Why RP Staff are Crucial At This Point in WoB *RPG's* Timeline

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Why RP Staff are Crucial At This Point in WoB *RPG's* Timeline

Post by Maximillion on Tue Dec 13, 2016 2:37 pm

With regards to whether or not it is best for WoB to have RP Staff, I really think it would be prudent to have 1-2 Staff who preside over that aspect of the WoB Experience exclusively.

As I see it, the following is necessary, especially at this early stage of the RP's Restoration:

  • Someone to act as Surveyor and Census
    Someone to look through the RP threads, see the progress and/or growth of the RP Boards, both In-Character and Out-of-Character, and come up with ideas to keep the RP section alive and kicking.

  • Someone to provide Guidance & Incentives to RP here
    Provide aid to players in the way of NPCs, Moderated Events/Stories/Threads, and even (for those wanting it) awards and trophies (hand-designed, or handpicked for the occasion from free stockphoto sources) for players reaching certain milestones (First 10 RP Posts, Roleplayer of the Week/Month/Quarter/Year), etc.

  • Someone to help encourage & stimulate (proper) use of Social RP
    Be directly responsible for, in the absence of ongoing Events/Stories in Social RP, doing their best to stimulate interest by holding small events/etc (and awarding out-of-pocket, if need be, or if they feel so inclined).

  • Safety, Comfort & Satisfaction
    Giving players the necessary peace-of-mind to know that they have someone they can go to, if there are instances of someone invading a Private thread (and refusing to leave), godmoding, etc., without it adding to the existing workload of Staff who have other responsibilities.

It may not appear that there is any need for an RP Mod(s), because the RP Section is practically a ghost-town.

On the contrary, I think that is AMPLE reason to have RP Mods, because an RPG like WoB (worldofbleach-rpg.com) is going to attract people who are Roleplayers; if they're dissatisfied with the Grid experience, they may still stay for the Roleplay - if we have people manning the RP Boards - instead of just leaving to go find another Bleach RP Board.

A time when I would say we legitimately don't need RP Mods, would be if/when we have a community of 30-40 Active Roleplayers, and they have somehow managed to reach a state of self-governance (and they have leaders who have risen to the occasion, without the need for a Staff role), that there isn't possibly anything an RP Mod could do, that wasn't being done already.

Until such a point, rather than letting an inactive limb atrophy, rot and wither away, I think we need to take steps to exercise, strengthen and restore that limb to it's former (if not better) glory. Saying that we should suffice to let the Forum Mods occasionally drift in and give it a glance-over from time to time, would be like saying we should (analogy, again) just slap a band-aid on the atrophying limb, rather than rehabilitating it.

Whomever would preside over this very-relevant aspect of WoB, should be able to give it their full attention, without distraction from the Grid/OOC Aspects of WoB, someone with several years (personal recommendation, a decade or more) of experience, and someone who is avidly interested in RP, and WoB both, as a whole. Someone who is egalitarian in nature, who is willing to be patient and helpful to players at *all levels* of writing ability, and someone who won't have trouble coming up with Events, Stories, and NPCs on the regular.

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