An "Are you sure?" page in the premium page

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An "Are you sure?" page in the premium page Empty An "Are you sure?" page in the premium page

Post by Sieghart on Thu Oct 01, 2015 2:37 pm

Some players just have this urge to check things out in the premium page. Sometimes, some unfortunate players just accidentally click/tap on their computers/devices the "buy" button by mistake when all they want to do is just check things out or select an option of what to select first.

Since it is a premium page, it should have numerous options for you to spend your shards which uses irl money.

now, why am i suggesting such an option to exist? well, that's because right now, the page is risky to visit for those people who are holding shards in their hand especially for those players who plan for stuff on what to buy there... shards are irl money after all, and some people and players may choose to spend their money wisely on certain things.

and well, for them to first deciding what option to pick before clicking buy, but accidentally clicking it for accidental reasons is just unfair for those paying players. so give them an option beforehand if they are sure first to avoid careless mistakes.


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