Mommy's Little Monster [Setoku]

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Mommy's Little Monster [Setoku]

Post by straywolf174 on Wed Nov 23, 2016 3:55 pm

"Whoo hoo!" A voice hollered out, alerting nearly all the hollows in the area to the boy's presence. He was jumping from tree to tree like a little Tarzan, searching for the fattest, biggest hollow he could find. That hollow would be dinner...for his mother of course. He wasn't sure if he could digest things...the last hollow he tried eating ended up all over his mommy's lap. She'd forgive him though because this hunt would make the loss of dinner worth it. Ritsuka was sure of that!

Stray didn't need to know he went off alone...right?

As his long dark hair whipped around in his face from the constant movement, he sensed something in the distance. At least, it felt distant...maybe it was clo-- "Ow!"

A hard surface collided with Ritsuka's forehead, sending him down to the forest floor and on his back like a weak beast. Rubbing his head he slowly rose up, only to spot a blurry figure ahead of him. A humanoid figure...oh crap. This wasn't part of the plan!

Note: I wanted these two to meet for obvious reasons, and figured we'd had enough pm roleplays. :P
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