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Post by CYRO on Sun May 01, 2016 9:25 am

Basic guide to Reflect.

Ok reflect is a flat percent 35%.

attack of 100 hits your for 100 you reflect 35 damage.

They boost there attack to 145 and hit reflect they will take 41 damage.

If you boost your defense and they attack for 100 you will take 100 minus your extra defense so lets say 25% resist. you now take 75 instead but there attack was still
100 so you will reflect 35 damage back at them despite taking less damage.

Weakness is a way around and a way for your reflect to deal more damage.

If they hit you while you have 30% on you for 100 damage you will take 130 damage. but reflect will still only do 35 damage to them since there attack is only 100 but it is your defense that is weaker making you take more damage.

If you apply weakness to them for 30. then your reflects damage will go from 35 damage to 40.5


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