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Soldier Program Empty Soldier Program

Post by CYRO on Thu Aug 04, 2016 9:11 am

Soldier Program (yes its fits my ff7 theme)(hollows only)

Is a fun player only sponsored group/club/clan In the game of wob.
There will be ranks jobs and extra titles that will be handed out
for the Group by me and my helpers. yes there are in game rewards
given by me as well. what rewards you say? souls/shards and maybe
even a custom sword! why am i doing this? well to be honest I am
bored! I cant really spend money i earn in game so I using for
this instead.

So the soldier Program is a ranked tier system that assigns jobs
based on your perfromence and power. Example could be anything from
scout kc for r8 while your rank 6 and safe from there attacks.
completing the job gives you points to advance in rank and rewards.
Jobs include

Defending the base
Invading (gaurding base breakers/ bieng a breaker/ and gaurding
the flank for our boss killers)training the new younger hollows
in combat with a class at a certin time.Sparing with them or
watching them spar while you guide them. and the least favorite
of paperwork if Your in secound in command.

Ranks are
Trainie(starting rank)
Infantry (earned with 10 points)
3RD Class (earned after infantry at level 55 with 100 points.)
2nd Class (earned at secound release along with 200 points)
1st Class (earned only with generals aproval and directors both)
General (earned with directors approval and all first classes)
Director. (you cant get it...its me...unless I appoint some else)

There is one more must join Soldier Program skype chat
that is used for alerts and Phone calls. this does not mean you have to
come to a defense or invasion mearly that you are willing to be called to see if you are busy.

points cant be given by the general 1st classes and director. and just
like op they will steadly disapear! but there are instant jumps to 3rd
class with a first classes aproval.

Rewards...will be based on income the Program recives and how you did
this weekly cycle.


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Soldier Program Empty Members and ranks.

Post by CYRO on Fri Aug 05, 2016 3:53 am

Darine 1st Class (needs to sing) 20
Yuji Advisor/ king ( this guy Stalker ) you don't get none!
Zack Director ( insanse) -45 (how the !@@#$@)
Jack jack (boy toy) 2nd class 10
Karrie 1st class (fire) 15
Ju Ju. 2nd class (like omg im soo gonna kill you) 10
Overra 3rd class (no royal treatment for you) 25
Reno....was to lazy for his... 1 don't ask.
Kagex 1st class 12
sky 3rd class 10
Diabolus 2nd class (he/she thing..honey stop wearing my cloths) 10
ash carrol 3rd class (she is so cute!) 5
hellebourus 3rd class (she is so quiet...she is plotting my death) 10


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