MooMoo-Senpai off his Rocker Contest

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MooMoo-Senpai off his Rocker Contest

Post by Mu Setsumei Uxukie on Sun May 08, 2016 2:00 am

Hello all you beautiful Hollows(And filthy Shinigami- don't worry, I didn't forget to greet you too.)! I am here today(And basically all month-) to tell you of my contest!

What is it a contest for? Why- for me of course(That and I don't want to break tradition of having a fanfiction contest every month on forum that's been going on for a while, now-)! Want some payback for how I depicted your character in MY story(You know who you are.)? Then now's your chance! The rules of the game are as follows:

-This is a fanfiction contest, and entrants must write a fanfiction about me- I don't have to be THE main character your story revolves around, but I must be a main character(Try and depict me as best you think you can(It should be good, as I gave you all a hint in the Topic title.) so things don't get too... [i]Bland[i].)

-All entries must be between 1K to up to 10K(So you have 999 words or, heaven forbid, 10,001 words? Tough luck!).

-Post stories or Links in comments section(Will not count ones that get PMed or emailed to me!).

-Deadline is 0 Hours game time on game server, May 30th.

-Winner will receive 10 Shards from yours truly at the end of the day, May 30th

I want to see all your A-Games out there(And also to at least see two people enter so the only person who enters automatically wins- but what can you do?) so I can give the best of the best the prize they deserve! Happy tortu- I mean writing!

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Re: MooMoo-Senpai off his Rocker Contest

Post by Maximillion on Fri Nov 25, 2016 7:53 pm

(Don't hesitate to get more active with stuff like this around the forum. I have no idea why activity around here slowed down and nearly died, but that isn't going to continue. :p )

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