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Post by mskod1 on Wed Jun 28, 2017 9:58 pm

Thanks again to Emiru for 100mil donation to the betting allowing me to up the betting limit for everyone.
Thanks also to Rampo for helping with Match Selections

Basically for those who haven't bet with me before I like to hold a few bets during tournament mostly for fun with a little money on the side. Now NOT all matches are gonna be able to bet on. In the initial rounds I may look at experience levels as an indicator of matches which MAY be close, or just fro Word of Mouth it would be close. The end decision is upto me on selecting said matches.

Max Bet at the moment is 5mil per match with a maximum of 3 bets per person per match. This means if 2 people are fighting only 3 people are allowed to bet for player 1 and another 3 people allowed for player 2. First in gets the places for betting. However this may open up the further we progress through tournament. I will later allow for larger bets and more people to bet depending on how much money I have left over. For the 3v3 competition it will work the same but per side as opposed to per player.

How to place a bet?
Step 1. Look Here on the page for matches that allow betting or my journal
Step 2 PM mskod1 on wob game (not here) how much you would like to bet and on who to beat who.
Step 3 Wait for my reply
Step 4 If accepted send through your bet to mskod1 (e.g. If you bet 5mil send through 5mil to secure your spot)
Step 5 I will ask to put your name down in journal or here about bet made however you can choose to remain anonymous
Step 6. If you win, money will be sent back doubled (e.g. if you bet 5mil you will receive back 10mil)
Step 7 enjoy and make another bet
No betting on your own matches

I may allow deposits of bets for first time betters with me. I will ask for only 50% of bet initially to be accepted. So for example on a 5mil bet instead of the usual 5mil deposit I would only ask for 2.5mil but on a victory you would receive 10mil. However on a loss I would expect another 2.5mil be sent through as full payment.

What if a match is forfeited?
If a player doesn't turn upto a match and it is cancelled (not rescheduled) unfortunately it will be scratched. Everyone will get there money back as is.

Can I take back my bet?
Anytime before money is sent through a bet can be taken back. After you send through money it is locked in so think about who you want to bet for. Special circumstances MAY allow for money to be sent back after.

Special Bets:
Usually at the Start of Tournament I allow players to guess the rank winners with a larger bet limit allowed. If anyone is interested in making this bet P me to discuss prior start of tournament.

Also considering trialing a new betting thing where in 3v3 tournament you pick who will still be standing end of the fight. If anyone is interested in this pm me and we can work something out.

Will be added here when matches are listed

Meliodas vs Celaena
azurerza vs Tanya_Degurechaff
Team Fox Feels vs Team Sons of Anarchy
Maika vs Vorpal_Usagi_Jikan
Satania vs Leonardo
Xero vs Celaena

Biggest Winners So Far
Emiru 17 matches 125mil
Ushirojimatsu 13 matches 65mil
Rampo 12 matches 63mil
chen973 7 matches 34mil
Inazuma 2 matches 10mil
-Naruto- 1 match 10mil
Ereshi 1 match 5mil
Kraken 1 match 5mil
Rangiku 1 match 5mil
Kuchicki 1 match 5mil
Maika 1 match 5mil

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