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Patch History

Post by orosan on Sat Jul 04, 2015 6:42 am

UPDATE 2.2.1 - DARKNESS - MARCH 29, 2015

NOTE: As this patch introduces changes to the interface files, please clear your cache/cookies and restart your browser to reload all of the necessary files


  • -New "Darkness" layout has been added! Check settings to change it.
    -Server time clock now ticks automatically.
    -Elite donors can now select their glow options in the spirit aura section of the premium shop.
    -Inner World/Soul Chamber now displays the level and exp of sword moves that have been learned.
    -Money -> AP swaps now no longer deduct money if your AP is full.

Bug Fixes

  • -Fixed a bug where attempting to post a squad/fraccion alert would set a squad boost with 0% effect
    -Fixed a bug where Kyoto boss spawn messages were appearing erroneously during invasions.
    -Fixed a bug where office item offense/defense buff effects were not working in AI battles.

Squad/Race stuff

  • -All squad officers can now issue a kyoto boss alert to their race if the boss is active and they are standing on its location.
    -Updated the office item description to reflect that healing and pool regen effects do not apply in AI battles. (NOTE: Healing effect will be updated to work in AI battles when AI battles are integrated with the new engine)

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Re: Patch History

Post by orosan on Sat Jul 04, 2015 6:49 am

UPDATE 2.2.2 MAY 2, 2015

The theme of this update is bug fixes and tweaks to small things to make them work the way they should, although there's a couple new things as well like the World Boss page in Central HQ and the new random sword re-roll options. Here's the full notes:

Bug Fixes

  • -Fixed a bug where you could lose more OP then missed minutes in a patrol.
    -Fixed a bug where you could lose SP/RP for missing minutes at the end of a patrol.
    -Fixed a bug where stealth items could make you invisible even when standing on the same square as someone else.
    -Fixed a bug where you could attack other players while being unable to be attacked due to dying within the last minute.
    -Fixed a bug where battles would sometimes count both players as having fled.
    -Fixed some swords that were melee type but had spirit energy regen effect to stamina regen effect.
    -Fixed a bug where the last row of an Area Residual move would do lower than normal damage.
    -Fixed an issue where users inactive past 90 days were still showing up on squad member counts in Race HQ for Shinigami

Combat/Boss Stuff

  • -Increased defense of World Bosses(Legendary Vaizard) by 20%.
    -Added a 3 second cooldown to attacking the boss after a battle (Note: This is the same cooldown as other players being able to attack you. Cooldown on traveling after a battle is 5 seconds)
    -Cooldown on entering survival battles after a previous battle has been increased from 5 to 10 seconds.
    -Added a new "World Boss" tab in Central HQ showing winners of last 5 world boss battles and top 3 damage dealers in the last battle.

Flee system has been adjusted:

  • The chance increase for each square of distance between you and your opponent has been slightly increased.
    It is now harder to flee if your opponent has significantly more speed than you do.

Other Stuff

  • -Added the option to reroll a Zanpakuto/Resurreccion of random rank for 15 shards.
    -Changed style of the "Delete Marked" link in Messages page to button style.
    -Effect of the "squad/fraccion boost increase" race boost has been raised from 25% / 50% to 40% / 80% (lesser / greater)
    -Race boost duration has been increased from 2 days to 10 days.
    -Cost of race boosts has been increased by 50%.
    -New users ranking up to rank 3 are now somewhat more likely to be placed into one of the squads/fraccions with fewer than average active members.
    -Support request update notification PMs now have a link to the support request.
    -Upgraded the auto social posting system to be more robust, solving an issue where some posts would appear to be invisible.
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Re: Patch History

Post by orosan on Sat Jul 04, 2015 6:56 am

Update 2.2.3 MAY 17, 2015

This update contains changes to the game's interface files, please clear your cache and reload the site

This update is partly a continuation of 2.2.2, with some things from that update that weren't finished in time, as well as some tweaks to the boss system, spars, and PvP. It also features the new version of the Vday layout, and custom battle icons for Godly aura users.

Featured Changes
-Added new Vday layout
-Added 20x20 custom battle icon setting for Godly Aura users
-Stat gains for spars have been increased by 100% for winning, 150% for losing (gain for losing is now half the gain for winning)
-New Bonus Spar Rewards have been added: Spars now reward a bonus of triple stat gains for both players and 1 SP/FP for the winner. This bonus can only occur once every 15 minutes.
-A "chain-kill cooldown" has been added. If a user is killed twice within 10 minutes by members of their own race, they will be protected from same-race attack for 30 minutes.
-Decreased cost of re-rolling sword boosts by 5 for all sword ranks above Lesser.

