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Post by Fuyuki on Wed Apr 13, 2011 9:24 am

Alright, I've decided to post a list for all the ingame effects for community reference. This list is COMMUNITY made, so it will have many errors. Please help and contribute with any information you may have Smile

Effects List:

Does a recurring amount of damage after the move has been used. Number of turns set by move.
Moves with this: Gillian Cero, Arrancar Cero, Way of Destruction 34: Scorching Blast, Way of Destruction 49: Nova Blast, Twin Cero, Gillian-Cero Barrage, Slash Whirlwind, Bloodbath, Awekening, Gillian Brutality, Wrenching Twist, Oblivion Sphere.

Effects List Residual
AoE Fire

Creates an area with Fire Icons that deals damage to anyone that steps in it
Moves with this: Way of Destruction 31: Flaming Whip, Burning Roar, Destruction Reign

AoE Poison

Creates an area with Poison Icons that damages anyone that steps in it.
Moves With this: Dark Acid, Poison Landmine.

Effects List AoEPoison
AoE Barrier

Creates an area of orange barriers that block attacks
Moves with this: Earth Plunge, Reiatsu shield, Way of Binding 2: Repelling Sphere

AoE Ice:
Creates an area of ice that blocks attacks
Moves with this: Way of Destruction 45: Frozen Pulse


Pushes the opponent a number of squares away from the user.
Moves with this: Flying Lunge, Bursting Repulsion, Bala Storm.

HP Leech:

Absorbs 50% of damage dealt to opponent and heals player with it.
Moves with this: Plunging Hand, Soul Devour, Plunging Hand


Heals a small amount of the user's HP
Moves with this: Way of Binding 17: Angelic Light


User recieves a small amount of the damage dealt.
Moves with this: Slash Grip

Dual Defense Boost:

User recieves less spirit/melee damage
Moves with this: Diamond Armor

Zanpakuto Seal:
Makes the opponent unable to use their Zanpakuto
Moves with this: Perfected Slash (Yuukan no Samurai)

Lowers squares able to move.
Moves with this: Leg slash, Pendelum Drop.

Allows the player to move a number of squares determined by HSM while attacking
Moves with this: Heartless Destruction, Reckless Tackle, Four-Limbed Strike, Slash Whirlwind, Awekening, Bloodbath, Cross Cutter, Reiatsu Cutter, Black Wave, Downward Parry, Assasins Touch, High Flying Strike, Sweeping Slash, Sneak Slash.

Shira Edit: Please don't make unecessary posts that don't contain information. (Fuyu's order's ;P)

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