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Senkaimon Gate Empty Senkaimon Gate

Post by Setoku on Sun Dec 25, 2016 5:56 am

Resting deep in the core of the Seritai sat a massive gate, an order of Kido Corp soldiers flanking either side of the gate, six deep on both sides. Stray Hell Butterflies converging on the scene every few seconds.

Naturally, this gate was reserved for Senior Squad Members and officers, which explained the soldiers in black with white veils covering their features.
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Senkaimon Gate Empty Re: Senkaimon Gate

Post by Endo on Sun Dec 25, 2016 6:13 am

Walking by, Endo was tired. He had been having nightmares lately, many nightmares, all filled with a darkness he could not explain.

He had woken up that morning with a cold sweat, and in fear. But he quickly got over it as his cheerful nature kicked in, he brushed his teeth, got dressed and put his 5th seat insignia over his left shoulder as he strapped his zanpakto on his back, leaning towards the right.

Later that day, before his daily patrols, Endo tried to meditate. Upon reaching his Zanpakto's realm, he looked for the bright entity that it was, he had never seen his zanpakto's actual materialization; Only the form it appeared to take when Endo reached out to it. Already from this, Endo gathered his sword could change forms physically, but until the spirit revealed that to him, he could not achieve such a feat.

"MÅ«nshiruvu, you here? Come out~" Endo called out cheerfully, but all he got was silence, so he left and went on to do his daily patrols around the Senkaimon Gate.

"I'm gonna go out today, I need to get these nightmares out of my head and see if MÅ«nshiruvu is ok" Endo said as he approached the Senkaimon Gate and went through. Without much care for the guards that might try and stop him, he smiled at each of them.

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