PvP/Travel/boss stuff
-Fixed a bug where you could travel to Kyoto City before the post-death travel cooldown had finished.
-Losing a fight against a boss now provides 250 yen/souls. (Note: Amount is purposely kept small for now. In the future may be increased)
-Changed one move each on Arrancar Lord Isenbarra and Gate Defender Rashomon to moving-type.
-Fixed a bug where you could receive bonus regen from regen square without standing on it or view/attack someone from a large distance away (having to do with x.1 vs x.10 or 10.x vs 1.x locations).
-Added a fix to try and stop the issue where boss rewards are not distributed after a boss is defeated.
-Increased cooldown before a base can be attacked again to 4 hours.
-Boss boost catchup mechanics have been added:
If a race is more than 25% behind the other in number of bosses taken, they will receive 30 min longer boss boosts(2.5 hour).
If a race is more than 50% behind the other in number of bosses taken, they will get a bonus 20% and 60 min extra length on boss boosts (3 hour)

Interface/Misc Stuff
-Custom sword boost change system has been changed. The cost is now based on the number of boosts you're changing: 30 for the first, 15 ea for 2nd/3rd (60 shards for all 3). NOTE: The new system does NOT preserve your boost rolls.
-Added "Characters remaining:" counter to journal editing in Settings page.
-Fixed a bug where updating race orders caused them to appear misformatted in the edit box.
-Fixed a bug where auras could be upgraded for free when they had less than 24 hours time remaining.
-Rules/Manual/TOS/Support pages now display your selected layout when you're logged in.
-Fixed a bug where Zanpakuto/Resurreccion moves would not show up on the menu after releasing in Survival Battles
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Re: Patch History

Post by orosan on Sat Jul 04, 2015 7:00 am

UPDATE 2.3.0 - RACE BOSSES + KUA    JULY 4, 2015

This update includes changes to the interface files, please clear your browser's cache
(CTRL+SHIFT+DEL -> select "Cached images and files" -> Clear)

Kyoto Underground Arena

  • The Kyoto Underground Arena has been added. This fighting pit spawns in a random place in Kyoto for 5 minutes each hour, and allows players to fight special AI on the grid system with drastically increased rewards over normal arena/desert battles.

Hotfix: Kyoto Underground Arena battles now have a minimum length of 75 seconds, meaning if you complete a battle in faster than 75 seconds, you will have to wait the remainder of the time before you can start another. (This works the same way as Arena/Desert battles except those currently have a 10 second minimum length) July 5, 2015 Update.

Hotfix: The offense of the Rank 3-5 KUA opponents has been somewhat decreased. July 24 2015

Boss System

  • -Race Bosses have been added. These spawn in each race's home area at a random time 12-14 hours after their last defeat, and reward a 20% training boost for the race, and Squad/Fraccion point individual rewards. (NOTE: They will not spawn within 2 hours of the World Boss
    being defeated or 2 hours before the World Boss starts trying to spawn)
    -World boss now spawns every 18-20 hours, instead of 12-14.
    -Boss redundancy system has been added. If the boss rewards fail to credit immediately, the system will check and credit them within 5 minutes.
    -Fixed a bug where the Area Resist of bosses was not applying to the actual damage dealt, only the damage displayed.
    -Catchup mechanics have been adjusted. There are now three tiers:

    Tier 1 (25% fewer bosses)
    +30 minute duration to boss boosts

    Tier 2 (40% fewer bosses)
    +10% boss boost amount

    Tier 3 (70% fewer bosses)
    +30 minute boss boost duration (+60 total)
    +10% boss boost amount (+20% total)

Battle System Changes

  • -Battle logs for moderators have been added. Every battle is now automatically logged by the system, if someone battle holds you in a battle, you can click the report button at the bottom of the battle to report, a log of the battle will be sent to the staff.
    -PvP/boss battles now automatically refresh when your opponent has made a move.
    -Berserk sword effect base amounts have been reduced to 83% of their current amounts. This change is due to current amounts being outdated from before the berserk effect itself applied an increased offense boost. Berserk now works by applying 120% of its effect as offense boost and 20% of its effect as weakness.
    -Flee has been adjusted so that a large difference in speed(2x or more) will have a larger impact on flee chances.
    -Failed flee attempts in battle now cost 10% of the user's max SP and SE. (You can still attempt to flee with 0 SP/SE)
    -The resistance of fire, poison, and lightning Area Residual moves has been decreased.
    -Fixed a bug where battle spectate would display the last action a player did instead of "Stood and did nothing" when they AFK for a turn.
    -Fixed a bug where residual-type effects (residual, CR, leech, etc) were lasting half a turn less than they should.
    -Fixed a bug where attempting to seal a Zan/Res while not having enough pools to keep it active would give an "Invalid action!" message.

