How to earn yen/souls

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How to earn yen/souls Empty How to earn yen/souls

Post by Shukuchi on Sat Apr 16, 2011 5:03 pm

The easiest way to earn Yen and Souls is by selling shards to other players. But of course not everybody could afford to buy shards and sell them for in game currency so below i have listed other ways to earn Yen and Souls.

Method 1
Stay human for a little while, as a human you get AP every minute even without an aura, you can then exchange that AP to Yen and just rank up until you feel that you have enough.

Method 2
When you become a Rank 3/Rank 4 Hollow or Shinigami you can camp on the red zone on Kyoto to get 2 AP per minute and then exchange that to Yen or Souls Red Zone is at 0,0 to 0,5.

Method 3
You could also get Strong/Overwhelming/Legendary aura to get Passive AP gains, Then you can exchange them 10AP>Souls/Yen

Method 4
Feeding/Patrol. Though it might take quite some time to build a fortune through this method, you can use it in combination to Method 3 or 2 to get better results.

Method 5
Desert/Arena. Like Method 4 this is another slow way of gaining Yen or Souls but can be quite effective when paired with Method 2 and 3

Method 6
Voting for WoB. You can get substantial amounts of Yen/Souls by voting for WoB every 24 hours, the vote link can be found at the bonus tab at the upper part of the WoB page.

Method 7
Referrals. For every player that you referred you can get Yen/Souls when they reach level 6, But it is not advisable to make multiple accounts to exploit this feature. Making Alts/Multiple accounts may lead to Ban and or Deleting of said accounts.

Method 8
Making avatars. Some people pay for avatars, and the price could go as high as 5m if the quality is good.

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