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RP Help

Post by Tama$hi on Thu Nov 10, 2016 9:13 am

So I was wondering about something - are our characters in this "alternate universe" Bleach exactly derived from our in-game personas?
Or are they completely divorced from the core game, and we can just make up whatever we want?

I think this could also help solve the question of "canon" characters in our game. We do need to remember that just because someone thought that having a username like "Kenpachi" in the WoB game doesn't mean that he thinks that he actually *is* Kenpachi from the anime/manga. It's just a person who really likes that character and thought it'd be a cool "handle". So I honestly don't see a problem there.

HOWEVER, if we do derive our RP characters from the in-game toons, that could indeed be problematic. However, I doubt anyone really does think that...

Also, who are the mods and is there a "storyline" or something of the sort that we can interact and even move forward? or is it more or less freeform and everyone just does whatever the hell they want to do, whenever they want to do it???


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Re: RP Help

Post by straywolf174 on Thu Nov 10, 2016 4:22 pm

Your AU characters are whoever you want them to be outside of the main Bleach story. This includes but is not limited to; AU Cannons, RP persona's, Original OC's, etc.

So yes, if you want your AU to be based off of your WoB persona, by all means go with it. Again, the only thing we try to avoid is becoming an exact cut out of a main-story character so even the littlest of changes is acceptable. Be it personality or history or even hair color. :P

There isn't any actual storyline because this is a freeform rp, so you and your rp buddies (should you have any) can make up one on the fly and rolll with it. If you need some form of guidance there is a suggested (but NOT mandatory) timeline and such within the guidelines, but it's still under construction and the timeline near the end is very off (because we only just decided AU's are a-okay on my end I need to go back and edit it a lot).

The mods of the rp section are myself (straywolf174) and Setoku.
Pretty blue names = RP Mods.

As far as interaction, again, this is a freeform, so you and your buddies are in charge of your own creations and what you want to do. HOWEVER, if you guys would like "prompts" feel free to pm me and I'd love to help you all out. I'm also up for NPC'ing if you guys need a common "bad guy" to fight against, and so on and so forth. Just say the word!

Freeform generally does mean let loose (while following the mandatory rules) but it doesn't mean going without plot or plan if you like that sort of thing. Again, both me and Seto are here to help move you guys forward. If you need prompts or a history or anything, just let me or him (or both of us) know.

Enjoy the board ~
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