Spar/PvP/Scouting Changes

  • -Anti-CK restrictions have been updated: Two deaths to members of the same race within 20 minutes now trigger a 45 minute cooldown timer.
    -Bonus Spar Rewards now only give 1 SP/FP to the winner if the spar is between people of different squads/fraccions.
    -Search area list on travel page no longer shows up if you are in battle or inactive > 2 minutes.

Squad/Fraccion Stuff

  • -Fixed a bug where 2nd/3rd seats could send squad alerts or set boosts when there was an active captain/espada.
    -All seats can now intentionally send squad alerts.
    -Seat items now refund 75% of their cost when you claim a seat above you or win a challenge to claim a seat above you.
    -OP cost per day for all seats has been increased by 1.


  • -"Send Money" page on profile has been changed to "Send Money/Shards" and is now accessible from rank 4+.
    -Fixed a bug where you could not cancel a patrol with exactly 10 AP.
    -View battle(s) pages now use your selected layout.
    -New items/evolutions for Rank 8 have been added, and are in Armory/Evolutions page.
    -Fixed a bug where changing layouts would put the page on a refresh loop until you went to another page.
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Re: Patch History

Post by orosan on Tue Jul 28, 2015 5:28 pm


This update includes interface changes, please clear your cache after you log in (CTRL+SHIFT+DEL ->
Cached Images and Files -> Clear)

Hotfix to normalize Berserk amounts that were over the new limits has been completed. July 29


  • -Travel system has been upgraded to an AJAX-based system. Traveling
    should now be smoother/faster, particularly on slower connections
    -Global Messages/Squad Alerts/Race alerts now automatically refresh
    (they'll show up without reloading the page) and can be cleared
    without reloading the page. Squad/Race Alerts now also have time
    display on them.
    -Social posting has been modified to lessen instances of double/triple
    posting under lag.
    -Battle page now scrolls down to the top of the battle display when it
    auto refreshes.
    -Referrals & Voting (Bonus) page now uses your selected layout.

Squad/Fraccion/Race stuff

  • -Squad/Fraccion boost cost has been increased to 300/750
    -Added the ability to cancel a seat challenge.
    -Max display size of Captain/Espada avatars on the main page of
    Squad/Fraccion HQ has been increased from 125x125 -> 150x150.
    -Fixed a bug where 3rd Seat/Head Fraccion were unable to send alerts.
    -Fixed several bugs around the seat challenge system regarding timers
    not being correct time, office items not updating properly on losing a
    seat, squads not updating properly after a challenge being
    -Fixed a bug where the seat item image on Fraccion HQ was displaying as
    the Shinigami seat item image.
    -Fixed a bug where rewards could be distributed for a defender boss
    that had not been fully defeated before invasion completed.


  • -Area Residual moves now have cooldowns. Barriers have 4 turns of
    cooldown, all other types have 3 turns of cooldown. The cooldown is
    separate for each individual move.
    -Fixed a bug where residual damage would do less damage when ticking on
    the attacker's turn.
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Re: Patch History

Post by orosan on Wed Dec 02, 2015 5:03 pm

UPDATE 2.4.0 - Everything changed when the battle update attacked - 30 November 2015

(NOTE: This update contains interface changes, if you notice any issues with the site interface, please
try clearing your cache)

(IMPORTANT: If you have melee or spirit moves that you do not have the skill required to use after the
changes (check equip screen, moves list the skill required) they will be removed on 12/07/2015. Please move
swap them to other moves before then)

(MORE NOTES: New swords and specialization changes in Premium are 25% off until 23:59 server time,
12/15/2015. Custom changes are 50% off until 23:59 server time, 12/11/2015. Move swap and full refund in equip
page will be active until 23:59 server time, 12/11/2015)

(MORE NOTES: Greater/Elite/Legendary swords are currently not in the Premium store as they are being

(EVEN MORE NOTES: Custom owners, you will be getting a PM within 72 hours with information about what
changes to your sword, if any, are mandated by the new update and are free)

(A video introduction to the new system is in progress and will be up within a few days)


There are far too many small changes in this update to do an effective job of putting them all into one post,
so instead, I will be focusing on explaining all the new things in the battle update, starting with the major
changes, and going down to the minor ones. In addition to the changes listed here, there are many other small
bug fixes (For instance, the travel page now updates your listed location/regen at the top of the page as you
move around), but I've opted not to list all of them here (some are so small I don't even have notes
for them).

