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Espada Power Rankings. Empty Espada Power Rankings.

Post by WarJack on Fri Mar 11, 2016 10:20 pm

Hi all,

A wonderful discussion was recently had in a Skype room and I thought I'd share the idea and get some feedback on it.

Essentially, the Espada system could be changed to better emulate the Anime.
Espada 1 (The Primera Espada) being the most powerful Espada, with Espada 10 being the weakest.

Espadas could decide to challenge the Espada above them, by challenging them to a 'Rank/Title fight', similar to the current Officer Challenges.

If the challenger wins; they and the rest of their Fraccion's members would change their Fraccion number (and all of their Fraccion Points would move across, etc.), while the loser would move down a place.
If the challenger loses; they would be on challenge cooldown for 24 hours. They must still accept challenges from the Espada below them, however.

This brings up the question of how the Espada 10 is replaced by a non-Espada.

Either, the current Fraccion Commander must challenge the Espada who heads the current Fraccion that they reside in, (usually meaning that the R8 player who is seeking to become an Espada would transfer to a Fraccion with a 'weaker' Espada, 8/9/10).
All Fraccion Commanders have a global Espada challenge button for challenging Espada 10 to a seat fight.

This would essentially include a power ranking system to the Hollows, encouraging PvP and competition between the Fraccions and their respective Espada. It would also better interpret the original Anime, while bringing some much needed difference and uniqueness to the Hollow race.

Feel free to leave your thoughts and feedback.

Zangetsu [KoHM] (Jack).


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Espada Power Rankings. Empty Re: Espada Power Rankings.

Post by Lacrimosa on Sat Mar 19, 2016 10:31 pm

I prefer the second option. Not everyone has the shards to keep switching fraccions. I dunno about the 24 hours cooldown though. Sounds a bit long, at least compared to the cooldowns in place now.

What would be the incentive to try to aim for a higher Espada seat? And if there is one, what is to say that the lower-end Fraccions won't be emptied out with all members switching to higher fraccions for better benefits? (unless benefit would only apply to the Espada)

I also heard that lsm is planning to give each squad/fraccions their own perks. i.e.: div 4 would be medics and may get healing related perks. It would be interesting to see how the two systems would work together.

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