Zangulia Fanfic Competition

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Zangulia Fanfic Competition

Post by Jujubeee on Sat Apr 23, 2016 1:29 pm

Greetings, fellow Wobbians!

I am hosting a fanfiction story competition based on Zangulia.
-Romance is optional (but preferred)
-Font size:11 with Maximum of 1000 words
-You can either post the story here, as a reply OR use Google Documents and link it to me.

Whoever wants to join, please do send me a PM on WoB and I'll write your name down on my journal.
Prizes are:-
1st place: 15 shards
2nd place: 10 shards
3rd place: 5 shards.


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Re: Zangulia Fanfic Competition

Post by AoihiDoragon on Sat Apr 23, 2016 4:14 pm

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Re: Zangulia Fanfic Competition

Post by karriemist on Sat Apr 23, 2016 4:28 pm

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Re: Zangulia Fanfic Competition

Post by DariusOfNoxus on Sat Apr 23, 2016 5:05 pm

A dashing wind blows by in the ever so falling sunset. A sign that the night is entering through the day and thus the shift will begin. The footsteps outdoors echoed a few times, a clear panting in the air was heard. A constant increase in echoes in the footsteps and inhale of air. A male voice could be recognized during that time when the creature dashed by.

Once the sunset was settling into Hueco Mundo plains, the warmth of the sand was disappearing and the creature moved even sharper than ever before. The rustles of something could be heard when it clenched their claws tighter among the handle provided with it.

Julia took another sigh when she folded up her equipment for that day. She had been endlessly training and to some point, the repeated feeding upon hollows was growing dull like a painting that once lost it’s charm. A seat was accepted by the sand nearby her barracks. A good time to relax and recollect the memories of that particular day during the very sunset that occurred far off.

Diversity in life was however the spice of life and it was not even needed to be taught in order to appreciate that novelty.  Julia leaned back against one of the many huge and circular pillars that served as some entrance towards each individual barracks  in the Hueco Mundo plains. The rather bizarrely white sand floated by with the striking winds in the air when the creature closed down towards the destination of Julia. The shift in the sand and the wind was apparent when it jetted away like a speeding train upon highway rails.

A gentle tap upon the chin was made a few times, Julia was deep in thoughts again when she was wondering what she was doing next. Maybe even, what Zangetsu was up to in that instance. She assumed on off hand it must be some other invasion that occurred once the shifting sand approached her from afar and she rushed back into the barracks.

Yet there was no alarms for such a thing. What was that? Once the creature stopped dead in his tracks did she notice just who that individual was. The horned and rather tall creature could easily be defined by jaw, mask or even that half-on and half off scattered robes that was dripping off fresh blood from hollows to shinigamis that still clung to his rounded out and granite made body. A sign of a battle-hardened one. It was Zangetsu! The rustles of something was heard again when the King of Hueco Mundo held up his right hand towards her.

“Sorry I came by too late to watch you train. I was.. ehm busy in life?” Zangetsu replied in a rather odd-beating fashion to what he usually did around his female love in life when he held up the bouquets of heart-warming and crimson red roses. They had taken a certain falter after being rushed around from the Kyoto City and right back to the Hueco Mundo. The idea still remained there when the male holstered a toothy grin when he parted his lips to speak once again. “This is for my Queen, the one and only.” He spoke rather freely once again, handing her the roses that she earned in his opinion.

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Re: Zangulia Fanfic Competition

Post by Mu Setsumei Uxukie on Mon Apr 25, 2016 2:15 am

Beauty and the Beast

The scenery wasn’t very amorous- nothing but white sand as far as the eye could see, with the rare dead tree or Hollow eating other Hollows. But then again, when she was with him, the scenery didn’t matter.

Go to Heaven for the weather, come to Hell for the company people always said, she mused.

She was here for so long she had forgotten how long exactly(She even forgot how to tell the concept of time here! Not like it was valuable information, what with the constant night like atmosphere that made it impossible to tell the time anywhere around.), but even if she wasn’t ignorant to the concept, it wouldn’t have mattered. She would have stayed by his side for eternity, just as she is doing now.

Watching Hueco Mundo, his- THEIR- Kingdom, it filled her with an emotion she had thought long incapable of blossoming up within her anymore.

It filled her with hope.

Hope that they could make this afterlife for these poor souls, not joy filled(It was next to impossible for that to happen with what they were, anyway. They weren’t Shinigami with dreams and ambitions, filled with nothing but desire and love- no, they were Hollows. Those who constantly seek to fill the void in their hearts by eating their own kind- anyone, even!) but perhaps, the two of them, together, they could make this life… Bearable, to them.

