Project: AR Chapter One - Pilot

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Project: AR Chapter One - Pilot

Post by Arctic on Sun Jan 17, 2016 3:35 pm

In the world, there are two classifications of sentient beings: Humans and Monsters. Long ago, ten Humans versed in arcane arts sought to create a lineage of man that would serve as the protection of their race. The descendants of this lineage have been called many things throughout the passing of time. Gods, demons, devils, heroes, villains, and many more. They are truly known as Summoners. Each Summoner is able to conjure beings forth from their own dimension. These conjured creatures may look like beasts or man, but are far more powerful than either. As time passes, the purpose of the Summoners becomes lost as technology improves, leaving man without magic and without the need for a group of valiant protectors. Some of these Summoners become evil while others prefer to hide their ability. At the present, there are two that fully embrace their abilities and lead nomadic lives, preferring to travel aimlessly in search of Monsters to be vanquished.
Gally and Shelby walk side by side through a crowded section of town. Cars zip by recklessly, horns blaring and tires squealing at pedestrians foolish enough to attempt to run across the street without the permission of lights. The city they are in is called Neyad, and is one of the few cities built so close to the endless expanse of jungle that houses untold amounts of Monsters. Gally is wearing a long black coat and nondescript blue jeans. On his coat, he has numerous leather loops with a black bar slid into each. Shelby is wearing a simple white turtle neck with tan dress slacks. They continue down the sidewalk without really speaking to one another, preferring to scan their surroundings.
It’s rumored a Monster of some sort has been murdering people indiscriminately and then vanishing. The local militia is unable to find any clues to what the beast is and the murders don’t stop. It’s most unusual that the bodies are left in the open. Most are devoured or skewered on trees as a trophy and warning. As they stop at a curb to wait for the crosswalk signal to switch, dense fog suddenly rolls through the block. Gally grabs two of the black bars in each hand, and holds them as if they were a sort of handle. Shelby stands back to back with Gally, scanning the surroundings and trying to feel for any movement through the mist.
First, a scream. Then more. Gally and Shelby take off in the direction of the screams as they become louder and more numerous. Through the mist, a black shape hurdles towards them and crashes into Gally’s chest, knocking him to the ground. It’s the dismembered and bloodied torso of a human. Gritting his teeth, he stands and races faster. Sparks of maroon electricity seem to surge from Gally’s body and travel down the black bars, suddenly causing a crimson blade to erupt from each end. The fog abrubtly vanishes, leaving a gruesome scene. Shelby and Gally stare in silence at the sheer volume of bodies and limbs haphazardly strewn about.
“Ten, maybe fifteen, dead. All dead. What the hell was that?” Gally mumbled, replacing his now inactive black bars into his jacket. “The second I activated my ability, the Monster should have switched targets to me.”
“Maybe this one is different from the normal Monsters we’ve hunted in the past, Gally.” Shelby replied. “It doesn’t even look like this one was hungry. It’s abnormal.”
They both stand there in silence from across the street, watching the medical team meticulously catalog and clean the brutal scene in front of them. Militia members stand at the ready nearby in case something else attacks, but it’s unlikely. In a few hours, there won’t even be a drop of blood left on the pavement to indicate anything had happened there. The pair decide to leave, keeping their senses on a higher alert than before. Now that they know how the beast likes to attack, they’ll be prepared for the next encounter. As they walk back to the hotel they are staying at, one of the shops TVs facing the street shows a newsman speaking about wanted fugitives from another city halfway across the world. Drawings are shown instead of pictures, but side by side, they are a dead ringer for Gally and Shelby.
Instead of lingering, they pick up the pace. It’s unlikely anyone would think the two as a pair of fugitives, but you can never be too careful. As they round the last block to their hotel, multiple milita vehicles suddenly roar by at dangerous speeds. Then they hear it. The roar from a Monster behind them. They jump away from the sound and quickly turn around to face it. It’s roughly 4 meters tall and stands on all fours. It resembles a canine but with no tail and has rippling muscles. Upon close inspection, Gally becomes more relaxed. He noticed there is no blood or any signs this is the same Monster that just disappeared. Just an average Monster that can’t put up much of a fight.
“Ashes.” Gally whispers, causing the air to rapidly blow around him. Almost instantly, a figure appears in front of the duo. Dressed in black robes from head to toe with a long scythe in hand, the humanoid creature oozes despair. The Monster slowly backs up, unsure of what to make of the deathly looking being that suddenly appeared in front of it’s prey. An abrupt flash of red light turns the Monster into nothing but dust. Gally kneels down to the pile and whispers something, then dismisses his Summon.
“That was kind of a waste, wasn’t it?” Shelby complains. “You could have beat that thing barehanded and caused less of a scene. Now we have to go find a rooftop somewhere. Dammit, Gally.”
“Sorry, Shelbs. I was hoping to draw out the other one, but it looks like he isn’t taking the bait.” Gally and Shelby both rushed to leave. Across the street in a dark alley, a figure holding a pocket watch in his hand stands stoically, supremely interested in the display he just saw. He would have to test them further to see if they are worthy opponents. The mysterious figure disappeared into the shadows silently, none the wiser he had been there.

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