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Post by straywolf174 on Wed Nov 16, 2016 10:48 am

WoB has come a long way since it first debued, however I noticed the advertisement hasn't changed all that much. While I'm not even half as talented as the members who actually know how to use photoshop, I do know how to use sony vegas and a bunch of online apps. This thing is what came out of it.

While I don't expect it to be used, I did put time into it so not posting it would mean I wasted my creative energy. In any case, hopefully, it works to catch the eye of any unsuspecting hoomuns who haven't fallen under WoB's trance.

While the medium and small ones are mainly meant to be used in forums like Reddit, the smaller one is meant to be used for things such as RPG-Directory and RPG Initiative, which are more directory-based boards for advanced roleplay hosting.

The Advert Gif:

Medium Size:

Small Size:

Forum Advert Size:

Advertisement Codes:

HTML Code (edited from the WoB Advertising thread in Game News)

<A HREF=""><IMG SRC="" BORDER=0 HEIGHT=114 WIDTH=300 ALT="World of Bleach RPG"></A>

BBCode (edited from the WoB Advertising thread in Game News)



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