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Lazria’s Guide to WoB
(As of Update 2.3.0)
[Player made guide, opinions and inaccuracies included]

Welcome to WoB

World of Bleach is an online browser based RPG PvP Game. The game as a whole is completely based around leveling your character and fighting other players with what you have trained. RP interactions can be done in PM’s or in the RP social.

Useful Links
Is where you can see the latest news for events and updates for WoB.
World of Bleach Forums. Here you can find the guide as well as other useful posts. Feel free to explore it and post here as well. (This requires a new account made on the forum site)
Here are the official rules of WoB. If you do not wish to get in trouble with the staff or other players please read through this. They are often being revised so give it a glance over every once and a while.
The terms of service page. Er… yeah. It’s there.
The official Manual~ This is often being changed as well so feel free to come around and glance it over every once and a while.
The support page! This is where you can put in various requests and reports to the site owner and his administrators.

Table of Contents
1. Getting to Know the WoB interface.
2. World of Bleaches Move Library and Explanation.
3. Best Training Practices.
4. Conclusion.

Getting to know WoB’s Interface.

Profile Page

Here is where you can view anything and everything about your character’s stats, currency, battle history, specialization, activity points, burst points, level experience. You name it.

Once Rank 5 you can send money and shards to other players here right beside Referrals and voting.

Most importantly however your skills and stats will be listed here as well. Here is a Brief overview of what each stands for.

Melee Skill determines your effectiveness with melee or physical based moves. This will improve its offense and defense. Melee moves require a certain amount of this skill to unlock.

Spirit Skill determines your effectiveness with spirit or magical based moves. This will improve its offense and defense. Spirit moves require a certain amount of this skill to unlock.

Ressureccion/Zanpakuto Skill determines your effectiveness with your release based abilities. This improves its offense and use cost. Zanpakuto moves require a certain amount of this skill and the skill of its type to unlock.

Sonido or Shunpo skill determines how many squares you will be able to move. You will have to ask your peers on what the specific requirements for this will be. This skill is used in conjunction with the speed skill to unlock the additional movement squares.

Strength will increase the power of your melee abilities.

Intelligence will increase the power of your spirit abilities.

Speed will influence who gets first turn and assist in unlocking movement squares.

Endurance improves your melee defense.

Willpower improves your spirit defense.

Referrals and voting

Here you can click each of the links and receive free money! These reset daily so be sure to cash them in when able. While you are at it vote for the site and show your support.

Here you receive and send messages privately.


Here you can equip evolutions/Items and moves you have purchased. These moves will be what appear when you go into battle.


Here is where you can post to other players in a scrolling chat. Certain memes are enabled and can be used by typing out their meme code within your mosts. Memecodes are typed out between colons. Ex. :no: :wut: :why: :howaboutno: and so on. You can view memecodes used in social by moussing over them. All memecodes are in lower-case. There are 4 Tabs to social for players. Race-Mixed-RP and Officer socials.


Here is how you move about the various maps in the game. Currently there are only 3 zones to traverse.

Hueco Mundo – The Desert lands of Hollowkind.

Soul Society – The Spiritual lands protected by the Shinigami.

Kyoto City – The neutral warzone between the two factions.

To move you can use the WASD or arrow keys. Or simply click an adjacent square on the travel grid.

Here is also where you attack other players. Towards the bottom of the travel page you will see a scan list. If players are on your square, within your rank or rank barrier you may attack them via the link to the far side. You are unable to attack players outside of your player-barrier or if they are in the same squad or Fraccion as you. In Kyoto City you are only able to attack enemy players.

Here is where you can see the Top 10 players, Online users, Game Staff, and the Leaderboards for most pvp victories. You may search for the profile pages of other users by typing their name or partially typing their name in the search bar.

Here is where you may purchase spirit shards and enjoy their perks. They can be purchased in the purchase shards tab or in the shard exchange for in game currency if they are being sold by other players. Spirit shards help fund the game so buy a few if you would like to support the game and its owner.

Central HQ
Here you can view the current faction leaders and their stats. Race points are used to purchase race-wide boosts. Here you can view all the ranks and rank names as well. Here you can view who has won the last few world bosses. The bosses themselves will be covered in another section.

Race HQ
Here you can view your race’s leader as well as any race boost that is set. You may view the current Espada, Members and orders that have been set by the leader.

Fraccion HQ
Much like the Race HQ here you may view the orders and officers of your Fraccion as well as the boost currently set if any.

Here you may spar anyone in any rank if they accept your challenge. This is where you go to also accept challenges. Spars do not count against your pvp history.

This is the menu where you set your timed trainings. Training practices will be covered in a future section.

This is where you go to face off against three levels of AI. Easy-Medium-Hard.
Each increase in difficulty gives exponentially better rewards, so aim to become strong enough to defeat the hardest difficulty consistently.

Here is where you can use up your pools quickly and gain stats from them without having to fight the AI. (This is currently highly recommended once open to do so)

Regen/Medical Store
Here is where you can heal yourselves for a small amount of currency. The heals become better with each level of healing. I recommend you use the highest available healing useful to you even if you overheal a bit due to the costs.

