Spicing up releases and PvP

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Spicing up releases and PvP

Post by Phantom on Thu Mar 17, 2016 12:41 pm

<Mild Spoiler Warning>
Hey~ Some of you may know me, but most do not. Doesn't really matter.

1. Release's Special Effect.

Remember how Soifon's suzumebachi could 2-hit opponent? How kira's shikai could turn enemies into fatasses? Well, I am suggesting about release's special effect. Now I know a 2-hit would be very OP, but that is not what we are talking about.

Maybe make a release special effect like a clone (like those AIs), Able to destroy obstacles, shrink the battlefield for a few squares, able to be invisible for a turn, etc. etc, other than the generic move effects (could also be stacked with moves)

This would make PvP fights more epic and more cautious, since you never know what kind of abilities do your opponent has. Maybe make it like a second roll (like.. you get one of the default special effect after you get your release, if you understand what i meant.)

Customs should be able to have a custom special effect that is not too OP, which Lsm and the admin team should agree on if its OP or not.

2. Temporary release shield

In the anime and manga, resurreccion (even the name is obvious), heals the user upon release. But it would be too OP since you can just release when you are dying. So, how about making release has a 1 or 2 turn of % shield (or 100% shield), so that you wont need to release from the start of the battle.

This would definitely make PvPs more strategical, since you need to think carefully when to release. and this, could be a life saver and would make PvP more interesting by allowing epic comebacks.

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