Interface Changes
Before we get into the battle system changes, there -are- a couple new interfaces changes that are worth

Equip System
The equip system now supports drag-and-drop equipping. You can click and drag a move from its header bar on
the equip page (where you can now see all moves) to a slot, or drag moves between slots. Alternatively or on
mobile, you can click the equip button on the move, then click the slot you want to put it on. After doing
either of the above, click Equip Abilities.

The battle rendering engine has been re-written. It now displays a more streamlined grid in the battle data.
The grid size has grown from 13x11 to 19x15, but the grid display is actually smaller in pixels.

There are also now range indicators when you select an attack + direction in combat, showing you the path of
the attack.

Specialization Change
The specialization change option now brings up a preview/confirmation screen showing what stat/move changes
will happen, before you complete the change.

Two-Stage Combat

Each turn now has two stages. On the first stage, you can move, and on the second stage you can attack, use a
self-effect move, release/seal a sword, wait, or flee. You can also choose to skip movement and go straight to
the second stage if you are already in the position you want to be in.

Melee vs Spirit
Melee and Spirit have been drastically revamped. Previously they were mirrored, only being different in name.
Now, which specialization you pick will determine, to an extent, how you fight.

Melee has been changed to a more aggressive, close-quarters fighting style. Melee users have lower range, but
higher damage and can move farther. In general melee users will find themselves wanting to move towards their
opponent and stay on the attack, or else risk getting poked down from afar by the superior range of Spirit

Spirit users now cannot move as far, but they have significantly increased range thanks to the new Reiryoku
Skill stat. They now rely on keeping their distance and staying away from Melee users, using effects such as
bind, knockback, and area residuals to keep the aggression of Melee users at bay and control the fight.

-The new stat Reiryoku Skill has been added to WoB. It increases the range of all moves, and increases
the damage of Spirit moves.
-Shunpo/Sonido skill now increases the damage of melee moves.
-Speed no longer helps increase the number of squares you can move, Shunpo/Sonido skill solely determines

Specializations have been changed to help cement their role in how you play your character.

-Melee specializations now have a max Spirit Skill cap of 100% -> 75%
-Spirit specializations now have a max Melee Skill cap of 100% -> 75%

-Melee specializations have a max Reiryoku Skill cap of 15%
-Spirit specializations have a max Shunpo/Sonido Skill cap of 15%
-Balanced specializations have a max Reiryoku Skill and Shunpo/Sonido skill cap of 50%
(What this generally means is that at rank cap, Spirit users will have 2 less move squares than Melee
users, Melee users will have 2 less range boost than Spirit users, and Balanced users will be in between with
1 less move square than melee and 1 less range boost than Spirit)

-Melee and Spirit Defensive specializations now have 80% -> 110% cap on the opposing defensive
stat (Endurance/Willpower) and 120% -> 110% cap on their own defensive stat
-Melee and Spirit Balanced specializations now have 80% -> 100% cap on the opposing defensive
stat, and 110% cap on their damage type's offense and defense gen

The new "Brace for Attack": Battle Cry/Unstoppable Charge
The "Brace for attack" system has been changed, it now has two parts: Battle Cry (Dual Boost) and
Unstoppable Charge (Dual resist). Battle Cry and Unstoppable Charge apply whenever you move closer to your
opponent, according to your specialization:

-Melee offensive users get 15% battle cry and 10% unstoppable charge.
-Melee defensive users get 25% unstoppable charge.
-Melee balanced users get 10% battle cry and 15% unstoppable charge.

All other specializations get 10% unstoppable charge.

Goodbye Old Friends
A few things have been removed as either sword boosts, move effects, or both. Most of these effects ended up
having a negative effect on battles, as they required their users to stall battles out numerous turns in order
to get full effect or benefit out of them.