Here is where you can view all the available moves you can purchase at your level. The farther down the list the stronger the available moves are. They come in various ranges, effects and usefulness. There is a lot of balancing that needs to be done so please be sure to read the move-section of this guide. Be sure to purchase the type of moves best suited to your specialization.

Evolutions and Items
This is where you can purchase passive bonuses to your character. You can equip them through the equip menu.

Log out timer
Players will be logged out after 60 minutes of game time. If you have a Godly Aura this goes up to 2 hours. Once expired you will be expected to log in again and taken to the front page of the site.

Whenever you fight Bosses or other players you will be taken the the Battle-grid. Here you can position your character and choose the directions of your attacks. Make sure to keep track of where you and your opponent is when deciding your moves and directions. By default you can move 2 squares.

World of Bleaches Move Library and Explanations.
In this section I will go over what moves consist of and link you to a resource that explains what certain effects mean.

Move Ranges

The range format is Length-Width or L.W ex. 5.1 would be 5 squares forward and 1 square wide. This would be a thin attack that reaches out.

Effect Turns

If a move has an effect it will be listed with how many turns it will last. When a move is used it will last a certain number of turns after the turn it was used. By default AoE effects last 2-3 turns.

Melee and Spirit Differences

Melee and spirit moves are identical except for one aspect. Damage type. Melee is considered physical damage and spirit is considered magical. Resists will only apply to the appropriate damage type. Aside from this small difference they play identically.

Move levels

Moves have levels as well. The more you use a move and train it the more effective it will become. This will be covered more in best training practices.
Move types
Finally we come down to what kinds of moves there are in the game.

Stationary or Moving

If a move is stationary you remain in the same place you issue the attack. If it is moving it will cost additional pools to move however many squares the range will take you. Moving attacks gain additional range based on how many movement squares you have unlocked. Beware as moving attacks will increase your successive pool usage every time you move.

Pure moves deal flat damage and have no special effects associated with them. Aside from Recoil these moves have the highest base damage output.

Base descriptions for each of the move effects can be found here.

Best Training Practices

Here we will go over how you should plan out your training.

Once level 16 you will be asked to choose your specialization. In my opinion you will want to choose aggressive or aggressive balanced. But ultimately you can pursue any specialization you wish.


There are several types of boosts currently implemented into WoB.

Weekend Boost

Becomes available starting Saturday at 00:00 to Monday 00:00 server time. This is a flat 55% increase to all money, skills and stat gains. Moves are not effected currently.

Boss Boost
There are three different kinds of bosses. Kyoto City World Boss, Race Bosses, and Defender Bosses. Each of these bosses will yield a certain amount of % to gains. This varies on catchup-mechanics and is due to change specifically.

Event Boosts
Every once and a while the site owner bestows the gift of increased gains onto his lovely userbase. These gifts include the activity point requirements removed and increased extended trainings. Sometimes we also see high % boost to gains. (Typically for the duration of the event or holiday). Holidays also sometimes yield special items to be purchased at the Armory or Evolution menu. So be sure to check them out and get them while they last!

Move Training
Armory/Evolution moves take 30 minutes and 3 activity points to train while Zanpakuto/Reserrucion moves take 1 hour and 20 burst training points to train.
Move trainings are the equivalent of using the move about 140 times.

Here is where you can level up your moves via using them in battle or defeat the AI for gains. As it currently stands defeating the first 50 Hard AI is better than using the feeds. But once the daily bonus is gone feed/patrol is arguably more worth doing than AI. Unlike PvP or boss fighting this is your traditional Browser based combat. Choose a move, use it, and repeat until the AI or you are dead.

This is currently the best way to gain general stats without time training them. It is simple, quick, and effective.
Desert AI and feeds have a chance to be “Lucky” or “UberLucky” these double and quadruple the gains respectfully. However for Feeds these lucky gains are twice as effective.

Through The Ranks

This part of the guide is specific to each rank that will be listed below. These suggestions may bend the rules a little bit due to having to have players get on their feet before they can make full use of the optimum training path.

Devouring Beast
This is the rank that will get you familiar with the Hollow interface. To get through this rank you simply will need to train your desired primary skill and secondary skill. It isn't absolutely required but if you want through this rank quickly, you should take the two AI spam moves below and kill as much Desert AI as possible.

Moves of the Rank

Claw of the Fallen (Melee) Heartless Destruction (Spirit)

Regardless of Rank, having one AI spam move from each skill is essential for the most efficient training. This is due to even though you may specialize in melee or spirit exclusively, you still have a lot of pools in the opposite skill that will otherwise go un-used.

Huge Hollow

When you enter this rank you will choose your specialization. I highly recommend going with any of the three aggressive specializations at the time of writing this guide.

Aggressive spirit - Aggressive Melee - Aggressive Balanced.

As Stated before, just because you specialize in only one skill, you should always have the secondary skill trained for defensive purposes as well as training purposes.

If you do specialize in balance, note that this may require a lot more patience and training to make full optimal use of the specialization. But, in addition to more training, it is possible to also train faster if you evenly increase the potency of both your skills and moves. This is due to being able to make full use of both pools evenly, as well as regen them evenly. You will also deal roughly the same damage to AI with both skill types if you keep everything consistent.

