August Annihilation 2015 Tournament

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August Annihilation 2015 Tournament Empty August Annihilation 2015 Tournament

Post by Lsmjudoka on Mon Jul 27, 2015 12:38 am

Tournament Dates

Tournament registration will start July 26th.
Registration will close at 3 PM server time on Friday, July 31st.

Registration can be done here:

The tournament will start on August 1st. Time of the first match is TBD based on match schedules.

Group stage is expected to end around August 9th-10th. The exact date it ends will be determined once matches have been scheduled.

Bracket stage will start after the completion of group stage, and will run until the tournament completion. Expected length of bracket stage is 1-2 weeks.

Tournament Format

The tournament will be mixed-race Shinigami and Hollow. There will be no single race tournaments.

Group stage will consist of best of 1 matches, although it is possible for players to fight each other twice. Everyone will fight a minimum of 5 matches in group stage, although this may vary rank to rank based on how many players sign up and the availability of players in the division. If possible every player will fight every other player in the division.

The top ~50% of players from group stage will advance to bracket stage. The exact number of players advancing from group to bracket stage will be determined based on the number of players in the group. Bracket stage will consist of best of 3 matches in an elimination format. Players will be matched up based on seeding from group stages and availability.

Tournament Aura

All players participating in the tournament will receive 1 week of Godly Aura starting on 08/01/15. Players who already have Godly Aura will have it extended by 1 week. Players with Weak or Strong aura will receive an upgrade of 1 level.

Players who have completed 3 or more group stage matches will receive another week of aura on 08/08/15.

Players who advance to the bracket stage will receive 2 weeks of aura at the start of the bracket stage.

Tournament Rules

Ranking up at any time after registering for the tournament and before official tournament completion will result in disqualification from the tournament and ineligibility for prizes.

Match Scheduling/Availability
ALL MATCHES WILL BE SCHEDULED IN SERVER TIME (GMT -0400). Players will be provided with a conversion from server time to their local time as listed on their registration. Matches will be scheduled inside player's listed availability windows, and players will be notified of their schedules matches at least 4 hours ahead of time where possible(Special circumstances may arise which make this not possible for some matches. Players will be given as much notification before the match as possible). If players do not have sufficient availability windows to fight other players within their division, they may be removed from the tournament and given a consolation prize. Staff will attempt to contact players and discuss availability windows before removed a player from the tournament due to lack of sufficient availability.

Match Forfeiting
Players are required to be online by the scheduled start time of their match. Failure to be online and check in with a tournament official by 5 minutes after scheduled match start time will result in forfeiting of the match.

Battle Holding
Warnings/bans will not be issued for battle holding during the tournament, however battle holding will result in the instant forfeiting of a battle. In a best of 1, this will forfeit the match. In a best of 3 match, this will not forfeit the entire match, however it will count as a lost battle.

Tournament Prizes

1st Place:
Champion's Item
40 Spirit Shards

2nd Place:
40 Spirit Shards

3rd Place:
20 Spirit Shards

In the event of a tie forced by inability to schedule two players together for 2nd or 3rd place, both players will receive half the prize amount. In the event of a tie forced by inability to schedule two players together for 1st place, both players will receive 40 shards.

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