Heal is no longer available as a core boost on Zan/Res(henceforth referred to as swords). Heal moves are still
available but no longer heal over time, they heal in a burst instantly, with a long cooldown before they can
be used again.
Stamina/Spirit Energy Regen
Stamina/Spirit Energy regen have been completely removed from the game, they no longer take effect either on
moves, items, or sword core boosts.
Movement Cost Reduction
Movement Cost Reduction is no longer available as a core boost on swords.

Hello New Friends

Natural Obstacles
On KUA, Boss, and PvP battles, up to 8 Natural Obstacles now spawn on the arena. These are treated like
Barriers for all intents and purposes. They can be destroyed with enough damage, but are fairly resilient.

There are a few new sword core boosts:

Dual Boost
Applies <effect_amount> Melee and Spirit boost. Note: Will roll to 90% of normal boost amount.

Melee Penetration
Makes your direct and residual damage(but not AoE) attacks ignore <effect_amount>% of your
Melee Resist
Spirit Penetration
Makes your direct and residual damage(but not AoE) attacks ignore <effect_amount>% of your
Spirit Resist

Note: Penetration boosts will roll to 90% of normal boost amount.
Note2: If you have 70% penetration and your opponent has 60% resist, they will effectively have 0% resist

Residual Damage
Causes all your non-AoE attacks to apply <effect_amount>% residual damage for 2 turns (does not stack
with itself)

Melee Nerf, Spirit Nerf, Melee Weakness, Spirit Weakness
Causes all your non-AoE attacks to apply <effect_amount>% of the effect for 1 turn. (e.g. 25% melee
boost = your attacks apply 25% melee nerf).

And some new move effects:

Hitting the enemy with this effect causes them to be pulled <effect_amount> squares towards you.

When a move with this effect is used, it will consume all turns of
residual or compound residual damage left on a target and deal all the damage instantly, with a bonus modifier
based on how many residual effects there are. The bonus modifier is (<Immolate effect amount> * number
of residual effects).

This effect increases the amount of damage the move does to Area Residual squares on the grid. The effect is
tripled against barriers.

Things That Work Differently

Resistance effects now reduce damage, rather than increasing your defensive stats. Resist has diminishing
returns, which means that the more resist you have active, the less each % at higher amounts is. As an
example, this means that the first (Example number only, not the actual number: 40%) of Dual Resist would be
applied as 40% Dual Resist. The second 40% (41-80%) would be applied at half effect, meaning in effect 80%
Dual Resist would apply as 60%. The actual numbers are not being disclosed.

Weakness now has diminishing returns that start at 35%, meaning all weakness up to 35% is not affected.
Amounts above that will be less effective, particularly above 70%

Sword Move Seal
The target no longer has a chance to break out of SMS, but when the seal is placed on them, a notification of
the effect and its length is added to the combat text.

Knockback moves now do (5% of opponent's max HP for each square of KB not traveled) in impact damage if
the knockback is stopped by an obstacle/wall. This damage can be reduced by resistance effects.

Area Residual Moves
-Area Residual moves no longer have their strength weakened by their range (Note: a 5.5 AoE will still be set
to less damage than a 3.3, but the 5.5 will not additionally have its damage
reduced lower based on its range. Also range boosting/reiryoku increasing an AoE will
not affect its strength, it will still have full strength)
-Area residual moves now tick damage and secondary effect on the turn they are used

There are a few changes to swords:

-Lesser swords now have 2 moves
-All stock(rollable/purchaseable) swords are being revamped. Currently all Lesser and Common swords have been
revamped, Greater/Elite/Legendary are in the process of being revamped. Until they have been revamped, they
have been removed from the Premium shop.
-Some new standards for swords:
>Swords cannot have more than 2 offensive boosts (includes penetration, weakness, residual, etc)
>Swords cannot have more than 2 defensive boosts (includes melee/spirit nerf)
>Swords cannot have 2 moves of the same effect
>Swords now have one Ultimate Move. This is the last move on a sword, and is significantly stronger
than the other move(s), but has a longer cooldown.

Some Game System Changes
AI battles now take place on the grid. Due to this making battles longer, stat and money gains
have been tripled(approximately). The # of daily bonus battles has been reduced from 50 to 25.

Survival Battles
Survival battles have reached the point where they can no longer co-exist with the new battle engine, but
upgrading them to use it is quite a lot of effort. It involves adding some capabilities for MPvP into the
battle engine, and will be done sometime in the 2.4.x update cycle. Until this happens, they have been

Due to the size of this update, there may be a couple things I have forgotten to mention here, I will add them
later if they come to my attention.
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Re: Patch History

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