A "Defend" option in pvp. Not a suggestion, but the ultimate solution.

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A "Defend" option in pvp. Not a suggestion, but the ultimate solution. Empty A "Defend" option in pvp. Not a suggestion, but the ultimate solution.

Post by Sieghart on Thu Sep 24, 2015 5:22 pm

First things first, in my point of view, I consider the WoB pvp "broken" due to many players able to perform "battle holding" or "running" in pvp. Due to it, players became annoyed about this to the point where it became a rule in the manual and whosoever breaks this rule, will face warnings or bans. And due to that, players who are aware of these rules now follow them because the players "believe" this is how WoB pvp should work.

Now, the real question here isn't "why does such a rule exist?"

But the real question is, "Why do players even run/battlehold?"

Supported with deductions, logic, and thanks to various players from WoB, I was able to gather information even coming from experienced veterans of WoB.

1. To "run away" via circling around the map to avoid any more damage.
2. To spam a move/moves
3. To pool/heal up
4. To waste an opponent's pools
5. To stop an opponent's "combo"
6. To DoT the opponent
7. To get a chance to "flee"
8. Most crucially, to defeat the opponent in a different manner by using the different damaging effects in the game.

Now then, all of them have something in common... what have you noticed? They all have a reasonoable way of fighting... they all make logical sense... they all think strategically... this is the whole reason why running/battle holding happened in the game and it is not because for any petty reason... Also, running away in this game just by moving on your turn when youre on the verge of death just benefits you very little when your opponent can just move close to you again after all. This is also one of the reasons why this battle holding/running rule happened.

So then, let's just give them what they want.

Due to this line of thinking, I was able to come up with the idea, the "defend" system/option/idea for WoB pvp... I have put much thought into this, and I guarantee that this idea will definitely benefit WoB and all of its players... it will make everything better, improve the whole gameplay... improve the whole game, and it will also remove that battle holding/running rule in the list of rules. But not only that, it will also expand the player's strategies to effectively fight off, think things through and find counters to their opponents. It gives every player to strategize every action they do instead of the usual "I hit harder than you and have more hp so it's all decided on some guaranteed hits" scenario.

Next, what does my idea, the "defend" option do?

It makes your character able to dodge/block or get a chance dodge/block+move away squares in the pvp grid. (many players were complaining about the dodge idea but it's still an idea. removing the dodge thing is still okay)

now then, this is where this idea has more significant uses for your stats.

-the blocking part is pretty much just reducing the damage you take from the opponent. Perhaps it could act the same way as how you "brace for incoming attack" when you go near your opponent.

-shunpo/sonido + speed (total) get compared to your opponent's and the difference is what makes the percentage for your chance to move away happen. Of course, I understand the flaw to this... which is why, let us make a fixed minimum percentage for the player to move away... also, the moving away only happens if you and your opponent are neck to neck with each other (it is still all up to you)

And that is that. Let me make a list of what I think are all the pros and cons for this new system.

pros: Deeper strategy
both parties get a chance to back away from the opponent with ease now.
everybody can now fight with each other head-on with some skill involved
Makes the game more fun

cons: Old players will have to adjust

(TL;DR you now have a chance to move away from the opponent for some/all movable squares or reduce damage/(avoid?) on opponent's attack)

btw, I am aware that lsm is making a new battle system already to fix the battle holding/running issue... but that's all I know... the best information that I could get in the social =w= but still, this should get checked out... it could improve his system more probably...

yep... that's it.


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A "Defend" option in pvp. Not a suggestion, but the ultimate solution. Empty Re: A "Defend" option in pvp. Not a suggestion, but the ultimate solution.

Post by straywolf174 on Fri Sep 25, 2015 4:25 pm

Even with Lsm fixing the pvp system, this is a very interesting suggestion that has the potential of improving the game three-fold, as well as bringing back a very crucial thing in PvP that WoB has been lacking for awhile now. With all the "Brawlers" strategy had been very difficult to implement, especially with the limitations that were considered "Unfair," only not. Only half of combat, life or game, is based on strength alone. Skill and tact should have a play in it as well, so I support this idea one hundred percent. Perfect or not, it could have a shot at bringing WoB back to it's former glory.

As far as old players adjusting, I don't think that's a con. I think Brawlers becoming Strategists is the real obstacle, here. Wink
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