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Mentor-Apprentice System Empty Mentor-Apprentice System

Post by Lacrimosa on Fri Dec 25, 2015 7:57 pm

Just a random thought I’ve decided to put on digital paper (that has somehow grown in length while I was procrastinating).

-Increase interactions between players of different ranks.
-Reward players for being active and alert.
-Offer support to new, low level players.

***I’m using a lot of letters/variables because I don’t have any numbers in mind. It’s safe to assume that different variables are independent of one another.***

A single Mentor can take it N amount of Apprentices, but an Apprentice may only have [1] Mentor. Apprentices must be at the strongest [1] rank below that of their Mentor. Like marriages, one of the parties involved needs to send in a proposal for the relationship to be established, but this feature wouldn’t be Aura user exclusive. Dismissing Mentors/Apprentices and proposing to a new one is also free, but with a cooldown of [24] hours to prevent abuse.

-Every X mins (timer separate for each apprentice), Mentor may spar Apprentice to earn Z Burst Points. Mentor will earn less than Apprentice since they may have more than 1 Apprentice, and they’re not the ones in dire need of growth.
-Each Y mins, Apprentice may spar another of their Mentor’s Apprentices to earn N Burst Points.
-During PvP, if Mentor and Apprentice are on the same square Apprentice earns a stat buff. I’m thinking Speed to increase their chances of escaping rather than anything offensive. This system was designed to protect Apprentices, not help them kill other players.
-Every PvP kill done by Apprentice will earn Mentor’s Squad/Fraccion [1] SP/FP. (Gotta give the Mentors some perks too!)

Please post your thoughts and suggestion. It would be nice if we can get something out to support players before lsm does any mass recruiting. (Although MPVP May change things drastically. That'll be for another time and place.)

Edit: In retrospect, I should have probably posted in the Senpai-Kouhai thread, but I'm Hollow, those Japanese terms offend me. Mentor-Apprentice System Like_a_sir

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