Looking to up at her side, she was able to get a look at him(Not like she needed to- she knew what his whole body looked like at this point.) for what had to be over the one-thousandth time on this very same Balcony that belonged to the King of Hueco Mundo. White bone(His whole body was covered in the stuff.) mask with two red lines going across his left cheek, blank, hollow cavities where his eyes should be looked out into distance, two massive horns pointed forward with sharp tips, long, billowing orange hair that cascaded down his back, pasty torso that yielded the fact he had trained for dozens of years as it held an amazing amount of muscle(An 8-pack!), only interrupted by his Hollow hole on the left side of his chest surrounded by a black tribal tattoo the expanse of his entire chest, black hakama pants held up by a white piece of cloth going down toned legs to his bare feet, which were clawed and as equally white as the rest of his body, and red fur around his wrists and neck- almost scarf like in nature.

He looked like such a monster- but being so close to him, I can safely say he was anything but.

He valiantly saved other Hollow’s from an unjust fate- even at risk of his own safety. He has given to the less fortunate when he saw them struggling. He forgave all those who have done wrong to him, letting them go without even a warning to not do so again!

What did that say about her?

How many times had she stood by as a fellow member of her own race had been stabbed, cut, burned, or otherwise maimed right in front of her- not out of weakness, but from a lack of general empathy? How many a time had she walked by a less than fortunate creature, begging, only to be turned away by her? How many had she condemned by ordering there swift(Sometimes even torturous!) deaths because she found them to be repulsive, vile beings for the acts they had committed, when in actuality, those ‘heinous’ crimes weren’t even so much as stealing from the empire?

How many times had she watched the King- HER King- declare her word law, and have a Hollow executed in front of them, knowing exactly what it did to him on the inside to have to give the orders to kill a fellow member of their race, just to make her happy?

Was he so truly evil a monster people claimed him to be for his ominous looks and firm way he held himself, when she- a walking image of every vile thing they said about the gentle creature, co-existed with him, here in this world everyone deemed ‘Hell’?

She curled into his side more as she frowned and looked down.

No, if anything, she was the sin, with him, the purity. He was the one that cared for everyone… The weak, the sovereign, the ill, the well, the demented, the pure- while she was the one who judged the world for not being in the shape she wished it to be.

The beast.

She was taken by surprise when he nudged her away a little but, only to wrap his arm around her, pull her up, and kiss her.

Heh- he always did know when she was feeling down…

She closed her eyes as she went deeper into his embrace.

Perhaps, everything would be okay in the world. Not everything was as pure and innocent as this gullible lug- maybe her role was more valuable than she realized. Someone might come looking for retribution or revenge against the King after their crimes were annulled- and while the King was powerful, he wasn’t immortal. He could still die.

So maybe, her rulings weren’t really all that harsh? Maybe, Purity needs its Sin to keep proper balance?

Maybe being the Beast wasn’t so bad after all?

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sneaky busniess.

Post by CYRO on Sun May 01, 2016 12:12 am

Sitting on top of Fraccion 8 barracks two figures sat on the ledge eating some bowls of ramien quietly as they stared of into the desert taking in the scene of there world.
the silence was broken finally when the smaller of the beings spoke asking the question that she had been holding it. "so....I want to get back at jack for teasing me...can you
help me?" The other Raven haired hollow merely glanced at her for a moment before a wide grin spread across his face "sure...but how far do you want to go?" The question hung in the air for a few moments as the new queen caught onto his meaning making her face turn a bright red.

A few hours later

The young queen was laughing at another one of the raven haired hollow suggestions on how to get a rise out of there king while Practicing innocently her ballet lessons that she had never stopped practicing even after death. the next question caught her off guard though and made her smile shyly as she thought about it"You know...he cares alot for you know? he is more then content waiting for you to come out of your shell on your own. you do know that right?" He spoke with a small smile that assured her that he was not being his normal careless self. she smiled to herself as she thought about her king before she replied to him "Yeah, I know he's a good guy. he'd do anything not to make me uncomfortable.".

With a sigh the Dark haired Espada stood up stretching his back out as Julia kept asking him questions about some of the comments he had made in the past. He explained more then a few things to her over the past few hours and like the Espada hoped, the young queen was getting excited over the idea of teasing her king. The eagerness to impress her king and to tempt him was cute to the older Espada making him cross his fingers in pray that is all worked how she wanted it."Oh yes btw should give him the small purple box down stairs, I am the sure the shocked expression will be worth it when he opens it"

Several days later

Zack was hiding behind a coach for the third time that day as Zangestu searched for him while the third time that day making a scene that every hollow had slowly taken part of to hide the crazy espada. Zangestu was on the warpath after Zack ever since he had opened the box that julia had given him after he had seen the contents in it. Julia on the other hand was trying not to snicker as she walked slowly after Zangestu in a slow daze. she had been as surprised at her king had been at the contents not to mention embarrassed at the thought that came with the items, though she had to admit she was digging the way he became so Protective of her. She had already figured out that Zack was goading him on on purpose in order for it to be easier for her to tempt him" Hmmmm I wonder if I can get him to try the massage oils..." The queen said to herself as walked smiling after the angry king.

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Re: Zangulia Fanfic Competition

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