Moves of the Rank
This is where your most important set of moves will come from in terms of defeating AI. These two moves listed below will set the pace of your training in the long run until late Rank six.

Burning Roar (Spirit)| 6,000 spirit skill - Rending Claws (Melee)| 6,000 melee skill

This is when you will want to start move training, however you may not immediately be able to pick up either of these moves when you rank. These two particular moves hold the highest damage to pool usage ratio of all the moves until Rank 6 where the two pure damage moves there go unrivaled.

Refer to the What to train when portion of the guide from here on out. If all of the listed moves cap you are free to train skill exclusively until you reach the next set of listed moves.

From here on out my views on when to rank up vary from my peers, but my suggestion is to always cap your primary skill, take your secondary skill to half cap (If melee or spirit specialization) or both skills to cap if you are balanced. If your generals happen to cap from spamming AI before meeting the skill requirement then you may also rank.

My biggest reasoning for this is because every time you rank up, the AI will become more difficult, and ranking up immediately may slow your ability to kill these Hard AI consistently. Granted once your general stats cap, this impediment will no longer matter since you won't be able to gain anything more in your current rank anyway.


Regardless if you decided to hold or not, the training path remains the same. In this rank more moves are added to your training list and your skill/stat caps increase.

Moves of the Rank

In this rank Boosts, resists, and heals come into play. This guide is not about explaining the uses of each one, but know they all play an important role in combat even to the last rank.

Melee moves include:
Diamond Armor(Dual Resist), Primal Hunger (Melee Boost), Abyssal Resolve (Melee Heal)

Spirit moves include: Unrelenting Resolve(Dual Resist), Malevolent Aura (Spirit Boost), High Speed Regeneration (Spirit Heal)


Balanced users can make full use of combining melee and spirit moves. However it is important to know that the Healing moves in particular can only be used by their primary specialization or a balanced user. Using the healing move from the opposite skill will result in a much weaker effect to the point where it isn't worth using at all.

ex. Melee using a spirit heal will have next to no gains regardless of spirit skill. Yet a balanced user can use both freely regardless of skill amount and gain full benefit as long as it is trained.


In this rank we are only introduced to 1 important long lasting move. And that is a moving attack. If you ended up having to rank too soon before your moves completely capped, make full use of this rank to finish training your listed moves before moving on.

Once in this rank other players are free to attack you if they are in your rank as well. Invasions allow the opposite race to kill you regardless of rank. And in the KC opposite race players in your rank barrier may also attack you. In this case it is R5-R6. Or Ranked officers and Elite officers.

Moves of the Rank

Primal Shot (Melee) And Arrancar Cero (Spirit) are Pre-R7 moving attacks.

If you have no interest in holding R6 in the long term then this move is skippable.

Elite Fraccion

In this rank is when you want to make a long term commitment before moving on. As well as decide if you want to assist your race by stopping your training here once capped or to keep training in the new rank barrier.

Moves of the Rank

In this rank you also are introduced to several moves that hold great significance in the long run. Capping all of these moves will make you much more battle-ready in this rank and the next.

Environmental resistance (Melee Barrier) - Wrenching Twist (Melee Weakness) - Tigerstrike (New Melee Pure damage move that replaces Rending Claw)

Dark Matter Barrier (Spirit Barrier) - Oblivion Sphere (Spirit Weakness) - Voidmaw (New Spirit Pure damage move that replaces Burning Roar)

Privaron Espada

In this rank you cut off all ties to the last two ranks player-wise, only being able to interact with them in spars or possibly invasions. You are now at the bottom of the new rank barrier and training time is increase exponentially in this rank and the next. But don't fret, keep on training consistently and not giving up will possibly result in you becoming one of our honorary Espada!

Moves of the Rank

This rank introduces several moves that may find some use to you.

Double Vortex Strike (Melee Range Nerf) - Scorching Reishi (Melee Fire AoE) - Limitless Onslaught (Melee Moving Attack) - Toxic Pheremone (Melee Poison AoE)

Hollow Singularity (Spirit Range Nerf) - Dark Nova (Spirit Fire AoE) - Flash Sonido (Spirit moving attack) Deathly Swamp (Spirit Poison AoE)

I'm not a large fan on Poison AoE, but it is still effective for what it does.

Legendary Espada

The final rank that boasts the highest xp ceiling in the game. As expected will take the longest out of all the ranks to train but will yield power unrivaled should you be able to seize it.

Moves of the Rank

Finally we come down to the last set of moves for this particular guide, their may be moves not listed in this guide that are worth getting, but at least with this you will at least have a base to work from.

Almost all moves in this rank are worth taking, it will be up to you to decide which to utilize.

I Personally suggest taking the 5.3 Pure damage move for either skill at the very least and experiment from there.


I hope you all enjoyed this guide and find it useful for your WoB experience. If you like the game please show support and purchase spirit shards to enjoy the Premium perks!

This will be my last guide unless something changes my mind. I apologize for any mistakes made in this guide and that despite any flaws it may have it is overall helpful to you.

Happy Hunting

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