turns swiftly in the direction of the voice to see a man in a black trench coat and all black attire. "W-Who are you? What do you want?" Kyete asks. His voice shaking and nervous as every word pours out. "Who am i? Who am i you ask?" the man says mockingly. "IT doesn't matter who i am. What i want on the other hand........." the man pauses. He is silent for a few moments more and then begins again. "Revenge and justice." Kyete's dumbfounded expression puts a smile on the man's face. "So far I've done so much to destroy your life. I've killed your assistant, Burned down your house, drained your bank account...........the life you tried so hard to build up over ten years brought down in a matter of minutes. Oh how crappy you must feel at this point." The shock overwhelms Kyete as he hears this from the mysterious stranger. "Your lying! Cut The BS whoever you are!" he shouts angrily. "BS huh?" the man whispers. "Well you have no reason to believe me. I would say go see for yourself but you wont be leaving here alive. Your inheritance shall be your grave." The man then walks towards the window as Kyete is frozen in fear. "My grave? MY GRAVE?! YOU DAR THREATEN ME?! DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA WHO THE HELL I AM?!" Kyete shouts. The man smirks as he pulls out a switch out his pocket. "Oh i have a real good idea of who you are you bastard. right now your entire HQ is lined off with C4's. With the flip of this switch, it will all come crumbling down." The man turns facing Kyete. "Enjoy hell brother." The man leaps out of the 30th floor window, free falling t the bottom. Kyete falls to his knees in despair. "K-kazen? did........HOW DID YOU SURVIVE YOU BASTARD?!!!!!! Just as he utters these last words, Kazen presses the switch and the entire skyscraper is engulfed in and explosion of extreme proportion.The land begins to shake at the sheer power of the explosion. Kazen begins to dive, increasing the speed of his descend. After a minute, he pulls a string that ejects a parachute. He lands 50 meters away from the rubble and debris of a once world renown company. He looks back for a final time before walking off. He had attained his revenge. His family can now rest in peace..........The question that stands do i know such a tale? Who am i? My name is Ari, wife of Kazen and the person that rushed into the burning house and saved his life 10 years ago. We both are known now as the Black market agents. Mercenary for higher. No job is to big for us to handle. The world will know of us, but never see us. Lurking in the shadows until needed, We can not be stopped


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Summer 2015 Writing Submissions Empty Re: Summer 2015 Writing Submissions

Post by kazen on Wed Jun 24, 2015 3:44 am

oh this is gogeta by the way just in case XD


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Summer 2015 Writing Submissions Empty Re: Summer 2015 Writing Submissions

Post by Hitori on Wed Jun 24, 2015 4:29 am

Submissions are now closed.

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